Highest-income ZCTAs in the United States

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The following is a list of the highest-income ZCTAs in the United States. ZCTAs or ZIP Code Tabulation Areas are the census equivalent of ZIP codes used for statistical purposes. The reason why regular ZIP codes are not used is because they are defined by routes rather than geographic boundaries. Thus, they have the tendency to overlap and otherwise create difficulties. Note that ZIP Code Tabulations are not exact, they are only near approximations.[1]

ZCTAs ranked by median household income[edit]

ZCTAs with median household incomes in excess of $200,000[edit]

Esopus, New York1242951
Montchanin, Delaware1971068
Rockland, Delaware1973277
Yorklyn, Delaware1973681
Rex, North Carolina2837849
Marianna, Florida32447308
Miami Beach, Florida33109467
Memphis, Tennessee3815775
Kenilworth, Illinois600432,617
Atherton, California940276,857

ZCTAs ranked by per capita income[edit]

RankDesignationZCTAPopulationPer Capita
1Montchanin, Delaware[2]1971068654,485
2Houston, Texas7701076283,189
3Rockland, Delaware[3]1973277279,424
4Miami Beach, Florida33109467236,238
5Pineland, Florida3394579162,075
6Esopus, New York1242951155,540
7Henderson, Nevada89011175148,899
8Atherton, California940276,857114,359
9Boca Grande, Florida339211,500107,297
10Deer Harbor, Washington[4]98243141107,173
11Rancho Santa Fe, California920677,601104,487
12Palm Beach, Florida3348011,200104,294
13Indianapolis, Indiana46290189103,347
14Kenilworth, Illinois600432,61799,087
15Beverly Hills, California9021021,39697,198
16Greenwich, Connecticut0683115,16797,111
17Los Angeles, California9007710,46596,584
18Portola Valley, California940286,59596,373
19New York, New York1002230,64295,196
20Wyarno, Wyoming[5]828454994,109
21Short Hills, New Jersey0707812,84992,940
22Altamahaw, North Carolina[6]272022491,666
23Santa Monica, California9040211,49291,147
24New York, New York10021102,07891,064
25Gladwyne, Pennsylvania190354,05090,940
26New York, New York100691,40390,113
27Point Clear, Alabama3656410789,571
28Boston, Massachusetts021991,00588,974
29San Francisco, California941052,05888,829
30Glencoe, Illinois600228,49088,126
31Belvedere Tiburon, California[7]9492013,04886,992
32Glencoe, Arkansas7253931886,724
33Los Angeles, California900672,52486,319
34Atlanta, Georgia3032721,00385,883
35New York, New York1002844,98785,866
36Houston, Texas7704647185,070
37Lake Mc Donald, Montana[8]59921285,000
38New York, New York101621,72684,938
39Mullett Lake, Michigan497613184,692
40Mc Afee, New Jersey[9]0742812784,595
41New York, New York102806,61483,639
42Yorklyn, Delaware[10]197366383,524
43Chicago, Illinois6061126,52282,930
44Boston, Massachusetts021101,42882,736
45Boston, Massachusetts021093,42882,689
46New York, New York102821,57482,348
47Far Hills, New Jersey079312,76682,227
48New Canaan, Connecticut0684019,40281,934
49Medina, Washington980393,05081,926
50Pacific Palisades, California9027222,53881,609
51Los Altos, California9402218,46681,257
52San Francisco, California9412322,90381,044
53Longboat Key, Florida342287,60380,963
54Davis, California9561864380,713
55Alpine, New Jersey076201,64980,621
56Atlanta, Georgia303261,07580,161
57New York, New York1002362,20679,736
58Winnetka, Illinois6009319,52879,651
59Weston, Massachusetts0249311,46979,640
60Bacova, Virginia[11]244128979,439
61Springboro, Ohio450661740978,786
62Boston, Massachusetts021083,44678,771
63Chappaqua, New York1051412,00478,647
64St. Louis, Missouri631249,81978,598
65Ardsley on Hudson, New York[13]1050311578,591
66New York, New York1002461,41477,824
67Essex Fells, New Jersey070212,15177,787
68Rye, New York1058016,73777,721
69Glenbrook, Nevada[14]8941336577,639
70Darien, Connecticut0682019,60777,519
71Captiva, Florida3392433977,458
72Mill Neck, New York1176573277,420
73Rex, North Carolina283784977,306
74Indian Wells, California922103,85977,302
75Newport Coast, California926575,58676,870
76Corona del Mar, California9262513,40776,704
77Wilmington, Delaware198077,34576,651
78Dallas, Texas7522520,31476,203
79Chicago, Illinois606015,59176,157
80Lake Forest, Illinois6004522,24875,991
81Los Angeles, California9004933,52075,965
82Vero Beach, Florida3296314,07775,761
83Bedford, New York105065,53775,723
84San Francisco, California941113,33575,344
85Weston, Connecticut0688310,03774,817
86Paradise Valley, Arizona8525317,56074,605
87Pound Ridge, New York105764,53074,127
88Westport, Connecticut0688025,80774,064
89Washington, D.C.2000490173,803
90Old Westbury, New York115683,99272,932
91New York, New York1012859,85672,691
92Teterboro, New Jersey076081872,613
93Old Greenwich, Connecticut[15]068707,09272,317
94Austin, Texas787304,88572,110
95Bloomfield Hills, Michigan4830216,40971,985
96Norwalk, Connecticut068533,46671,642
97Rumson, New Jersey077609,66571,585
98Corolla, North Carolina2792764871,301
99Gates Mills, Ohio440402,88371,016
100Chicago, Illinois606061,68270,878


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