Green Islands (Papua New Guinea)

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Green Islands seen from space

The Green Islands are a small group of islands in Papua New Guinea. They are located at 4°30′S 154°10′E / 4.500°S 154.167°E / -4.500; 154.167Coordinates: 4°30′S 154°10′E / 4.500°S 154.167°E / -4.500; 154.167, about 200 km (124 mi) east of Rabaul on New Britain and about 200 km (124 mi) northwest of Bougainville. The Green Islands are administered as part of Bougainville Province (also known as North Solomons Province).

Nissan is the largest island of the group. Other islands include: Pinipel, Sau, Barahun and Sirot.

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