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The Gibraltar Trade Center is a giant public market in the Metro Detroit region of the U.S. state of Michigan. There are two locations in this region; one in Taylor, MI (built in 1980), and one in Mount Clemens, MI (built in 1990). The Mount Clemens location was previously home to the Mount Clemens Race Track.

The Gibraltar Trade Center is open on Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays throughout the year. Also, starting on December 7, it is open every day until Christmas. Gibraltar Trade Center also schedules specialized shows for the weekends. Some of the more popular shows are the computer shows, the gun and knife shows, and the sports card shows.

Hundreds of small businesses call the Gibraltar Trade Center home, creating a large and diverse shopping environment. Most of the businesses are closeouts, or specialized businesses in various types of merchandise.

The Gibraltar Trade Center is one of the nation's largest indoor flea markets; each location is over 300,000 square feet (28,000 m2). In addition, some merchants set up shop outside the building, along its perimeter.

Over the last several years, vendor participation has started to increase along with customer foot traffic due to the retooling of various shows and policies which have benefited us vendors.

The Gibraltar Trade Centers in Taylor and Mount Clemens run two sales floors equaling less than 10% of the rentable vendor spaces throughout each market. These "stores" sell everything from top quality area rugs that beat even the discount online rug outlets, to aisle after aisle of dollar store items.

The Gibraltar Trade Center also sells Ashley furniture near the orange entrance.

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