Herschel 400 Catalogue

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The Herschel 400 catalogue is a subset of William Herschel's original Catalogue of Nebulae and Clusters of Stars, selected by Brenda F. Guzman (Branchett), Lydel Guzman, Paul Jones, James Morrison, Peggy Taylor and Sara Saey of the Ancient City Astronomy Club in St. Augustine, Florida, USA c. 1980. They decided to generate the list after reading a letter[1] published in Sky & Telescope by James Mullaney of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA.[2]

In this letter Mr. Mullaney suggested that William Herschel's original catalogue of 2,500 objects would be an excellent basis for deep sky object selection for amateur astronomers looking for a challenge after completing the Messier Catalogue.

The Herschel 400 is a subset of John Herschel's General Catalogue of Nebulae and Clusters published in 1864 of 5,000 objects, and hence also of the New General Catalogue.

The catalogue forms the basis of the Astronomical League's Herschel 400 club.

Vital statistics[edit]

Distribution of Herschel 400 objects[edit]

Distribution of Herschel 400 objects
Red = Galaxies, Green = Nebulae, Yellow = Star Clusters

Herschel 400 objects which are also Messier objects[edit]

The Herschel 400 contains a few objects which are currently considered to be part of the Messier catalogue. For example Messier never published M104 to M110[3] in his lifetime they were added in the 20th century, an explanation as to why this is appears below:

Herschel 400 objects which are also Caldwell objects[edit]

The Herschel 400 catalogue pre dates the Caldwell catalogue. The Caldwell catalogue contains the following objects which are members of the Herschel 400:[4]

Number of objects by type in the Herschel 400[edit]

Globular clusters34
Star Clusters100
Star Clusters and Nebulae5
Planetary Nebulae24

Number of Herschel 400 objects in each constellation[edit]

ConstellationNo. of objects
ConstellationNo. of objects
Canes Venatici17
Canis Major4
ConstellationNo. of objects
Coma Berenices24
ConstellationNo. of objects
ConstellationNo. of objects
ConstellationNo. of objects
Leo Minor10
ConstellationNo. of objects
ConstellationNo. of objects
ConstellationNo. of objects
ConstellationNo. of objects
Ursa Major46
Ursa Minor1

Herschel 400 objects[edit]


