Honda CR series

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Road Race Bikes[edit]

CR Series Race Bikes
ModelModel yearsEngine ConfigurationEngine Displacement
CR72 Dream Racing1962Twin247.35cc
CR93 Benly Racing1962Twin124.8cc
CR110 Cub Racing1962Single49.99cc

Off-Road Bikes[edit]

The CR series is the Honda company's line of off-road, two-stroke, "motocross" motorcycles. Honda has always been ahead of the curve with this line, having pioneered the aluminum frame in 1997. 2006-2007 models have engine displacements of,80, 85, 125, 250 or 500 cc. 1997 and up 250's and 1998 and up 125's have aluminum frames. All CR models after 1985 have liquid cooling, a single rear shock absorber, and telescoping front suspension forks. The performance and handling of the CR 125 and 250 has always has been very good. They were able to produce excellent performance on the dyno with their case reed design, but a lackluster powerband has plagued them for some time. In recent years, the CR 125 has been eclipsed by the CRF250R, and the CR250 by the CRF450R. Unfortunately, there will be no further redesign of the North American CR series, a sad end for a model that has been Honda's flagship off road motorcycle since the 70's. All motorcycles in the CR series have been discontinued for the 2007 model year.however in its time the Honda cr (125) model was top of the class of any manufacturer, for the best 125 two mx racer from 1998-2007. The Honda cr (250) model was second, closely behind the class leading Suzuki rm 250 years 1994-2003.