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Some of the exhibits at the International Boxing Hall of Fame

The modern International Boxing Hall of Fame (IBHOF), located in Canastota, New York, United States, honors boxers, trainers and other contributors to the sport worldwide. The International Boxing Hall of Fame is one of two recognized international boxing halls of fame, with the other being the World Boxing Hall of Fame.

The first Boxing Hall of Fame was sponsored by Ring magazine and located for decades at the offices of the Madison Square Garden in New York City. However, in 1990, as a consequence of an initiative by Ed Brophy to honor Canastota's world boxing champions, Carmen Basilio and Basilio's nephew, Billy Backus, the village of Canastota inaugurated the new museum, which showcases boxing's rich history. [1] Multi-award winning artist Richard T. Slone was named their official artist of the International Boxing Hall of Fame in 1997 and remains so to this day.

There are ceremonies conducted every year to honor the inductees and the ceremonies are attended by many former world boxing champions, boxing celebrities and Hollywood celebrities each year. Professional boxers have to wait five years after retirement to be eligible for election into the Hall of Fame. Inductions are handled by members of the Boxing Writers Association of America and an international panel of boxing historians. Each year inductees are selected in five different categories:



1990Ali, MuhammadMuhammad Ali56–5–0 (37 KO) United States
1990Armstrong, HenryHenry Armstrong150–21–10 (101 KO) United States
1990Basilio, CarmenCarmen Basilio56–16–7 (27 KO) United States
1990Charles, EzzardEzzard Charles93–25–1 (52 KO) United States
1990Conn, BillyBilly Conn64–11–1 (15 KO) United States
1990Foster, BobBob Foster56–8–1 (46 KO) United States
1990Frazier, JoeJoe Frazier32–4–1 (27 KO) United States
1990Gavilán, KidKid Gavilán108–30–5 (28 KO) Cuba
1990Griffith, EmileEmile Griffith85–24–2 (23 KO) United States Virgin Islands
1990LaMotta, JakeJake LaMotta83–19–4 (30 KO) United States
1990Louis, JoeJoe Louis66–3–0 (52 KO) United States
1990Marciano, RockyRocky Marciano49–0–0 (43 KO) United States
1990Monzón, CarlosCarlos Monzón87–3–9 (59 KO) Argentina
1990Moore, ArchieArchie Moore185–23–10 (131 KO) United States
1990Nápoles, JoséJosé Nápoles81–7–0 (54 KO) Cuba
1990Pep, WillieWillie Pep229–11–1 (65 KO) United States
1990Robinson, "Sugar" Ray"Sugar" Ray Robinson173–19–6 (108 KO) United States
1990Saddler, SandySandy Saddler144–16–2 (103 KO) United States
1990Walcott, "Jersey" Joe"Jersey" Joe Walcott51–18–2 (32 KO) United States
1990Williams, IkeIke Williams127–24–4 (61 KO) United States
1991Cerdan, MarcelMarcel Cerdan111–4–0 (65 KO) France
1991Fullmer, GeneGene Fullmer55–6–3 (24 KO) United States
1991Graziano, RockyRocky Graziano67–10–6 (52 KO) United States
1991Jack, BeauBeau Jack91–24–5 (44 KO) United States