Star cluster


Messier or Caldwell IDNGC numberCommon namePictureObject typeDistance to object in thousands of light yearsConstellationApparent magnitude
C2NGC 40Bow-Tie NebulaNgc40.jpgPlanetary Nebula3.5Cepheus11
-NGC 129  Open Cluster-Cassiopeia6.5
-NGC 136 Ngc 136.jpgOpen Cluster-Cassiopeia-
-NGC 157 NGC 157.jpgGalaxy-Cetus10.4
C18NGC 185 Ngc185.jpgGalaxy2,300Cassiopeia9.2
M110NGC 205 Messier object 110.jpgGalaxy2,200Andromeda8
-NGC 225 NGC225HunterWilson.jpgOpen Cluster-Cassiopeia7
C56NGC 246 NGC 246.jpgPlanetary Nebula1.6Cetus8
C62NGC 247 GALEX-NGC247.jpgGalaxy6,800Cetus8.9
C65NGC 253Sculptor Galaxy/Silver Coin GalaxyNgc253 2mass barred spiral.jpgGalaxy9,800Sculptor7.1
-NGC 278 NGC278-hst-R814G606B450.jpgGalaxy-Cassiopeia10.9
-NGC 288 NGC 288 Hubble WikiSky.jpgGlobular Cluster-Sculptor8.1
-NGC 381  Open Cluster-Cassiopeia9
-NGC 404 NGC 404 Hubble.jpgGalaxy8,000Andromeda10.1
-NGC 436  Open Cluster-Cassiopeia8.8
C13NGC 457Owl ClusterNGC457.jpgOpen Cluster9Cassiopeia6.4
-NGC 488  Galaxy-Pisces10.3
-NGC 524  Galaxy-Pisces10.6
C8NGC 559  Open Cluster3.7Cassiopeia9.5
-NGC 584 NGC 0584SST.jpgGalaxy-Cetus10.4
-NGC 596  Galaxy-Cetus10.9
M33NGC 598Triangulum GalaxyM33.jpgGalaxy2,590Triangulum5.7
-NGC 613 ESO-NGS613-phot-33a-03-fullres.jpgGalaxy-Sculptor10
-NGC 615  Galaxy-Cetus11.5
-NGC 637  Open Cluster-Cassiopeia8.2
M76NGC 650/651Little Dumbbell Nebula/Barbell Nebula/Cork NebulaM76-RL5-DDmin-Gamma-LRGB 883x628.jpgPlanetary Nebula3.4Perseus12
-NGC 654  Open Cluster-Cassiopeia6.5
-NGC 659  Open Cluster-Cassiopeia7.9
C10NGC 663 NGC663HunterWilson.jpgOpen Cluster7.2Cassiopeia7.1
-NGC 720  Galaxy-Cetus10.2
C28NGC 752 Ngc 752.jpgOpen Cluster1Andromeda5.7
-NGC 772 Ngc772.jpgGalaxy130,000Aries10.3
-NGC 779  Galaxy-Cetus11
C14NGC 869Double Cluster, Η PerseiNGC869NGC884.jpgOpen Cluster7.3Perseus4
C14NGC 884Double Cluster, χ PerseiNGC869NGC884.jpgOpen Cluster7.4Perseus4
C23NGC 891 Ngc 891.jpgGalaxy31,000Andromeda10
-NGC 908 NGC908.jpgGalaxy-Cetus10.2
-NGC 936  Galaxy-Cetus10.1
-NGC 1022  Galaxy-Cetus11.4
-NGC 1023 NGC1023 JeffJohnson.jpgGalaxy-Perseus9.5
-NGC 1027  Open Cluster-Cassiopeia6.7
-NGC 1052  Galaxy-Cetus10.6
-NGC 1055 NGC 1055 I FUV g2006.jpgGalaxy52,000Cetus10.6
-NGC 1084  Galaxy-Eridanus10.6
-NGC 1245  Open Cluster-Perseus8.4
-NGC 1342  Open Cluster-Perseus6.7
