Guangzhou Evergrande F.C.

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Guangzhou Evergrande
Gwong2 Zau1 Hang4 Daai6
Guǎngzhōu Héngdà
Guangzhou Evergrande 2012 Crest.png
Full nameGuangzhou Evergrande Football Club
Nickname(s)Southern China Tigers (华南虎)
FoundedJune 1954 (semi-professional)
January 1993 (professional)
GroundTianhe Stadium, Guangzhou, Guangdong, China
Ground Capacity58,500
OwnerEvergrande RE
ChairmanLiu Yongzhuo
ManagerMarcello Lippi
LeagueChinese Super League
2013Super League, 1st
WebsiteClub home page
Home colours
Away colours
Current season
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Guangzhou Evergrande
Gwong2 Zau1 Hang4 Daai6
Guǎngzhōu Héngdà
Guangzhou Evergrande 2012 Crest.png
Full nameGuangzhou Evergrande Football Club
Nickname(s)Southern China Tigers (华南虎)
FoundedJune 1954 (semi-professional)
January 1993 (professional)
GroundTianhe Stadium, Guangzhou, Guangdong, China
Ground Capacity58,500
OwnerEvergrande RE
ChairmanLiu Yongzhuo
ManagerMarcello Lippi
LeagueChinese Super League
2013Super League, 1st
WebsiteClub home page
Home colours
Away colours
Current season
Guangzhou Evergrande F.C.
Simplified Chinese广州恒大足球俱乐部
Traditional Chinese廣州恆大足球俱樂部
Southern China Tigers

Guangzhou Evergrande Football Club (simplified Chinese: 广州恒大; traditional Chinese: 廣州恆大; Mandarin Pinyin: Guǎngzhōu Héngdà; Jyutping: Gwong2 Zau1 Hang4 Daai6) is a professional Chinese football club based in the 58,500-seat Tianhe Stadium in Guangzhou, Guangdong, where they currently participate in the Chinese Super League. They are the current champions of Asia and three times in a row Chinese champions. Originally founded in 1954, their biggest achievements were winning several second-tier division titles before they became professional in 1993 and achieved an upswing in results, leading to a runners-up spot in China's top division. Unable to improve upon these results the club would go through a period of stagnation and then decline before they experienced a brief revival when they won the 2007 second division, however in 2009 the club were embroiled in a match-fixing scandal. This saw them punished with relegation, however the Evergrande Real Estate Group decided to purchase the club and pumped significant funds into the team, which saw them immediately win promotion as well as gain their first ever top-tier title in the following campaign in the 2011 Chinese Super League season. The club won its first AFC Champions League title in 2013, becoming the first Chinese football club to win the continental title in its current format.


In June 1954 the local Guangzhou sports body founded Guangzhou Football Team to take part in the recently formed Chinese national football league and entered the club in the 1955 league season where they named Luo Dizhi as their first manager who guided them to an eighth spot finish in their debut campaign.[1] Unfortunately for Guangzhou the league had grown to incorporate a second tier and their debut season performance final standing would see them relegated to the second division. Guangzhou would nevertheless go on to win the division championship, however the Chinese Football Association decided to restructure the league at the beginning of the 1957 season and Guangzhou were denied promotion.[2] Despite this Luo Rongman managed the team to win the 1958 second division title, however the club were unable to gain promotion because this time they went into receivership and were not officially re-established until April 1961 where they were allowed to take part in the top tier. Back within the top division Guangzhou often struggled within the league and were once again relegated to the second tier at the end of the 1963 league season where they remained until 1966 when the Chinese Cultural Revolution halted football in China.[3]

When the Chinese football league restarted Guangzhou took the unusual step of abstaining from the competition and instead on October 26, 1977 brought Luo Rongman to manage in their development of their youth team.[4] The team would play within the National Youth League until 1980 when it was decided that they were mature enough to play in the football league pyramid and started in the recently created third division. The clubs youth team development would immediately pay-off and players such as Mai Chao, Zhao Dayu and later Wu Qunli would all rapidly rise into Chinese international footballers that would see Guangzhou gain successive premotions until they reached the top tier. The harsh realities of the top division would hit the young players when at the end of the 1982 league season Guangzhou were relegated at the end of the campaign. With the club able to hold on to their young talent they would eventually return to the top division at the end of the 1984 season, via the Chinese FA Cup. With this premotion on October 1, 1984 the club would be the first Chinese team to gain sponsorship when Guangzhou Baiyunshan Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. signed a $200,000 annual deal with the club.[5]

