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Innovative Users Group
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Innovative Users Group

The Innovative Users Group, often abbreviated as "IUG", is an independent organization of libraries who use Innovative Interfaces, Inc.'s integrated library system software. According to its bylaws, the IUG's purpose is to:

  1. serve as a forum to influence the development and improvement of Innovative Interfaces, Inc. (hereafter III) products for the benefit of IUG members;
  2. foster and improve relationships and communication among members, and between members and III; and
  3. gather and disseminate information on the use of III products among the users of the systems.[1]

Activities and services[edit]

Annual conference[edit]

The IUG hosts a three-day conference (plus a one-day pre-conference) every spring. Approximately two-thirds to three-quarters of the sessions are presented by speakers from IUG member institutions, with the remainder being held by presenters from Innovative Interfaces. The sessions vary in nature and scope, from structured "how-to" sessions to open forums at which members share ideas and information about whatever is on their minds.

The conference moves around from year to year, alternating between sites in the San Francisco Bay Area and other locations throughout the United States. Past locations have included Boston, Washington, D.C., Houston and Philadelphia. The 2010 conference will be held in Chicago.


Due to the diverse natures of the libraries using Innovative's software, and the rapid development of other computing technologies, there is an ongoing flow of requests for enhancements and upgrades to the various pieces of software Innovative sells. In order to keep this flow of requests manageable, the IUG has set up a process for submitting, evaluating and prioritizing desired enhancements, then submitting these requests to Innovative. In turn, Innovative makes a point of trying to incorporate enhancements from the IUG in their release upgrades.


The IUG maintains a very active listserv along with a searchable list archive.


The IUG Clearinghouse is a repository for member-written documentation and examples of specific implementations and solutions to issues or problems.

Regional groups[edit]

In addition to the main Innovative Users Group, there are numerous independent regional and special interest groups. Some of these groups include:


The IUG is run by the member-elected Steering Committee, which consists of the Chair, Vice Chair/Chair Elect, Past Chair, Secretary/Treasurer and five Members at Large. There is also an ad hoc position for a Financial Consultant.[3]

Steering Committee Duties[edit]


The Steering Committee is elected by the IUG membership, with each member institution getting one vote for each open position. The secretary/treasurer and the members-at-large serve two-year terms. The Vice Chair/Chair-Elect is chosen annually, serving one year each as Vice Chair, Chair and Past Chair.


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