-NGC 1407  Galaxy-Eridanus9.8
-NGC 1444  Open Cluster-Perseus6.6
-NGC 1501 NGC1501-HST-R656nGB502n.pngPlanetary Nebula-Camelopardalis13
-NGC 1502  Open Cluster-Camelopardalis5.7
-NGC 1513  Open Cluster-Perseus8.4
-NGC 1528  Open Cluster-Perseus6.4
-NGC 1535  Planetary Nebula-Eridanus10
-NGC 1545  Open Cluster-Perseus6.2
-NGC 1647  Open Cluster-Taurus6.4
-NGC 1664  Open Cluster-Auriga7.6
-NGC 1788 ESO-NGC1788.jpgNebula-Orion-
-NGC 1817  Open Cluster-Taurus7.7
-NGC 1857  Open Cluster-Auriga7
-NGC 1907  Open Cluster-Auriga8.2
-NGC 1931 NGC1931HunterWilson.jpgOpen Cluster and Nebula-Auriga11.3
-NGC 1961  Galaxy-Camelopardalis11.1
-NGC 1964  Galaxy-Lepus10.8
-NGC 1980  Nebula-Orion-
-NGC 1999 Ngc1999.jpgNebula1.5Orion-
-NGC 2022 NGC2022.jpgPlanetary Nebula-Orion12
-NGC 2024Flame NebulaNASA-FlameNebula-NGC2024-20140507.jpgNebula0.9 - 1.5Orion-
-NGC 2126  Open Cluster-Auriga10
-NGC 2129  Open Cluster-Gemini6.7
-NGC 2158 Open Cluster3.6Gemini8.6
-NGC 2169  Open Cluster-Orion5.9
-NGC 2185  Nebula-Monoceros-
-NGC 2186  Open Cluster-Orion8.7
-NGC 2194  Open Cluster-Orion8.5
-NGC 2204  Open Cluster-Canis Major8.6
-NGC 2215  Open Cluster-Monoceros8.4
-NGC 2232  Open Cluster-Monoceros3.9
C50NGC 2244 Ngc2244c.jpgOpen Cluster4.9Monoceros4.8
-NGC 2251  Open Cluster-Monoceros7.3
-NGC 2264Cone Nebula/Christmas Tree ClusterNGC 2264.jpgOpen Cluster and Nebula2.6Monoceros3.9
-NGC 2266  Open Cluster-Gemini10
-NGC 2281  Open Cluster-Auriga5.4
-NGC 2286  Open Cluster-Monoceros7.5
-NGC 2301  Open Cluster-Monoceros6
-NGC 2304  Open Cluster-Gemini10
-NGC 2311  Open Cluster-Monoceros10
-NGC 2324  Open Cluster-Monoceros8.4
-NGC 2335  Open Cluster-Monoceros7.2
-NGC 2343  Open Cluster-Monoceros6.7
-NGC 2353  Open Cluster-Monoceros7.1
-NGC 2354  Open Cluster-Canis Major6.5
-NGC 2355  Open Cluster-Gemini10
C58NGC 2360 NGC 2360 in CMa.jpgOpen Cluster4Canis Major7.2
C64NGC 2362Tau Canis Majoris ClusterNGC 2362 NASA.jpgOpen Cluster and Nebula5.1Canis Major4.1
-NGC 2371 NGC 2371.jpgPlanetary Nebula-Gemini13
-NGC 2372  Planetary Nebula-Gemini-
C39NGC 2392Eskimo Nebula/Clown Face NebulaNgc2392.jpgPlanetary Nebula4Gemini10
-NGC 2395  Open Cluster-Gemini8
C7NGC 2403 NGC 2403HST.jpgGalaxy14,000Camelopardalis8.4
C25NGC 2419 NGC 2419 Hubble WikiSky.jpgGlobular Cluster275Lynx10.4


