Recurring Saturday Night Live characters and sketches introduced 2008–2009

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The following is a list of recurring Saturday Night Live characters and sketches introduced between September 13, 2008, and May 16, 2009, the thirty-fourth season of SNL.

Googie Rene[edit]

Kenan Thompson sells discounted garments with mysterious stains.

34September 27, 2008Anna FarisGoogie Rene's Slightly Stained Wedding Dress Basement;[1] this sketch was previously included in the dress rehearsal for the September 13 episode, but was cut from that episode's live broadcast
36October 23, 2010Emma StoneGoogie Rene's Partially Damaged Halloween Costume Discount Basement[2]
36May 7, 2011Tina FeyGoogie Rene's Slightly Damaged Prom Wear Barn[3]

A sketch featuring "Googie Rene's Partially Damaged Christmas Decorations" was included in the dress rehearsal for the December 10, 2011, episode, hosted by Katy Perry, but was cut for the live broadcast.

The Lawrence Welk Show[edit]

A parody of the original "mildly-entertaining" Lawrence Welk Show, this PBS rerun, hosted by Fred Armisen as Welk, features the singing act The Maharelle Sisters, from the Finger Lakes. Each performance begins by featuring each of three attractive, flirtatious women, before introducing the fourth sister, Dooneese (Kristen Wiig), (sometimes spelled "Judice"; spellings differ in SNL sources[4][5]) whose deformities include an extremely tall forehead, tiny hands the size of an infant's, and an odd canine tooth. As each of the women sings in turn, Dooneese's contribution at the end is inevitably a weird or disturbing rant, such as describing eating roadkill or having worms in her hair. She often makes inappropriate sexual advances toward any men co-starring in the performance.

The three normal sisters have been played by both guests and cast members, including Jenny Slate, Abby Elliott, Michaela Watkins, Casey Wilson, Nasim Pedrad, Vanessa Bayer, Amy Poehler, Ana Gasteyer, Maya Rudolph, Cecily Strong and Anne Hathaway.

34October 4, 2008Anne HathawayHathaway plays Maharelle sister Janice.[6][7]
34May 16, 2009Will FerrellFerrell plays Lawrence Welk Show performer Ted Nathers.[8][9]
35December 19, 2009James FrancoFranco plays Lawrence Welk Show performer Rico Garlando.[10]
35May 8, 2010Betty WhiteWhite plays the singing sisters' mother.[11] Rachel Dratch, Tina Fey, and Molly Shannon make cameo appearances in the beginning of the sketch. Amy Poehler, Maya Rudolph, and Ana Gasteyer make special appearances as Maharelle sisters Janet, Peggy, and Clara.
36April 2, 2011Elton JohnJohn plays Lawrence Welk Show performer Frances Lynn Mulge.[12]
37October 1, 2011Melissa McCarthyMcCarthy plays long lost sister Gert, who has her own deformities, including superhuman strength.[13]
37May 19, 2012Mick JaggerJagger did not appear in the sketch (which served as this episode's cold open). Jon Hamm appeared in cameo as Lawrence Welk Show performer Johnny Prosciutto.[14]
38May 11, 2013Kristen WiigKristen Wiig comes back as Dooneese.[15]
39December 7, 2013Paul RuddKristen Wiig and Fred Armisen come back and reprise their roles as Dooneese and Lawrence Welk in a parody of The Sound of Music.

Jeff Montgomery[edit]

A Will Forte character.

34October 25, 2008Jon Hamm43-year-old Jeff Montgomery comes trick-or-treating at the home of Bob Peterson (Hamm). Montgomery indicates he's costumed as a sex offender for Halloween, but is evasive as to whether he is also a sex offender the rest of the year.[16]
34November 22, 2008Tim McGrawMontgomery appears at a large Thanksgiving gathering, where it's eventually realized that none of the hosts or guests know who he is. He eventually mentions that he's an escapee from a mental institution.[17]

A sketch featuring Jeff Montgomery and his father (played by special guest Dan Aykroyd) terrorizing their neighbors was included in the dress rehearsal for the February 14, 2009 episode (hosted Alec Baldwin), but was cut for the live broadcast.

A sketch featuring Jeff Montgomery trick-or-treating was included in the dress rehearsal for the October 17, 2009, episode (hosted by Gerard Butler), but was cut for the live broadcast.


Main article: Stefon

Bill Hader plays Stefon, a club kid and city correspondent for Weekend Update. He is asked by Seth Meyers to offer tips on family friendly things to do in New York city, but instead offers tips on the hottest (or more accurately, most bizarre) New York nightlife. May 18, 2013 marked the final appearance of Stefon as a recurring character, as Hader concluded his final season as SNL cast member.