Throughout the 1990s, the Chinese Football Association were demanding more professionalism from their football teams and while many were semi-professional, Guangzhou would be one of the first fully professional football clubs in China after the Apollo Group took over the club on January 8, 1993. Initially the investment would aid the manager Zhou Suian to help create a competitive squad and with Hu Zhijun going on to win the top goalscoring award Guangzhou were able to gain a runners-up spot at the 1994 league season.[6] The following season Zhou Suian left the team despite having twice guided the club to a runners-up position within the league as well as a runners up spot against Shanghai in the 1991 Chinese FA Cup. After his exit the club were unable to replicate the same results and when influential international footballers Peng Weiguo and Hu Zhijun left the club the team would go into free fall and were relegated at the end of the 1998 league season.[7] With the management concerned about the teams insipid display an investigation was launched, which discovered that their players Wen Junwu and three others were in collusion with gambling groups and were immediately expelled from the club.[8] In 2001 the Guangzhou Sports Bureau took over the club once again and with significant investment coming from the Zhejiang Geely Holding Group Co., Ltd it was hoped that the club could push for promotion, however the division was rocked by a match-fixing scandal involving Changchun Yatai, Chengdu Wuniu, Jiangsu Sainty and Zhejing Greentown saw Guangzhou's new sponsors Geely immediately pull their funding from the team to distant themselves from the bad publicity.[9] This would see the club go through a tough transitional period until the Sunray Cave Group took over the club in 2004 and started to invest money in hopes of pushing for promotion.[10] When the Guangzhou Pharmaceutical Group took over the club in 2006 they were able to realize the ambition of gaining promotion when the club won the 2007 division title and entry to the Chinese Super League.[11]

Guangzhou won China League One for the first time in 2007

In February 2010, Guangzhou was relegated to China League One in the fallout of a match fixing scandal despite having achieved a ninth place finish in the previous 2009 Chinese Super League season.[12] The match in question was the August 19, 2006 league game against Shanxi Luhu, which saw Guangzhou win 5-1 when they were still playing in the China League One division. It was discovered by the police that the Guangzhou General manager Yang Xu paid CNY 200,000 to his opponents General manager Wang Po to secure a win at home and that Guangzhou's Vice-President's Wu Xiaodong and Xie Bin knew about it.[13] With the offending participants sentenced to jail for fraud the club was put up for sale.[14] On 28 February 2010, Evergrande Real Estate Group took over the club with a fee of ¥100 million and Xu Jiayin, chairman of Evergrande Real Estate Group, said that they would pump more funds into the transfer market.[15] His first act was to sign in China national team striker Gao Lin from Shanghai Shenhua for a reported fee of ¥6 million, then he replaced the previously existing head coach Peng Weiguo with former Beijing Guoan coach Lee Jang-Soo with no indication. In the 2010 summer transfer window, the club signed Sun Xiang, the first Chinese footballer to play in the UEFA Champions League with PSV Eindhoven, and Zheng Zhi, former China national team captain on 28 June. More pleasant amazement came in two days later, on 30 June, Guangzhou confirmed that they had signed Muriqui on a four-year deal from Campeonato Brasileiro Série A side Atlético Mineiro with a domestic record fee of CNY 22,980,000.[16] On 30 October 2010, Guangzhou successfully achieved League One champion for the second time and returned to Super League after a 3–1 victory to Hunan Billows.

During the 2011 season, Guangzhou Evergrande further strengthened its squad with the purchase of Argentinean Dario Conca and Brazilian Cléo. Although the team was promoted to the Super League in the first year, they clinched the league title in late September 2011 although there were 4 games yet to play. In March 2012, Guangzhou played and won their first ever AFC Champions League match, thrashing Korean champions Jeonbuk Hyundai Motors 5-1. Lucas Barrios left the German football champion Borussia Dortmund in the summer of 2012 to join Guangzhou Evergrande. Marcello Lippi replaced Lee Jang-Soo as the head coach and brought in Korean defender Kim Young-Gwon and Chinese midfielder Huang Bowen. Guangzhou was knocked out of the 2012 AFC Champions League when they lost 5-4 on aggregate to Al Ittihad in the quarterfinals. They were the first Chinese side to reach the quarterfinals since 2006. During the 2012 season, Guangzhou Evergrande won the league for the second time in a row, becoming the first team in China to win the Super League title twice in a row, while also securing the Chinese FA Cup to become double winners for 2012.

