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Greenfield Hill is a historic neighborhood of Fairfield, Connecticut and is roughly bounded by the Merritt Parkway., Burr Street., the Southport and Westport borders., North Cedar and Brookside Roads.

Locally, Greenfield Hill is known for its Dogwood Festival, which celebrates a variety of tree that abounds in the neighborhood. The most famous and perhaps the most picturesque landmark is the Greenfield Hill Congregational Church, which presides over a classic New England green. Timothy Dwight IV, best known as a president of Yale University (and the namesake of one of its residential colleges) was pastor of Greenfield Hill Congregational Church for many years.[1] According to local lore, he was hired by Yale to thwart plans for a rival educational institution in Fairfield.[citation needed]

Besides Dwight, famous residents of Greenfield Hill have included Robert Penn Warren, the author of All the King's Men, composer and conductor Leonard Bernstein and John Hershey, the author of "A Bell for Adano". Several officers of the AIG Financial Products unit live in Greenfield Hill and their homes were scenes of protest at the time of a scandal concerning the payment of $165 million in bonuses to employees of that unit.[2]

The Greenfield Hill Historic District is listed on the National Register of Historic Places (NRHP). The district, along with Southport Historic District and Fairfield Historic District is somewhat governed[clarification needed] by Fairfield's Historic District Commission.

There is a Greenfield Hill Grange No. 133 which is separately NRHP-listed.[citation needed]


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