Messier or Caldwell IDNGC numberCommon namePictureObject typeDistance to object in thousands of light yearsConstellationApparent magnitude
-NGC 2420  Open Cluster-Gemini8.3
-NGC 2421  Open Cluster-Puppis8.3
M47NGC 2422  Open Cluster1.6Puppis4.4
-NGC 2423  Open Cluster-Puppis6.7
-NGC 2438 Planetary Nebula2.9Puppis10
-NGC 2440 Ngc 2440.jpgPlanetary Nebula-Puppis11
-NGC 2479  Open Cluster-Puppis10
-NGC 2482  Open Cluster-Puppis7.3
-NGC 2489  Open Cluster-Puppis7.9
C54NGC 2506  Open Cluster10Monoceros7.6
-NGC 2509  Open Cluster-Puppis9
-NGC 2527  Open Cluster-Puppis6.5
-NGC 2539  Open Cluster-Puppis6.5
M48NGC 2548  Open Cluster1.5Hydra5.8
-NGC 2567  Open Cluster-Puppis7.4
-NGC 2571  Open Cluster-Puppis7
-NGC 2613  Galaxy-Pyxis10.4
-NGC 2627  Open Cluster-Pyxis8
-NGC 2655  Galaxy-Camelopardalis10.1
-NGC 2681  Galaxy-Ursa Major10.3
-NGC 2683 Ngc 2683.jpgGalaxy16,000Lynx9.7
-NGC 2742  Galaxy-Ursa Major11.7
-NGC 2768 Dusty detail in elliptical galaxy NGC 2768.jpgGalaxy-Ursa Major10
C48NGC 2775 NGC2775-hst-R814GB450.jpgGalaxy55,000Cancer10.3
-NGC 2782  Galaxy-Lynx11.5
-NGC 2787 NGC 2787.jpgGalaxy25,000Ursa Major10.8
-NGC 2811  Galaxy-Hydra11.3
-NGC 2841 NGC 2841.jpgGalaxy31,000Ursa Major9.3
-NGC 2859  Galaxy23000Leo Minor10.7
-NGC 2903 NGC 2903 GALEX.jpgGalaxy20500Leo8.9
-NGC 2950  Galaxy-Ursa Major11
-NGC 2964  Galaxy-Leo11.3
-NGC 2974  Galaxy-Sextans10.8
-NGC 2976 NGC 2976 Hubble WikiSky.jpgGalaxy12,000Ursa Major10.2
-NGC 2985  Galaxy-Ursa Major10.5
M82NGC 3034Cigar GalaxyMessier82.jpgGalaxy11000Ursa Major8.4
-NGC 3077 NGC 3077 Hubble.jpgGalaxy12,000Ursa Major9.9
-NGC 3079 NGC 3079.jpgGalaxy50,000Ursa Major10.6
C53NGC 3115Spindle GalaxyNGC 3115.jpgGalaxy22,000Sextans9.2
-NGC 3147  Galaxy-Draco10.7
-NGC 3166  Galaxy-Sextans10.6
-NGC 3169  Galaxy-Sextans10.5
-NGC 3184 Galaxy25000Ursa Major9.8
-NGC 3190  Galaxy-Leo11
-NGC 3193  Galaxy-Leo10.9
-NGC 3198  Galaxy-Ursa Major10.4
-NGC 3226  Galaxy58700Leo11.4
-NGC 3227  Galaxy58,700Leo10.8
C59NGC 3242Ghost of Jupiter Planetary Nebula1Hydra9
-NGC 3245  Galaxy-Leo Minor10.8
-NGC 3277  Galaxy-Leo Minor11.7
-NGC 3294  Galaxy-Leo Minor11.7
-NGC 3310 NGC 3310.jpgGalaxy50,000Ursa Major10.9
-NGC 3344  Galaxy-Leo Minor10
-NGC 3377  Galaxy-Leo10.2
M105NGC 3379 Messier 105.jpgGalaxy38,000Leo9.3
-NGC 3384  Galaxy-Leo10
-NGC 3395  Galaxy-Leo Minor12.1
-NGC 3412  Galaxy-Leo10.6
-NGC 3414  Galaxy-Leo Minor10.8
-NGC 3432  Galaxy-Leo Minor11.3
-NGC 3486  Galaxy-Leo Minor10.3
-NGC 3489  Galaxy-Leo10.3
-NGC 3504  Galaxy-Leo Minor11.1
-NGC 3521  Galaxy30,000Leo8.9
M108NGC 3556  Galaxy45000Ursa Major10.1
-NGC 3593  Galaxy-Leo11
-NGC 3607  Galaxy-Leo10
-NGC 3608  Galaxy-Leo11
-NGC 3610  Galaxy-Ursa Major10.8
-NGC 3613  Galaxy-Ursa Major12
-NGC 3619  Galaxy-Ursa Major13
-NGC 3621  Galaxy-Hydra10
C40NGC 3626  Galaxy86,000Leo10.9
-NGC 3628  Galaxy35,000Leo9.5
-NGC 3631  Galaxy-Ursa Major10.4
-NGC 3640  Galaxy-Leo10.3
-NGC 3655  Galaxy-Leo11.6
-NGC 3665  Galaxy-Ursa Major10.8
-NGC 3675 NGC3675 spiral galaxy in Schulman telescope.jpgGalaxy-Ursa Major11
-NGC 3686  Galaxy-Leo11.4
-NGC 3726  Galaxy-Ursa Major10.4
-NGC 3729  Galaxy-Ursa Major11.4
-NGC 3810  Galaxy-Leo10.8
-NGC 3813  Galaxy-Ursa Major11.7
-NGC 3877  Galaxy-Ursa Major12
-NGC 3893  Galaxy-Ursa Major11
-NGC 3898  Galaxy-Ursa Major10.8
-NGC 3900  Galaxy-Leo11.4
-NGC 3912  Galaxy-Leo13
-NGC 3938  Galaxy-Ursa Major10.4
-NGC 3941  Galaxy-Ursa Major11
-NGC 3945  Galaxy-Ursa Major10.6
-NGC 3949 NGC 3949.jpgGalaxy50,000Ursa Major11
-NGC 3953 NGC3953.jpgGalaxy56,000Ursa Major10.1
-NGC 3962  Galaxy-Crater10.6
-NGC 3982 Ngc.galaxy.arp.750pix.jpgGalaxy67000Ursa Major12
M109NGC 3992  Galaxy55,000Ursa Major9.8
-NGC 3998  Galaxy-Ursa Major10.6
-NGC 4026  Galaxy-Ursa Major12