1991Liston, SonnySonny Liston50–4–0 (39 KO) United States
1991Olivares, RubénRubén Olivares89–13–3 (79 KO) Mexico
1991Ortíz, CarlosCarlos Ortíz61–7–1 (30 KO) Puerto Rico
1991Patterson, FloydFloyd Patterson55–8–1 (40 KO) United States
1991Sánchez, SalvadorSalvador Sánchez44–1–1 (32 KO) Mexico
1991Tiger, DickDick Tiger60–19–3 (27 KO) Nigeria
1991Zale, TonyTony Zale67–18–2 (45 KO) United States
1992Argüello, AlexisAlexis Argüello77–8–0 (72 KO) Nicaragua
1992Benvenuti, NinoNino Benvenuti82–7–1 (35 KO) Italy
1992Burley, CharleyCharley Burley83–12–2 (50 KO) United States
1992Graham, BillyBilly Graham102–15–9 (27 KO) United States
1992Jofre, ÉderÉder Jofre72–2–4 (50 KO) Brazil
1992Norton, KenKen Norton42–7–1 (33 KO) United States
1992Schmeling, MaxMax Schmeling56–10–4 (40 KO) Germany
1993Elorde, GabrielGabriel Elorde89–27–2 (33 KO) Philippines
1993Giardello, JoeyJoey Giardello100–26–8 (33 KO) United States
1993Hagler, "Marvelous" Marvin"Marvelous" Marvin Hagler62–3–2 (52 KO) United States
1993Johnson, HaroldHarold Johnson76–11–0 (32 KO) United States
1993Zivic, FritzieFritzie Zivic158–65–9 (82 KO) United States
1994Berg, Jack "Kid"Jack "Kid" Berg157–26–9 (61 KO) England
1994Maxim, JoeyJoey Maxim82–29–4 (21 KO) United States
1994Spinks, MichaelMichael Spinks31–1–0 (21 KO) United States
1994Zárate, CarlosCarlos Zárate66–4–0 (63 KO) Mexico
1995Gómez, WilfredoWilfredo Gómez44–3–1 (42 KO) Puerto Rico
1995Harada, "Fighting""Fighting" Harada55–7–0 (22 KO) Japan
1995Montgomery, BobBob Montgomery75–19–3 (37 KO) United States
1995Pérez, PascualPascual Pérez84–7–1 (57 KO) Argentina
1996Benítez, WilfredWilfred Benítez53–8–1 (31 KO) Puerto Rico
1996Brown, JoeJoe Brown116–47–13 (53 KO) United States
1996Ortiz, ManuelManuel Ortiz100–28–3 (54 KO) United States
1996Pryor, AaronAaron Pryor39–1–0 (35 KO) United States
1997Leonard, "Sugar" Ray"Sugar" Ray Leonard36–3–1 (25 KO) United States
1997Rodríguez, Luis ManuelLuis Manuel Rodríguez107–13–0 (49 KO) Cuba
1997Torres, JoséJosé Torres41–3–1 (29 KO) Puerto Rico
1997Wright, ChalkyChalky Wright159–43–18 (82 KO) United States
1998Angott, SammySammy Angott94–29–8 (22 KO) United States
1998Canto, MiguelMiguel Canto61–9–4 (15 KO) Mexico
1998Cervantes, AntonioAntonio Cervantes91–12–3 (45 KO) Colombia
1998Saad Muhammad, MatthewMatthew Saad Muhammad39–16–3 (29 KO) United States
1999Bivins, JimmyJimmy Bivins86–25–1 (31 KO) United States
1999Galaxy, KhaosaiKhaosai Galaxy47–1–0 (41 KO) Thailand
1999Jenkins, LewLew Jenkins73–41–5 (51 KO) United States
1999Pedroza, EusebioEusebio Pedroza41–6–1 (25 KO) Panama
1999Saldivar, VicenteVicente Saldivar37–3–0 (26 KO) Mexico
2000Buchanan, KenKen Buchanan61–8–0 (27 KO) Scotland
2000Carter, JimmyJimmy Carter81–31–9 (32 KO) United States
2000Chandler, JeffJeff Chandler33–2–2 (18 KO) United States
2000Olson, BoboBobo Olson97–16–2 (47 KO) United States
2001Laguna, IsmaelIsmael Laguna65–9–1 (37 KO) Panama
2001Papp, LászlóLászló Papp27–0–2 (15 KO) Hungary
2001Pastrano, WillieWillie Pastrano62–13–8 (14 KO) United States
