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Logo, Sheffield Green Un (Owner Johnston Press)

The Green 'Un ("Green One" in slang) is a Saturday sports paper published, on Saturday evenings, in Sheffield, England, its name deriving from the light green newsprint on which it has traditionally been printed.

The Green 'Un was first published as the Saturday Sports Edition of the Yorkshire Telegraph and Star on 14 September 1907 and continued under this name until 3 June 1911.[1] From 10 June 1911 to 28 February 1914 it was known as the Week and Sports Special Green 'Un, then as Sports Special The Green 'Un from 7 March 1914 to 24 December. 1937.

The title became Green 'Un, after the war, on 31 August 1946 and continued so until 23 November 1946, after which it formally assumed Star Green 'Un (30 November 1946), still its current title (2007).

Along with its sister publications The Star and Sheffield Telegraph, the Green 'Un is published by Johnston Press PLC.

The Sheffield Star Green 'Un is to launch its own website soon to cover all levels of local football.


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