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IATA codes are abbreviations that the International Air Transport Association (IATA) publishes to facilitate air travel. They are typically 1, 2, 3, or 4 character combinations (referred to as unigrams, digrams, trigrams, or tetragrams, respectively) that uniquely identify locations, equipment, companies, and times to standardize international flight operations. All codes within each group follow a pattern (same number of characters, and using either all letters or letter/digit combinations) to reduce the potential for error.

Airport codes[edit]

IATA airport codes are trigram letter designations for airports, like "ORY" (Paris-Orly Airport) and "CPT" (Cape Town International Airport).

Airline designators[edit]

IATA airline designators are digram letter/digit codes for airline companies, like "M6" (Amerijet), "NH" (All Nippon Airways), and "4A" (Air Kiribati).

Aircraft type designators[edit]

IATA aircraft type designators are trigram letter/digit codes used for aircraft models, like "J41" (British Aerospace Jetstream 41) and "744" (Boeing 747-400).

Country codes[edit]

Digram letter codes are used for countries as specified in ISO 3166-1 alpha-2. Two additional codes are used:

Currency codes[edit]

trigram letters codes are used for currencies as specified in ISO 4217.

IATA timezone codes[edit]

IATA timezone is a country or a part of a country, where local time is the same. IATA timezone code is constructed of 2-4 characters (letters an digits) as follows:

Example: Time zone code AU2 is used for Australian states New South Wales and Victoria (local time is UTC + 10 hours, DST begins at end of October). Time zone code AU2A is used for Tasmania (local time is UTC + 10 hours, DST begins at end of September). Time zone code AU2B is used for Queensland (local time is UTC + 10 hours, no DST).

IATA region codes[edit]

IATA region codes trigram letters codes used to specify large territories, consisting of several countries.

Following codes are used:

Speaking on region codes and countries, country code RU is used to specify part of Russia west from (and including of) Ural Mountains and country code XU is used to specify part of Russia east from (and not including of) Ural Mountains. Country RU is in EUR region, country XU is in SEA region. For all other purposes only country code RU is used to specify all the territory of Russia.

Country code AQ is used to specify Antarctica. Country AQ is not in any of regions listed here.

IATA meal codes[edit]

Name class codes[edit]

The trigram is composed of the first letter of first name and the first two letters of the names (ISO 9625)

IATA class codes[edit]

Main article: IATA class codes

IATA class codes are 1-letter codes created to help airlines standardize conditions of travel on passenger tickets and other traffic documents.