2001Ramos, "Sugar""Sugar" Ramos55–7–4 (40 KO) Cuba
2001Turpin, RandyRandy Turpin66–8–1 (45 KO) England
2002Cuevas, José "Pipino"José "Pipino" Cuevas35–15–0 (31 KO) Mexico
2002Fenech, JeffJeff Fenech29–3–1 (21 KO) Australia
2002Galíndez, VíctorVíctor Galíndez55–9–4 (34 KO) Argentina
2002Johansson, IngemarIngemar Johansson26–2–0 (17 KO) Sweden
2003Apostoli, FredFred Apostoli61–10–1 (31 KO) United States
2003Cokes, CurtisCurtis Cokes62–14–4 (30 KO) United States
2003Foreman, GeorgeGeorge Foreman76–5–0 (68 KO) United States
2003Locche, NicolinoNicolino Locche117–4–14 (14 KO) Argentina
2003McCallum, MikeMike McCallum49–5–1 (36 KO) Jamaica
2004Nelson, AzumahAzumah Nelson39–6–2 (28 KO) Ghana
2004Palomino, CarlosCarlos Palomino31–4–3 (19 KO) Mexico
2004Qawi, Dwight MuhammadDwight Muhammad Qawi41–11–1 (25 KO) United States
2004Zaragoza, DanielDaniel Zaragoza55–8–3 (28 KO) Mexico
2005Chacon, BobbyBobby Chacon59–7–1 (47 KO) United States
2005Loi, DuilioDuilio Loi115–3–8 (26 KO) Italy
2005McGuigan, BarryBarry McGuigan32–3–0 (28 KO) Ireland
2005Norris, TerryTerry Norris47–9–0 (31 KO) United States
2006Carbajal, MichaelMichael Carbajal49–4–0 (33 KO) United States
2006González, HumbertoHumberto González43–3–0 (30 KO) Mexico
2006Rosario, EdwinEdwin Rosario47–6–0 (41 KO) Puerto Rico
2007Durán, Roberto "Hands of Stone"Roberto "Hands of Stone" Durán103–16–0 (70 KO) Panama
2007López, RicardoRicardo López51–0–1 (38 KO) Mexico
2007Whitaker, PernellPernell Whitaker40–4–1 (17 KO) United States
2008Holmes, LarryLarry Holmes69–6–0 (44 KO) United States
2008Perkins, EddieEddie Perkins74–20–2 (21 KO) United States
2008Williams, HolmanHolman Williams146–30–11 (36 KO) United States
2009Canizales, OrlandoOrlando Canizales50–5–1 (37 KO) United States
2009Lewis, LennoxLennox Lewis41–2–1 (32 KO) England
2009Mitchell, BrianBrian Mitchell45–1–3 (21 KO) South Africa
2010Chang Jung-Koo38–4–0 (17 KO) South Korea
2010Lopez, DannyDanny Lopez42–6–0 (39 KO) United States
2010Marshall, LloydLloyd Marshall70–25–4 (36 KO) United States
2011Chávez, Julio CésarJulio César Chávez107–6–2 (86 KO) Mexico
2011Tszyu, KostyaKostya Tszyu31–2–0 (25 KO) Russia
2011Tyson, MikeMike Tyson50–6–0 (44 KO) United States
2012Hardwick, HerbertHerbert Hardwick176–56–10 (48 KO) Puerto Rico
2012Hearns, Thomas "Hitman"Thomas "Hitman" Hearns61–5–1 (48 KO) United States
2012Johnson, MarkMark Johnson44–5–0 (28 KO) United States
2013Gatti, ArturoArturo Gatti40–9–0 (31 KO) Canada
2013Hill, VirgilVirgil Hill49–7–0 (23 KO) United States
2013Myung-woo, YuhYuh Myung-woo38–1–0 (14 KO) South Korea
2014Calzaghe, JoeJoe Calzaghe46–0–0 (32 KO) Wales
2014De La Hoya, OscarOscar De La Hoya39–6–0 (30 KO) United States
2014Trinidad, FelixFelix Trinidad42–3–0 (35 KO) Puerto Rico

Old Timer[edit]

1990Attell, AbeAbe Attell72–10–17 (39 KO) United States
1990Britton, JackJack Britton104–28–20 (30 KO) United States
1990Canzoneri, TonyTony Canzoneri137–24–10 (44 KO) United States
