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For the consortium of non-profit investigative news organizations, see Investigative News Network.

The Independent News Network, also known as INN, is a television news service based in Davenport, Iowa. It syndicates "localized" news programs for television stations across the country with little budget for news. Founded in 1999, its first customer newscast was the "Fox 18 Nine O'Clock News" for KLJB in that area, which ran from 1999 to September 2010.

In addition to producing local newscasts, INN also produces HNN or Hispanic News Network and INN News for syndication to smaller television stations with limited or no money budgeted for news.[citation needed]

Until the beginning of 2009, INN was owned by the Regional News Network Co. of Davenport, Iowa. Regional News Network filed for Chapter 7 bankruptcy on December 31, 2008.[1][2] INN was taken over in early January 2009 by LMG, Inc., part of Fusion Communications, also of Davenport, Iowa. In the transfer, INN laid off 12 of its staff of 40,[1] and kept its client stations except for WPGA-TV in Macon, Georgia.[3]

Stations with INN newscasts[edit]


In addition, a national INN broadcast is also seen on the America One television network.


INN produces several newscasts in Spanish, and provides content for HNN (Hispanic News Network).[citation needed]

Previously, INN also produced a newscast for affiliates of LAT TV, a Houston, Texas-based Spanish language television network; LAT TV folded in May 2008.[4] They also produced newscasts for Equity's Univision affiliates in Salt Lake City (KUTH), Little Rock (KLRA-LP), Amarillo (KEYU), Detroit (WUDT-CA), Minneapolis (WUMN-CA), Oklahoma City (KUOK) and Naples (WUVF-CA);[citation needed] Equity discontinued these newscasts on June 6, 2008.[5]

INN produces weekday newscasts for Azteca America affiliates owned by Una Vez Más in Atlanta, Austin, Dallas, Houston, Las Vegas and San Antonio.

INN also produces a daily national show for the HITN network anchored by Alan Rivera.






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