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Invented byJohn Goscha
Launch year2008 (Founded 2002)
URLIdeaPaint Website
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Invented byJohn Goscha
Launch year2008 (Founded 2002)
URLIdeaPaint Website

IdeaPaint is a paint that can be applied to almost any surface and turns that surface into a dry erase writing surface.[1] IdeaPaint is the first whiteboard paint and created the whiteboard paint category within the whiteboard market. IdeaPaint was invented by John Goscha in 2002 and was launched in 2008.[2][3]


IdeaPaint was founded by John Goscha in 2002 while attending Babson College.[4] While living in the E-Tower, a dorm for entrepreneurs at Babson, Goscha and the other students, including Andrew Foley and William Gioielli, would cover the walls of the dorm with large pieces of paper in order to write down their ideas. As the sheets of paper filled up with ideas, they would have to be torn down in order for fresh space to be created. These brainstorming sessions are where the idea for IdeaPaint came from.[3]

Goscha invented the product in 2002 and attempted to develop the commercial version with a laboratory in 2003 after receiving seed funding from Babson College; however, after a year, the lab concluded that creating such paint was impossible. Goscha worked with a second lab beginning in 2005 after being encouraged by his roommate Alex Galperin. This lab also concluded that the product would be impossible to create. Goscha then enlisted the assistance of Marty Donbrosky at CAS-MI Laboratories in Michigan. Donbrosky and Goscha succeeded in turning Goscha’s invention into a commercial product.[3] Donbrosky is also a listed inventor on several subsequent IdeaPaint patents.[5]

IdeaPaint was first launched in 2008 at the NeoCon Trade Show in Chicago. It won numerous awards at the show[6] and an additional $5 Million in financing was secured to manufacture and market the product.[3][7]


IdeaPaint comes in two different formulas called "PRO" and "CREATE". Both are a double coat roller applied paint (CREATE can be sprayed as well),[8] and can be painted over any smooth surface. "PRO" is the original most durable formula of IdeaPaint, carrying a lifetime warranty, its disadvantage is a concentrated odor during installation and soup-y consistency. "CREATE" their newer formula is ISO free and low odor. PRO comes in different colors such as white, open white, white sand, light gray, and light beige. CREATE comes in white, black and clear.[9] With CREATE CLEAR colored walls can be made dry erase.[10]

Awards and recognitions[edit]

In 2008, IdeaPaint was awarded the Best Innovation Award and the Best of NeoCon Gold Wall Treatment Award at the NeoCon Trade Show in Chicago. In addition, they were awarded the Grand Prize for Product Innovations in Unique Solutions by Buildings Magazine.[6] IdeaPaint was also given honorable mention in the 2010 Annual Design Review by I.D. Magazine.[11]

In 2011, IdeaPaint was awarded with the New England Innovation Award by the Small Business Association of New England (SBANE).[12] This award is given to enterprises whom SBANE believes are potential “game changers” in their marketplace.[13] IdeaPaint was also awarded as a Small Business of the Year by the Greater Boston Chamber of Commerce in 2011.[14]


In 2011, IdeaPaint committed to giving away up to one million square feet of their product to schools across the United States.[3] In May 2012, IdeaPaint also pledged to donate $25 to charity: water for every kit of “CLEAR” sold.[15]

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