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Gregory S. Baer, M.D.' (born 1952) is an American writer, teacher, public speaker, and an expert in interpersonal relationships.

Dr. Baer lives and works in Rome, Georgia, and notes on the book flap of one of his books that he was a successful surgeon.[1] During that time he felt he had everything in life to be happy, but something was missing—he felt empty and miserable. He began to search for more personal fulfillment and this led to his personal happiness and a career in self-improvement.[2]

He retired from his ophthalmology practice to begin a career of writing, teaching, and speaking about the subject of unconditional love. Baer has spoken on over 1,400 radio shows, as well as television shows, seminars, and other events across the country.[3] He has written sixteen books, CDs, and DVDs.[4]

The parents of seven children, Greg and his wife, Donna, currently reside in west Rome, Georgia.



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