1990Corbett, James J.James J. Corbett11–4–3 (5 KO) United States
1990Dempsey, JackJack Dempsey61–6–9 (50 KO) United States
1990Dixon, GeorgeGeorge Dixon69–29–51 (38 KO) Canada
1990Driscoll, JimJim Driscoll53–3–5 (35 KO) Wales
1990Fitzsimmons, BobBob Fitzsimmons68–8–5 (59 KO) England
1990Gans, JoeJoe Gans145–10–16 (100 KO) United States
1990Greb, HarryHarry Greb104–8–3 (48 KO) United States
1990Jackson, PeterPeter Jackson45–3–4 (30 KO) Australia
1990Jeffries, James J.James J. Jeffries19–1–2 (16 KO) United States
1990Johnson, JackJack Johnson77–13–14 (48 KO) United States
1990Ketchel, StanleyStanley Ketchel52–4–4 (49 KO) United States
1990Langford, SamSam Langford167–38–37 (117 KO) Canada
1990Leonard, BennyBenny Leonard85–5–1 (69 KO) United States
1990McGovern, TerryTerry McGovern60–4–4 (42 KO) United States
1990Ross, BarneyBarney Ross72–4–3 (22 KO) United States
1990Tunney, GeneGene Tunney61–1–1 (45 KO) United States
1990Walker, MickeyMickey Walker93–19–4 (60 KO) United States
1990Wilde, JimmyJimmy Wilde131–3–2 (99 KO) Wales
1991Carpentier, GeorgesGeorges Carpentier88–14–6 (56 KO) France
1991Chocolate, KidKid Chocolate131–9–6 (50 KO) Cuba
1991Dundee, JohnnyJohnny Dundee90–31–19 (22 KO) United States
1991Griffo, YoungYoung Griffo63–9–37 (32 KO) Australia
1991Loughran, TommyTommy Loughran94–23–9 (17 KO) United States
1991McCoy, Charles "Kid"Charles "Kid" McCoy86–6–6 (64 KO) United States
1991McLarnin, JimmyJimmy McLarnin62–11–3 (20 KO) Canada
1991Ryan, TommyTommy Ryan86–3–6 (22 KO) Canada
1991Walcott, "Barbados" Joe"Barbados" Joe Walcott92–25–24 (58 KO) Barbados
1992Ambers, LouLou Ambers90–8–6 (30 KO) United States
1992Brown, "Panama" Al"Panama" Al Brown123–18–10 (55 KO) Panama
1992Dempsey, Jack "Nonpareil"Jack "Nonpareil" Dempsey50–3–3 (26 KO) Ireland
 United States
1992Gibbons, MikeMike Gibbons62–3–4 (38 KO) United States
1992Lewis, Ted "Kid"Ted "Kid" Lewis173–30–14 (71 KO) England
1992McFarland, PackeyPackey McFarland64–1–5 (47 KO) United States
1992Nelson, BattlingBattling Nelson59–19–19 (38 KO) Denmark
1992Wills, HarryHarry Wills65–8–2 (47 KO) United States
1993Darcy, LesLes Darcy45–4–0 (29 KO) Australia
1993Flowers, TigerTiger Flowers115–14–6 (53 KO) United States
1993Gibbons, TommyTommy Gibbons57–4–1 (47 KO) United States
1993Rosenbloom, MaxieMaxie Rosenbloom210–38–26 (19 KO) United States
1994Lewis, John HenryJohn Henry Lewis103–8–6 (60 KO) United States
1994O'Brien, Philadelphia JackPhiladelphia Jack O'Brien100–10–16 (51 KO) United States
1994Sharkey, JackJack Sharkey38–13–3 (14 KO) Lithuania
 United States
1994Villa, PanchoPancho Villa73–5–4 (22 KO) Philippines
1995Baer, MaxMax Baer72–12–0 (53 KO) United States
1995Dillon, JackJack Dillon94–7–14 (64 KO) United States
1995Kilbane, JohnnyJohnny Kilbane51–4–7 (25 KO) United States
1995McAuliffe, JackJack McAuliffe30–0–5 (22 KO) Ireland
 United States
1996Burns, TommyTommy Burns46–5–8 (37 KO) Canada
1996Delaney, JackJack Delaney77–10–2 (44 KO) Canada
