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Indian nadaswaram and tavil music is one of the oldest traditions in instrumental music.

An instrumental is a musical composition or recording without vocals. The opposite of instrumental music is a cappella.

In popular music[edit]

In commercial popular music, instrumental tracks are sometimes renderings of a corresponding release that features vocals, but they may also be compositions originally conceived without vocals. An instrumental version of a song which otherwise features vocals is also known as a -1 (pronounced minus one).

For genres in which a non-vocal song or interlude is conceived using electronic media, rather than with true musical instruments, the term instrumental is nonetheless used for it.


One of the genres most associated with instrumental music is Jazz. Emotive and quality instrumentals were put out by top notch musicians like:


Indie music has consistently produced instrumentals. From the short instrumental breaks in Failure's "Fantastic Planet" album, to the long, building tracks popularized by Explosions in the Sky.

Instrumentals in advertising[edit]

Many times, instrumentals are used in advertising in place of vocalized music, because there is much more room for a product's information. Some notable cases are:

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