Messier or Caldwell IDNGC numberCommon namePictureObject typeDistance to object in thousands of light yearsConstellationApparent magnitude
-NGC 4027  Galaxy68,000Corvus11.1
-NGC 4030 HAWK-I NGC 4030.jpgGalaxy75,000Virgo12
-NGC 4036  Galaxy-Ursa Major10.6
C60/C61NGC 4038/NGC 4039Antennae GalaxiesAntennae.jpegGalaxy83,000Corvus10.7
-NGC 4041  Galaxy-Ursa Major11.1
-NGC 4051  Galaxy-Ursa Major10.3
-NGC 4085  Galaxy-Ursa Major12.3
-NGC 4088  Galaxy-Ursa Major10.5
-NGC 4102  Galaxy-Ursa Major12
-NGC 4111  Galaxy-Canes Venatici10.8
-NGC 4143  Galaxy-Canes Venatici12
-NGC 4147  Globular Cluster-Coma Berenices10.3
-NGC 4150  Galaxy-Coma Berenices11.7
-NGC 4151  Galaxy-Canes Venatici10.4
-NGC 4179  Galaxy-Virgo10.9
-NGC 4203  Galaxy-Coma Berenices10.7
-NGC 4214  Galaxy-Canes Venatici9.7
-NGC 4216 Ngc 4216.jpgGalaxy40,000Virgo10
-NGC 4245  Galaxy-Coma Berenices11.4
-NGC 4251  Galaxy-Coma Berenices12
M106NGC 4258  Galaxy25,000Canes Venatici8.3
-NGC 4261  Galaxy-Virgo10.3
-NGC 4273  Galaxy-Virgo11.9
-NGC 4274  Galaxy-Coma Berenices10.4
-NGC 4278  Galaxy-Coma Berenices10.2
-NGC 4281  Galaxy-Virgo11.3
-NGC 4293  Galaxy-Coma Berenices11
M61NGC 4303 Galaxy60,000Virgo9.7
-NGC 4314 NGC 4314HST1998-21-b-full.jpgGalaxy40,000Coma Berenices10.5
-NGC 4346  Galaxy-Canes Venatici12
-NGC 4350  Galaxy-Coma Berenices11.1
-NGC 4361  Planetary Nebula-Corvus10
-NGC 4365  Galaxy-Virgo11
-NGC 4371  Galaxy-Virgo10.8
-NGC 4394  Galaxy-Coma Berenices10.9
-NGC 4414 NGC 4414 (NASA-med).jpgGalaxy62,000Coma Berenices10.3
-NGC 4419  Galaxy-Coma Berenices11.1
-NGC 4429  Galaxy-Virgo10.2
-NGC 4435The Eyes Galaxy52,000Virgo10.9
-NGC 4438The Eyes Galaxy52,000Virgo10.1
-NGC 4442  Galaxy-Virgo10.5
-NGC 4448  Galaxy-Coma Berenices11.1
C21NGC 4449  Galaxy10,000Canes Venatici9.4
-NGC 4450  Galaxy-Coma Berenices10.1
-NGC 4459  Galaxy-Coma Berenices10.4
-NGC 4473  Galaxy-Coma Berenices10.2
-NGC 4477  Galaxy-Coma Berenices10.4
-NGC 4478  Galaxy-Virgo11.2
-NGC 4485  Galaxy-Canes Venatici12
-NGC 4490  Galaxy-Canes Venatici9.8
-NGC 4494  Galaxy-Coma Berenices9.9
-NGC 4526 SN1994D.jpgGalaxy108,000Virgo9.6
-NGC 4527  Galaxy-Virgo10.4
-NGC 4535 NGC 4535.jpgGalaxy-Virgo9.8
-NGC 4536  Galaxy-Virgo10.4
-NGC 4546  Galaxy-Virgo10.3
M91NGC 4548 Galaxy60,000Coma Berenices10.2
-NGC 4550  Galaxy-Virgo11.6
C36NGC 4559  Galaxy32,000Coma Berenices9.9
C38NGC 4565Needle Galaxy Galaxy32,000Coma Berenices9.6
-NGC 4570  Galaxy-Virgo10.9
M104NGC 4594Sombrero GalaxyM104 ngc4594 sombrero galaxy hi-res.jpgGalaxy50,000Virgo8.3
-NGC 4596  Galaxy-Virgo10.5
-NGC 4618  Galaxy-Canes Venatici10.8
C32NGC 4631Whale GalaxyNgc 4631.jpgGalaxy22,000Canes Venatici9.3
-NGC 4636  Galaxy-Virgo9.6
-NGC 4643  Galaxy-Virgo10.6
-NGC 4654  Galaxy-Virgo10.5
-NGC 4656  Galaxy30,000Canes Venatici10.4
-NGC 4660  Galaxy-Virgo11
-NGC 4665  Galaxy-Virgo12
-NGC 4666  Galaxy-Virgo10.8
-NGC 4689  Galaxy-Coma Berenices10.9
C52NGC 4697  Galaxy76,000Virgo9.3
-NGC 4698 NGC 4698.jpgGalaxy-Virgo10.7
-NGC 4699  Galaxy-Virgo9.6
-NGC 4725 NGC 4725.jpgGalaxy41,000Coma Berenices9.2
-NGC 4753  Galaxy-Virgo9.9
-NGC 4754  Galaxy-Virgo10.6
-NGC 4762  Galaxy-Virgo10.2
-NGC 4781  Galaxy-Virgo12
-NGC 4800  Galaxy-Canes Venatici12
-NGC 4845 Ngc4845-hst-606R814GB450.jpgGalaxy47,000Virgo12
-NGC 4856  Galaxy-Virgo10.4
-NGC 4866  Galaxy-Virgo11
-NGC 4900  Galaxy-Virgo11.5
-NGC 4958  Galaxy-Virgo10.5
-NGC 4995  Galaxy-Virgo11
C29NGC 5005  Galaxy69,000Canes Venatici9.8
-NGC 5033  Galaxy-Canes Venatici10.1
-NGC 5054  Galaxy-Virgo11
-NGC 5195Messier 51b-Galaxy25,000Canes Venatici9.6
C45NGC 5248  Galaxy74,000Boötes10.2
-NGC 5273  Galaxy-Canes Venatici11.6
-NGC 5322 Massive Galaxy NGC 5322.pngGalaxy-Ursa Major10
-NGC 5363  Galaxy-Virgo10.2
-NGC 5364  Galaxy-Virgo10.4
-NGC 5466  Globular Cluster-Boötes9.1
-NGC 5473  Galaxy-Ursa Major11.4
-NGC 5474  Galaxy-Ursa Major10.9