All-time league rankings[edit]

Position81 251179 1182076203 121152 29 3777782428
Position2578148104113443179 41111

Recent seasons[edit]

YearTierPldWW%DLGFGAGDPtsPosCupAsianAvg league attStadium
19941221150.00563627+9272not heldnot qualified10,545Yuexiushan Stadium
1995122731.82782827+12851st roundnot qualified18,818Yuexiushan Stadium
1996122731.82872625+1297Last 16not qualified13,091Yuexiushan Stadium
1997122522.731071420−6258Last 16not qualified15,364Yuexiushan Stadium
1998126415.388142541−1620141st roundnot qualified5,385Ying Tung Stadium / Provincial People's Stadium
1999222627.27882630−4268Last 16not qualifiedTianhe Stadium
2000222627.27792727025101st roundnot qualifiedProvincial People's Stadium
20012221150.00743116+154041st roundnot qualified15,273Yuexiushan Stadium
2002222418.18992330−721111st roundnot qualified7,227Yuexiushan Stadium
20032261350.00944020+204831st roundnot qualified10,091Yuexiushan Stadium
20042321237.501644729+185241st roundnot qualified13,647Yuexiushan Stadium
20052261557.69745022+28524Last 16not qualified14,850Yuexiushan Stadium / Tianhe Stadium
20062241562.50364525+20483Last 16not qualified17,167Yuexiushan Stadium
20072241979.17416515+50611not heldnot qualified22,500Yuexiushan Stadium
20081301033.3310104142−1407not heldnot qualified19,624Yuexiushan Stadium
2009130930.00101138380379not heldnot qualified20,057Yuexiushan Stadium / Guangzhou University City Stadium
20102241770.83616121+40571not heldnot qualified9,083Yuexiushan Stadium / Century Lotus Stadium
20111302066.67826723+446812nd Roundnot qualified45,666Tianhe Stadium
20121301756.67765130+21581WinnersQuarter-finals37,250Tianhe Stadium
20131302480.00517818+60771Winners40,428Tianhe Stadium


Since 1994 the first professional league season. Correct as of 1 December 2013.

Club records[edit]




Record results in a season[edit]


Player records[edit]

Feng Junyan currently holds the record of most appearances for the club




Current squad and staff[edit]

As of 10 August 2013

First team squad[edit]

Note: Flags indicate national team as has been defined under FIFA eligibility rules. Players may hold more than one non-FIFA nationality.

1ChinaGKYang Jun
2ChinaMFLiao Lisheng
3ChinaDFYi Teng
4ChinaDFZhao Peng
5ChinaDFZhang Linpeng
6ChinaDFFeng Xiaoting
7ChinaMFFeng Junyan
8ChinaMFQin Sheng
10ChinaMFZheng Zhi (captain)
12ChinaMFZheng Long
14ChinaMFFeng Renliang
15ArgentinaMFDarío Leonardo Conca
16ChinaMFHuang Bowen
19ChinaGKZeng Cheng
20ChinaFWNi Bo
21ChinaDFHuang Jiaqiang
22ChinaGKLi Shuai
23ChinaMFLi Zhilang
24ChinaMFShi Hongjun
26ChinaMFLi Bin
28South KoreaDFKim Young-Gwon
29ChinaFWGao Lin
30ChinaFWYang Chaosheng
31ChinaDFZhang Hongnan
32ChinaDFSun Xiang
33ChinaDFRong Hao
34ChinaFWHu Weiwei
35ChinaFWShewket Yalqun
36ChinaGKFang Jingqi
37ChinaMFZhao Xuri
39ChinaMFTan Jiajun

Reserve squad[edit]

Note: Flags indicate national team as has been defined under FIFA eligibility rules. Players may hold more than one non-FIFA nationality.