1996LaBarba, FidelFidel LaBarba70–15–6 (16 KO) United States
1996Stribling, YoungYoung Stribling221–12–14 (125 KO) United States
1996Williams, KidKid Williams104–17–9 (55 KO) Denmark
1997Herman, PetePete Herman67–12–8 (21 KO) United States
1997Jeanette, JoeJoe Jeanette79–9–6 (66 KO) United States
1997Miller, FreddieFreddie Miller208–28–7 (42 KO) United States
1997Welsh, FreddieFreddie Welsh73–4–6 (32 KO) Wales
1998Choynski, JoeJoe Choynski50–14–6 (25 KO) United States
1998Genaro, FrankieFrankie Genaro82–21–8 (19 KO) United States
1998Lavigne, George "Kid"George "Kid" Lavigne35–6–10 (19 KO) United States
1998Lynch, BennyBenny Lynch83–13–15 (34 KO) Scotland
1998Mandell, SammySammy Mandell82–21–9 (32 KO) United States
1999Coulon, JohnnyJohnny Coulon52–6–4 (30 KO) Canada
1999McVey, SamSam McVey63–12–7 (48 KO) United States
1999Steele, FreddieFreddie Steele120–4–9 (60 KO) United States
1999Tendler, LewLew Tendler59–11–2 (38 KO) United States
2000Barry, JimmyJimmy Barry59–0–9 (39 KO) United States
2000Levinsky, BattlingBattling Levinsky77–19–15 (34 KO) United States
2000Petrolle, BillyBilly Petrolle83–21–10 (62 KO) United States
2000Wolgast, AdolphAdolph Wolgast60–12–13 (40 KO) United States
2001Berlenbach, PaulPaul Berlenbach39–8–3 (33 KO) United States
2001Braddock, James J.James J. Braddock46–23–4 (27 KO) Ireland
 United States
2001Papke, BillyBilly Papke37–11–6 (30 KO) United States
2001Wolgast, MidgetMidget Wolgast149–35–16 (16 KO) United States
2002Bass, BennyBenny Bass152–28–5 (69 KO) United States
2002Escobar, SixtoSixto Escobar46–23–3 (22 KO) Puerto Rico
2002Harris, HarryHarry Harris38–2–7 (14 KO) United States
2002Kid, DixieDixie Kid80–29–12 (58 KO) United States
2002Mitchell, CharleyCharley Mitchell47–31–3 (7 KO) England
2002Moran, OwenOwen Moran67–16–5 (34 KO) England
2003Battalino, BattlingBattling Battalino57–26–3 (23 KO) United States
2003Kaplan, Louis "Kid"Louis "Kid" Kaplan104–18–12 (25 KO) United States
2003Sharkey, TomTom Sharkey40–6–5 (37 KO) United States
2003Willard, JessJess Willard24–6–1 (21 KO) United States
2004Arizmendi, BabyBaby Arizmendi70–26–13 (12 KO) Mexico
2004Corbett III, YoungYoung Corbett III124–12–15 (32 KO) Italy
2004Fields, JackieJackie Fields72–9–2 (31 KO) United States
2004Ritchie, WillieWillie Ritchie37–8–12 (9 KO) United States
2005Criqui, EugèneEugène Criqui98–16–11 (56 KO) France
2005Lynch, JoeJoe Lynch52–12–10 (38 KO) United States
2005Taylor, Charles "Bud"Charles "Bud" Taylor71–23–6 (37 KO) United States
2005Thil, MarcelMarcel Thil114–22–13 (54 KO) France
2006Brouillard, LouLou Brouillard107–29–2 (66 KO) Canada
2006Slattery, JimmyJimmy Slattery113–12–0 (50 KO) United States
2006Yarosz, TeddyTeddy Yarosz107–18–3 (17 KO) United States
2007Godfrey, GeorgeGeorge Godfrey97–20–3 (80 KO) United States
2007Montañez, PedroPedro Montañez92–7–4 (54 KO) Puerto Rico
2007Norfolk, KidKid Norfolk80–16–2 (31 KO) United States
2008Harvey, LenLen Harvey111–13–9 (51 KO) England
2008Klaus, FrankFrank Klaus51–4–2 (27 KO) United States