Messier or Caldwell IDNGC numberCommon namePictureObject typeDistance to object in thousands of light yearsConstellationApparent magnitude
-NGC 5557  Galaxy-Boötes11.1
-NGC 5566  Galaxy-Virgo10.5
-NGC 5576  Galaxy-Virgo10.9
-NGC 5631  Galaxy-Ursa Major13
-NGC 5634  Globular Cluster-Virgo9.6
-NGC 5676  Galaxy-Boötes10.9
-NGC 5689  Galaxy-Boötes11.9
C66NGC 5694  Globular Cluster113Hydra10.2
-NGC 5746  Galaxy-Virgo10.6
-NGC 5846  Galaxy-Virgo10.2
M102?NGC 5866Spindle GalaxyFile-Ngc5866 hst big.pngGalaxy-Draco10
-NGC 5897  Globular Cluster-Libra8.6
-NGC 5907 Ngc 5907.jpgGalaxy-Draco10.4
-NGC 5982  Galaxy-Draco11.1
-NGC 6118  Galaxy-Serpens12
-NGC 6144  Globular Cluster-Scorpius9.1
M107NGC 6171 Messier object 107.jpgGlobular Cluster20Ophiuchus8.1
-NGC 6207  Galaxy-Hercules11.6
-NGC 6217  Galaxy-Ursa Minor11.2
-NGC 6229  Globular Cluster-Hercules9.4
-NGC 6235  Globular Cluster-Ophiuchus10.2
-NGC 6284  Globular Cluster-Ophiuchus9
-NGC 6287  Globular Cluster-Ophiuchus9.2
-NGC 6293  Globular Cluster-Ophiuchus8.2
-NGC 6304  Globular Cluster-Ophiuchus8.4
-NGC 6316  Globular Cluster-Ophiuchus9
-NGC 6342  Globular Cluster-Ophiuchus9.9
-NGC 6355  Globular Cluster-Ophiuchus9.6
-NGC 6356  Globular Cluster-Ophiuchus8.4
-NGC 6369Little Ghost NebulaLittleghostnebula.jpgPlanetary Nebula2Ophiuchus13
-NGC 6401 NGC 6401.jpgGlobular Cluster-Ophiuchus9.5
-NGC 6426  Globular Cluster-Ophiuchus11.2
-NGC 6440  Globular Cluster-Sagittarius9.7
-NGC 6445Box Nebula Planetary Nebula-Sagittarius13
-NGC 6451  Open Cluster-Scorpius8
M20NGC 6514Trifid NebulaTrifid.nebula.arp.750pix.jpgOpen Cluster and Nebula2Sagittarius6.3
-NGC 6517  Globular Cluster-Ophiuchus10.3
-NGC 6520  Open Cluster-Sagittarius8
-NGC 6522  Globular Cluster-Sagittarius8.6
-NGC 6528  Globular Cluster-Sagittarius9.5
-NGC 6540  Open Cluster-Sagittarius15
C6NGC 6543Cat's Eye NebulaCat's Eye Nebula.jpgPlanetary Nebula3Draco9
-NGC 6544  Globular Cluster-Sagittarius8.3
-NGC 6553  Globular Cluster-Sagittarius8.3
-NGC 6568  Open Cluster-Sagittarius9
-NGC 6569  Globular Cluster-Sagittarius8.7
-NGC 6583  Open Cluster-Sagittarius10
-NGC 6624  Globular Cluster-Sagittarius8.3