34November 1, 2008Ben AffleckStefon is introduced in a sketch where he and Affleck are the Zolesky Brothers, making a pitch for a coming-of-age film interspersed with gay sex scenes.[18]
35April 24, 2010Gabourey SidibeStefon's first Weekend Update appearance, discussing family vacation spots.[19]
35May 15, 2010Alec Baldwin[20]
36October 23, 2010Emma Stone[21]
36December 11, 2010Paul Rudd[22]
36December 18, 2010Jeff BridgesAs one of Seth Meyers' favorite trio of commentators, Stefon is joined by New York governor David Paterson (Fred Armisen) and Snooki (Bobby Moynihan) in singing a Christmas song.
36February 12, 2011Russell Brand[23]
36May 7, 2011Tina Fey[3][24]
36May 21, 2011Justin Timberlake[25]
37October 8, 2011Ben Stiller[26]
37December 10, 2011Katy Perry[27]
37March 11, 2012Jonah Hill[28]
37May 19, 2012Mick Jagger[14][29]
38October 20, 2012Bruno Mars[30]
38March 9, 2013Justin Timberlake[31]
38May 18, 2013Ben AffleckAfter Stefon's usual comment on "New York's hottest club", Weekend Update anchor Seth Meyers again criticized his recommendations, making Stefon flee out of NBC Studios to get married. Seeing the error of his ways, Seth goes after him to the wedding at the New York Garden Church in Fifth Avenue only to find out that Stefon is getting married to Anderson Cooper. Seth goes in after Stefon and takes him away from the wedding back to Studio 8H and pronouncing their love for each other. Many of the wedding guests included Black George Washington as the minister, a puppet in disguise (ALF in a trenchcoat), human traffic cones and a human fire hydrant, HoboCops (homeless RoboCops), Jewpids, infamous gay running back Blowjay Simpson, a group of guys with afros and graduation caps, grown men in wedding dresses, jacked homeless guys in period bathing suits, Gizblow the coked-up Gremlin, Furkel, evil chef Wario Batali, Germfs (German Smurfs), Sidney Applebaum the Jewish Dracula, a screaming geisha, Hanukkah cartoon character Menorah the Explorer and DJ Baby Bok Choy. Ben Affleck makes a cameo appearance reprising his role as Stefon's brother, David Zolefsky. Stefon's appearance in this episode marked his last as a recurring character[18]
39February 1, 2014Melissa McCarthyStefon makes a guest appearance on Seth's last Weekend Update episode along with Amy Poehler.
40October 11, 2014Bill HaderSecond guest appearance.[32]

Grady Wilson[edit]

Kenan Thompson plays the Sanford and Son character Grady Wilson as the host of a series of instructional sex films.

34November 1, 2008Ben Affleck"Grady Wilson's Put the Fire Back in your Marriage Techniques"[33]
35September 26, 2009Megan Fox"Grady Wilson's Burning Up the Bedsheets"[34]
35January 16, 2010Sigourney Weaver"Grady Wilson's Fifty and Freaky"; Weaver appears as a Dutch woman.[35]
35May 15, 2010Alec Baldwin"Grady Wilson's Intimate & International"; Baldwin appears as a Greek man, Kostos.[20]
36January 8, 2011Jim Carrey"Grady Wilson's Tantric and Tasty"; Carrey appears as the erotic shaman Leelicious.[36]

The Vogelchecks[edit]

Fred Armisen, Kristen Wiig and Bill Hader star in this sketch about a family that expresses affection, at the slightest provocation, with slobbery French kissing and other disturbingly intimate acts. In the sketch, another member of the family (usually played by the episode's host) brings home a new girlfriend/boyfriend to meet his parents (Armisen and Wiig) and brother Dwayne (Hader). The girlfriend is initially put off by the family's eager physical affection, but is won over by a heartfelt speech from Armisen.

34November 15, 2008Paul Rudd
35December 19, 2009James Franco[10] This sketch originally appeared in the dress rehearsal for the December 12, 2009, episode hosted by Taylor Lautner, but was cut for the live broadcast.
35March 6, 2010Zach GalifianakisRonny Vogelcheck (Bobby Moynihan) brings his girlfriend Shelley (Jenny Slate) home for a funeral, where she meets his family. Galifianakis appears as the priest, Father Yankovic.
36December 11, 2010Paul RuddThe Vogelchecks greet their Romanian relatives (Nasim Pedrad and Paul Brittain) for Christmas.[22]
37November 19, 2011Jason SegelPaul Rudd made an appearance in the sketch.
39May 17, 2014Andy SambergAndy Samberg brings his boyfriend (Taran Killam) to watch the football draft. Paul Rudd reprises his role and Maya Rudolph is a nurse.


Bill Hader plays Dateline correspondent Keith Morrison hosting "Real-Life Crimes and Stories of Real People in Bad Situations", a series of short interviews with victims of pain and suffering. The sketch revolves around Morrison's sinister persona: during the interviews, Hader utters trite remarks, makes creepy faces and sounds, expresses disgust at awful things not happening, and admits he gets a creepy delight out of other people's suffering.

