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A hot toddy
Information board highlighting the hot toddy at "Ye Olde Red Cow pub" in London

A hot toddy, also hot totty and hot tottie as well as hot whiskey in Ireland, is typically a mixed drink made of liquor and water with sugar and spices and served hot.[1] Hot toddy recipes vary and are traditionally drunk before going to bed, or in wet or cold weather. Some believe the drink relieves the symptoms of the cold and flu — in How to Drink, Victoria Moore describes the drink as "the vitamin C for health, the honey to soothe, the alcohol to numb."[2]


Traditional Scottish preparation of a hot toddy involves the mixture of whisky, boiling water and sugar or honey. Additional ingredients such as cloves, a lemon slice or cinnamon (in stick or ground form) may be added.[3]

The Irish version, hot whiskey, generally uses Irish whiskey, brown sugar, a lemon slice with cloves, and hot water.

A common version in the Midwestern United States uses Vernors Ginger Ale, lemon, honey and Bourbon whiskey.[citation needed] In Wisconsin, brandy is often used instead of bourbon.[4]

A common version in Ontario typically consists of heated ginger-ale, honey, and either whiskey or brandy. It is often recommended to heat the ginger-ale before adding the whiskey or brandy, otherwise the heating process will reduce the alcoholic effects of the liquor.[citation needed]


It has been suggested that the name comes from the toddy drink in India,[5] produced by fermenting the sap of palm trees. The term could have been introduced into Scotland by a member of the East India Company.[6]

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