41ChinaGKXu Guangliao
42ChinaFWHu Yangyang
43ChinaDFLiu Haidong
44ChinaDFKuang Haokun
45ChinaDFGuan Haojin
46ChinaMFYang Xin
47ChinaDFLuo Jiacheng
48ChinaDFLin Jiawei
49ChinaDFChen Jinchao
50ChinaMFZhong Yecheng
51ChinaMFShen Qi'an
52ChinaMFCai Haojian
53ChinaFWLiang Xueming
54ChinaFWGan Tiancheng
55ChinaDFWang Zihang
56ChinaFWLi Shaokang
58ChinaMFLi Shunxiang

Out on loan[edit]

Note: Flags indicate national team as has been defined under FIFA eligibility rules. Players may hold more than one non-FIFA nationality.

17ChinaMFGao Zhilin (at Meizhou Kejia until 31 December 2013)
25ChinaMFPeng Xinli (at Chengdu Blades until 31 December 2013)
27ChinaFWYe Weichao (at Meizhou Kejia until 31 December 2013)
38ChinaDFZhang Yujia (at Meizhou Kejia until 31 December 2013)
ChinaDFLi Jianbin (at Shanghai Shenhua until 31 December 2013)
ChinaDFLi Weixin (at Meixian Hakka until 31 December 2013)
BrazilDFPaulão (at Cruzeiro until 31 December 2013)
ChinaDFTu Dongxu (at Meizhou Kejia until 31 December 2013)
ChinaMFPeng Shaoxiong (at Meizhou Kejia until 31 December 2013)
BrazilMFRenato Cajá (at Vitória until 31 December 2013)
ChinaMFWang Rui (at Meixian Hakka until 31 December 2013)
ChinaMFZhang Xingbo (at Meixian Hakka until 31 December 2013)
BrazilFWCléo (at Kashiwa Reysol until 1 January 2014)
ChinaGKDong Chunyu (at Shenyang Shenbei until 31 December 2014)

Technical staff[edit]

Head coachItaly Marcello Lippi
Assistant coachesItaly Narciso Pezzotti
Italy Massimiliano Maddaloni
China Li Tie
Goalkeeping coachItaly Michelangelo Rampulla
Fitness coachItaly Claudio Gaudino
Reserve team coachItaly Fabrizio Del Rosso
Reserve team assistant coachChina Pan Li
Medical adviserItaly Enrico Castellacci
Team doctor / PhysiotherapistItaly Silvano Cotti
PhysiotherapistGermany Georg Meyer
Team doctorsChina Liu Shulai
China Kang Kebao
China Wang Shucheng
Chief scoutItaly Franco Ceravolo

Past and present internationals[edit]

Names in bold indicate players who had international appearances for their country while playing for Guangzhou.

China PR
DR Congo
Hong Kong
Korea Republic
Trinidad and Tobago

All-time top ten scorers[edit]

Since 1994 the first professional league season. Correct as of 27 November 2013. Names in bold indicate players currently plays for Guangzhou

Brazil Muriqui502010–present
Honduras Luis Ramírez482007–2009
China Gao Lin452010–present
China Hu Zhijun361994–1997
Argentina Darío Conca332011–present
China Xu Liang292007–2009
China Wen Xiaoming242001–2008
Brazil Elkeson2013–present
China Lu Lin232003–2010
China Peng Weiguo211994–1997
Brazil Muriqui722010–present
China Gao Lin512010–present
Argentina Darío Conca2011–present
Honduras Luis Ramírez482007–2009
China Hu Zhijun361994–1997
Brazil Elkeson312013–present
China Xu Liang292007–2009
China Wen Xiaoming272001–2008
Brazil Cléo242011–2012
China Peng Weiguo231994–1997
China Lu Lin2003–2010

Club honours[edit]



Winners (3): 2011, 2012, 2013
Winners (2): 2007, 2010


Winners (1): 2012
Winners (1): 2012


Winners (1): 2013

Personal honours[edit]

