Harold Hofmann

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Harold Edward Hofmann (July 19, 1932 – November 16, 2013)[1] was an American politician and 23-year Mayor of Lawndale, California.

Born in Montebello, California,[2] Hofmann lived in the same house where he was raised. He first ran for Lawndale City Council in 1976 out of frustration with local government.[2] He wasn't elected to the council until April 1980. Hofmann won re-election in 1984.[2] He was first elected as mayor in April 1990, running on a platform of accountability among City Hall workers and improving the city's appearance. In a city without term limits and running unopposed in most elections, Hofmann was Lawndale's mayor until his death in 2013.[2]

Before his political career, Hofmann served in the United States Army. At the age of 23, he owned a utility contracting business.[2] He was married for over 60 years until his death. He and wife Doris had three children. Having lived with three stents in his heart, a pacemaker and two artificial hips, Hofmann died of natural causes at the age of 81 on November 16, 2013.[3]