34November 22, 2008Tim McGrawMorrison interviews a woman (Kristen Wiig) whose boyfriend was found dead in a car trunk; a couple (Jason Sudeikis and Casey Wilson) attacked by sharks; and a man (McGraw) whose wife murdered their neighbors.[37]
34March 14, 2009Tracy MorganMorrison interviews a man (Andy Samberg) who walked in on a convenience store robbery; a couple (Abby Elliott and Kenan Thompson) who had the roof cave in on their wedding; and a convicted murderer and cannibal (Morgan).
37December 3, 2011Steve Buscemi

Hader reprised his Keith Morrison impression in the September 24, 2009, episode of Weekend Update Thursday, where he interviewed President Obama (Fred Armisen) about the "death panel" issue.


Kristen Wiig plays an outwardly sexy woman (strongly resembling Marilyn Monroe) who nonetheless does everything in the least sexy way possible. In each sketch she enters a room where several male coworkers were present, all of whom are initially attracted by her curvy figure, her sweet childlike voice, and her shy and demure demeanor. However, her behavior is quickly punctuated with belches, farts, accidental urination or defecation, loud braying laughs and fits of spastic, uncoordinated movement. By the end of the sketch, all of the men except one (usually played by the episode's host) are completely repulsed by her; the holdout is even more smitten than when she first arrived.

In an interview with Alec Baldwin, in which he complimented Wiig on her ability to switch between sexy and unsexy characters, Wiig replied:

I have to say, one of the greatest gifts that I've gotten from SNL is getting out of my comfort zone. I realized, and I think Lorne [Michaels] realized, probably the first handful of years that I was there, most of my characters were ladies in their forties with short hair and weird sweaters, that no one wanted at their dinner party. The good thing about being at SNL, for me creatively, is to think, "Okay, I'm comfortable enough. I really want to try something that's not something that I normally do." That's when I actually first came up with the character Shana, the one that’s sexy but says gross things."[38]

34December 6, 2008John Malkovich
35January 9, 2010Charles Barkley
36October 2, 2010Bryan Cranston
37October 8, 2011Ben Stiller[26]


A mischievous schoolgirl played by Kristen Wiig.[39] In the standard Gilly sketch, Mr. Dillon (Will Forte) is attempting to teach his class of young students, but the class is repeatedly interrupted by pranks. After each prank, Mr. Dillon asks first Liam (Bobby Moynihan), then Sam (Kenan Thompson), if they are responsible, and the boys deny it (especially easy for Sam as his arms are both in casts). A female student then says that Gilly did it, and Gilly offers an insincere "sorry." The cycle repeats with the pranks becoming more dangerous and violent.

34January 17, 2009Rosario Dawson[40]
34April 11, 2009Zac EfronScience Fair Finals[41][42]
35October 20, 2009Drew BarrymoreGilly is joined by her Italian cousin, Gigli (Barrymore).[43][44][45]
35December 17, 2009Christmas specialGilly hosts the SNL Christmas special.
36October 9, 2010Jane LynchAs Sue Sylvester, Lynch introduces new student Gilly to the Glee Club.[46]
37April 7, 2012Sofia VergaraGilly disrupts Mrs. Roberts' (Vergara) sex education class, and we see a flashforward to Gilly's death.
38May 11, 2013Kristen WiigAppeared during Wiig's monologue performance alongside Lorne Michaels.[15]

Angie Tempura[edit]

Michaela Watkins appears on Weekend Update as a snarky blogger for gossip website

34February 14, 2009Alec Baldwin
34April 11, 2009Zac Efron[41]


Hamilton, played by Will Forte, is a creepy man with a blonde bob cut and large round sunglasses, who commandeers the microphone at various events. For some reason, women find him irresistibly alluring.

34May 16, 2009Will FerrellAt a funeral, Hamilton speaks about the recent deaths of his cousin and mother before excoriating the policies of President Obama. (Hamilton was not named in this episode.)[9]
35October 10, 2009Drew BarrymoreAt a book reading by Debbie Turner (Barrymore), who has written a memoir ("Living With The Devil") of her incredibly unhealthy yet passionate relationship with Hamilton, he appears and convinces her (by singing the Usher song "Love in This Club") to give him another chance.[45]
35April 24, 2010Gabourey SidibeAt a public event featuring Sidibe (playing herself), her former lover Hamilton shows up to ask for her hand in marriage.[19]
37May 12, 2012Will FerrellHamilton offers a toast at a dinner for a 25th wedding anniversary.

The dress rehearsal for the March 6, 2010, episode featured a sketch in which Hamilton interrupted a lesbian wedding to beg one of the brides for a second chance; the sketch was cut from the live episode.


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