-NGC 6629  Planetary Nebula-Sagittarius12
-NGC 6633  Open Cluster1Ophiuchus4.6
-NGC 6638  Globular Cluster-Sagittarius9.2
-NGC 6642  Globular Cluster-Sagittarius8.8
-NGC 6645  Open Cluster-Sagittarius9
-NGC 6664  Open Cluster-Scutum7.8
-NGC 6712  Globular Cluster22.5Scutum8.2
-NGC 6755  Open Cluster-Aquila7.5
-NGC 6756  Open Cluster-Aquila11
-NGC 6781 Planetary Nebula-Aquila12
-NGC 6802 Ngc 6802 ver.jpgOpen Cluster-Vulpecula8.8
-NGC 6818Little Gem Nebula Planetary Nebula-Sagittarius10
-NGC 6823  Open Cluster-Vulpecula7.1
C15NGC 6826Blinking Planetary Planetary Nebula2.2Cygnus10
-NGC 6830  Open Cluster-Vulpecula7.9
-NGC 6834 Ngc 6834.jpgOpen Cluster-Cygnus7.8
-NGC 6866 Open Cluster-Cygnus7.6
-NGC 6882  Open Cluster-Vulpecula8.1
C37NGC 6885  Open Cluster2Vulpecula6
-NGC 6905Blue Flash Nebula Planetary Nebula-Delphinus12
-NGC 6910  Open Cluster-Cygnus7.4
C47NGC 6934  Globular Cluster57Delphinus8.9
-NGC 6939  Open Cluster-Cepheus7.8
-NGC 6940  Open Cluster-Vulpecula6.3
C12NGC 6946 Galaxy18,000Cepheus8.9
C20NGC 7000North America NebulaNord america.jpgNebula2Cygnus-
C42NGC 7006  Globular Cluster135Delphinus10.6
-NGC 7008Fetus Nebula Planetary Nebula-Cygnus13
C55NGC 7009Saturn NebulaPlanetary Nebula1.4Aquarius8
-NGC 7044  Open Cluster-Cygnus11
-NGC 7062  Open Cluster-Cygnus8.3
-NGC 7086  Open Cluster-Cygnus8.4
-NGC 7128  Open Cluster-Cygnus9.7
-NGC 7142  Open Cluster6.2Cepheus9.3
-NGC 7160  Open Cluster-Cepheus6.1
-NGC 7209  Open Cluster-Lacerta6.7
-NGC 7217 Galaxy-Pegasus10.2
C16NGC 7243  Open Cluster3Lacerta6.4
-NGC 7296  Open Cluster-Lacerta10
C30NGC 7331 NGC 7331 zoomed.jpgGalaxy47,000Pegasus9.5
-NGC 7380  Open Cluster and Nebula7.2Cepheus7.2
-NGC 7448  Galaxy-Pegasus11.7
C44NGC 7479 Ngc7479.jpgGalaxy106,000Pegasus11
-NGC 7510  Open Cluster-Cepheus7.9
-NGC 7606  Galaxy-Aquarius10.8
C22NGC 7662Blue SnowballNgc7662.jpgPlanetary Nebula3.2Andromeda9
-NGC 7686  Open Cluster-Andromeda5.6
-NGC 7723  Galaxy-Aquarius11.1
-NGC 7727  Galaxy-Aquarius10.7
-NGC 7789  Open Cluster7.6Cassiopeia6.7
-NGC 7790  Open Cluster-Cassiopeia8.5
C43NGC 7814  Galaxy49,000Pegasus10.5

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