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Getting it Right for Every Child ('GIRFEC' or 'Getting it Right'[1]) is Scotland's approach to supporting children and young people. The GIRFEC approach arose out of the review of the Children's Hearings System in 2004.[2] It recognised that in order to improve outcomes for vulnerable children, agencies need to intervene earlier, in a better and more integrated way in response to identified needs and risks, and not when a threshold is reached to trigger action. The origins of the approach lie in the Kilbrandon Report (1964),[3] reinforced by publications such as 'For Scotland's Children'.[4]

It requires that services aimed at children and young people – social work, health, education, police, housing and voluntary organisations – adapt and streamline their systems and practices and work together. The approach encourages earlier intervention by professionals to avoid crisis situations at a later date.

Getting it right for every child is a change management programme designed to deliver a national approach to meeting the needs of – and improving outcomes for – all children and young people in Scotland.

The Scottish Government has published a number of guides and resources.[5] to support implementation.

The Scottish Government has finished consulting on a Children and Young People Bill which proposes to enshrine in law key elements of the Getting it Right approach.[6]

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