2008Lewis, HarryHarry Lewis80–16–11 (42 KO) United States
2009Jones, William "Gorilla"William "Gorilla" Jones101–24–13 (52 KO) United States
2009Smith, "Mysterious" Billy"Mysterious" Billy Smith30–24–26 (22 KO) Canada
2009Soose, BillyBilly Soose34–6–1 (13 KO) United States
2010Corbett II, YoungYoung Corbett II68–22–16 (47 KO) United States
2010Kansas, RockyRocky Kansas64–12–7 (32 KO) Italy
2010Miske, BillyBilly Miske48–2–2 (35 KO) United States
2011Moore, Memphis PalMemphis Pal Moore109–25–24 (11 KO) United States
2011Root, JackJack Root40–3–3 (28 KO) United States
2011Shade, DaveDave Shade124–23–46 (14 KO) United States
2012Brown, NewsboyNewsboy Brown57–13–5 (11 KO) United States
2012Hauck, LeoLeo Hauck158–9–11 (21 KO) United States
2012Kilrain, JakeJake Kilrain18–6–12 (3 KO) United States
2013Ramey, WesleyWesley Ramey140–28–12 (11 KO) United States
2013Smith, JeffJeff Smith88–12–3 (48 KO) United States
2014Chaney, GeorgeGeorge Chaney101–21–3 (78 KO) United States
2014O'Dowd, MikeMike O'Dowd51–7–3 (39 KO) United States
2014Ledoux, CharlesCharles Ledoux97–22–5 (81 KO) France


1990Broughton, JackJack Broughton England
1990Mace, JemJem Mace England
1990Mendoza, DanielDaniel Mendoza England
1990Sayers, TomTom Sayers England
1990Sullivan, John L.John L. Sullivan United States
1991Cribb, TomTom Cribb England
1991Thompson, William "Bendigo"William "Bendigo" Thompson England
1992Belcher, JemJem Belcher England
1992Figg, JamesJames Figg England
1992Burke, JamesJames Burke England
1992Jackson, JohnJohn Jackson England
1992King, ThomasThomas King England
1992Langham, NatNat Langham England
1992Spring, TomTom Spring England
1993Pearce, HenHen Pearce England
1994Brain, BenjaminBenjamin Brain England
1995Johnson, TomTom Johnson England
1995Ward, JemJem Ward England
1996Morrissey, JohnJohn Morrissey Ireland
 United States
1997Molineaux, TomTom Molineaux United States
1997Sam, DutchDutch Sam England
1998Donovan, Professor MikeProfessor Mike Donovan United States
2000Chambers, ArthurArthur Chambers England
2001Aaron, BarneyBarney Aaron England
2002Heenan, John C.John C. Heenan United States
2002Sam, Young DutchYoung Dutch Sam England
2003Baldwin, CalebCaleb Baldwin England
2003Goss, JoeJoe Goss England
2004Edwards, BillyBilly Edwards England
2005Randall, JackJack Randall England
2005Richmond, BillBill Richmond United States
2006Carney, JemJem Carney England
2007Aaron, Young BarneyYoung Barney Aaron England
2007Curtis, DickDick Curtis England
2008Donnelly, DanDan Donnelly Ireland
2008Duffy, PaddyPaddy Duffy United States
2009Hyer, TomTom Hyer United States
2010Jones, Paddington TomPaddington Tom Jones England
2011Gully, JohnJohn Gully England
2012Wharton, JamesJames Wharton Morocco
2013Coburn, JoeJoe Coburn Ireland
 United States
2014Allen, TomTom Allen England




[1] Baker, Mark A. TITLE TOWN, USA, Boxing in Upstate New York (2010) ISBN 978-1-59629-769-2

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