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Incoloy refers to a range of superalloys produced by the Special Metals Corporation group of companies. They are mostly nickel-based, and designed for excellent corrosion resistance as well as strength at high temperatures; there are specific alloys for resistance to particular chemical attacks (e.g. alloy 020 is designed to be resistant to sulphuric acid, DS to be used in heat-treating furnaces with reactive atmospheres and many heat cycles)

Incoloy MA956 is made by a mechanical alloying rather than a bulk-melting process; it was studied for space reactor components in the JIMO project. It is difficult to weld and needs to be heated to 200C for cold-forming processes.[1]

Compositions (percentages)[edit]

See the PDF links for permitted ranges of composition

Alloy nameBalance metalChromiumAluminumTitaniumCarbonYttrium oxideCopperManganeseCobaltNickelPhosphorusSiliconSulphurMolybdenumNb+Ti
020 [2]Fe (~40%)20n/pn/p<0.07n/p3.5<2.0n/p35<0.045<1.0<0.0352.5about 1
DS [3]Fe (~40%)18n/p0.20.1nil0.50.8-1.518 (Co+Ni 38)18 (Co+Ni 38)n/p2.30.03
MA956 [1]Fe (~75%)204.750.4<0.10.5<0.15<0.3<0.3<0.5<0.02n/pn/p

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