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Graeme Gilbert (born 15 April 1950) is an Australian host of nightly radio program Talk Tonight With Graeme Gilbert on Sydney station 2SM and the Super Radio Network. In 2002 Gilbert's night time show on 2SM scored a rating of 0.1% in Sydney, the lowest rating ever recorded for a commercial program in a metro market in Australia. 2SM subsequently withdrew from the Sydney radio ratings.

On 15 May 2006 his program was barraged by prank calls by members of the public, saying that the answer to his trivia question, "Who is the Premier of Tasmania?", is "India". (The correct answer was "Paul Lennon".) A fake Myspace site has been made to encourage people to call in and the story was picked up by ABC Television's Media Watch program.[1]

To this day, his program continues to be the target of prank calls, including the classic 'India', the 'laugh' and answers of Harry Quick in the Helpline and the Quiz. Harry Quick ran as the Labor candidate for the seat of Franklin, a Liberal stronghold, against Gilbert in the 1993 Federal Election. Gilbert lost the election in a landslide, a seat held by the Liberal Party for 17 years.


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