China Mai ChaoPlayer of the Year1989
China Wu QunliPlayer of the Year1990
China Zhou SuianCoach of the Year1992
China Hu ZhijunJia-A League Top Scorer1994
Denmark Riffi HaddaouiChinese FA Cup Top Scorer*1997
Belarus Mikalay RyndzyukLeague One Top Scorer2005
Honduras Luis RamírezLeague One Top Scorer
Chinese Super League Top Scorer*
China Gao LinLeague One Top Scorer2010
Brazil MuriquiChinese Football Association Footballer of the Year
Chinese Super League Top Scorer
Chinese FA Cup Top Scorer
Brazil CléoChinese FA Super Cup Most Valuable Player2012
Paraguay Lucas BarriosChinese FA Cup Most Valuable Player
Italy Marcello LippiChinese FA Cup Best Coach
China Zheng ZhiAFC Player of the Year2013
Brazil ElkesonChinese Super League Top Scorer
Brazil MuriquiAFC Champions League Top Scorer
AFC Champions League Most Valuable Player
AFC Foreign Player of the Year
Argentina Darío ConcaChinese Football Association Footballer of the Year
China Zeng ChengChinese Football Association Goalkeeper of the Year
Italy Marcello LippiChinese Football Association Coach of the Year

(* shared)

Managerial history[edit]

Non-professional club period (1954−1993)[edit]

China Luo Dizhi1954–1956
China Zeng Peifu1956
China Zheng Deyao1956
China Luo Rongman1956–1961
China Li Wenjun1964
China Lin Xiaocai1966–1976
China Luo Rongman1977
China Feng Meilu1977
China Luo Rongman1978–1982
China Cai Tangyao19831984
China Chen Yiming1985
China Qi Wusheng1986–1988
China Xie Zhiguang1989
China Chen Yiming1990
China Zhou Suian1991–1993

Professional club period (1994−present)[edit]

As of 1 December 2013
1China Zhou Suian2 July 1994–7 June 19952913794034+644.83
2China Zhang Jingtian8 June 1995–28 December 1995166552724+337.50
3China Xie Zhiguang1996101000+0&00.00
4China Xian Dixiong1996258893133−232.00
5China Chen YimingJanuary 1997–13 August 1997173861116−517.65
6China Mai Chao13 August 1997–12 June 19982451182428−420.83
7China Chen Xirong12 June 1998–4 May 19992145122034−1419.05
8China Zhao Dayu1999186662425−133.33
9Brazil Gildo RodriguesJanuary 2000–19 April 2000501429−7&00.00
10China Zhou Suian19 April 2000–23 September 2000186662520+533.33
11Brazil Edson Tavares (caretaker)13 November 2000–11 December 2000000000+0!
12China Liu Kang11 December 2000–25 July 2001165741513+231.25
13China Zhou Suian25 July 2001–2 September 20022410683730+741.67
14China Wu Qunli2 September 2002–19 December 2002603359−4&00.00
15China Zhou Suian19 December 2002–18 February 2003000000+0!
16China Mai Chao18 February 2003–31 October 20059141331714486+5845.05
17Croatia Drago Mamić (caretaker)25 November 2005–25 February 2006000000+0!
18China Qi Wusheng25 February 2006–31 December 20062616374727+2061.54
19China Shen Xiangfu4 January 2007–30 November 20098438242214495+4945.242007 China League One
20China Peng Weiguo (caretaker)1 December 2009–25 March 2010000000+0!
21South Korea Lee Jang-Soo25 March 2010–16 May 2012734917716465+9967.122010 China League One
2011 Chinese Super League
2012 Chinese FA Super Cup
22Italy Marcello Lippi17 May 2012–present795218918071+10965.822012 Chinese Super League
2012 Chinese FA Cup
2013 Chinese Super League
2013 AFC Champions League

Ownership and naming history[edit]

YearOwnerClub nameSponsored team name
1954–1985Guangzhou Sports BureauGuangzhou Football Team
1985–1989Guangzhou Baiyun
1989–1993Guangzhou Football Club
1993–2000Guangdong Apollo GroupGuangzhou Apollo Football Club
2001–2002Guangzhou Sports BureauGuangzhou Football ClubGuangzhou Geely
2002–2003Guangzhou Xiangxue
2004–2005Sunray Cave GroupGuangzhou Sunray Cave
2005–2007Guangzhou Pharmaceutical HoldingsGuangzhou GPC Football Club
2007–2008Guangzhou GPC Zhongyi
2008–2009Guangzhou GPC Baiyunshan
2009–2010Evergrande Real Estate GroupGuangzhou Evergrande Football ClubGuangzhou GAC

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