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German euro coins have three separate designs for the three series of coins. The 1-cent, 2-cent and 5-cent coins were designed by Rolf Lederbogen, the design for the 10-cent, 20-cent and 50-cent coins is by Reinhard Heinsdorff and the 1 and 2 euro coins were done by Heinz Hoyer and Sneschana Russewa-Hoyer. Featured in all designs are the 12 stars of the EU and the year of imprint.

In addition to the year, the German coins also feature a small letter as a mint mark indicating the particular mint that minted the coin.

The letters were assigned to the mints as they opened. The mints in Hannover/Vienna (B), Frankfurt am Main (C), Dresden/Muldenhütte (E), and Darmstadt (H) have since been closed; the last, Muldenhütte, in 1953.

German euro design[edit]

For images of the common side and a detailed description of the coins, see euro coins.

Depiction of German euro coinage | Obverse side
Oak twig on back of German 1-cent coinOak twig on back of German 2-cent coinOak twig on back of German 5-cent coin
German oak twig which was also featured on the former pfennig.
Brandenburg Gate on back of German 10-cent coinBrandenburg Gate on back of German 20-cent coinBrandenburg Gate on back of German 50-cent coin
The Brandenburg Gate as a symbol of division and unity.
€1.00€2.00€2 Coin edge
German Eagle on back of German 1 euro coinThe edge lettering features the words "EINIGKEIT UND RECHT UND FREIHEIT" (Unity and Justice and Freedom), Germany's national motto and the beginning of Germany's national anthem.
Interpretation of the German eagle, symbol of German sovereignty.

Circulating Mintage quantities[edit]

The following table shows the mintage quantity for all German euro coins, per denomination, per year (the numbers are represented in millions).[1]

Face Value€0.01€0.02€0.05€0.10€0.20€0.50€1.00€2.00€2.00 CC
2002 A800.0360.0480.0696.1378.1337.7367.9238.9*
2002 D840.0483.0504.0722.0367.0370.2372.6238.9*
2002 F960.0507.8576.0838.8421.6430.5439.8281.1*
2002 G560.0311.8336.0494.3251.9256.6266.4182.0*
2002 J840.0419.4504.0758.6441.0401.4372.3257.8*
2002 Total4,840.02,501.42,904.04,268.42,300.52,156.92,186.91,448.0*
Face Value€0.01€0.02€0.05€0.10€0.20€0.50€1.00€2.00€2.00 CC
2003 A*200.0*50.741.9*50.320.5*
2003 D*105.0*50.824.170.6*22.2*
2003 F*164.2*6.082.4**24.5*
2003 G*80.2*13.042.1**29.1*
2003 J*168.6*25.5*39.629.919.5*
2003 Total*718.0*146.0190.5110.280.2115.8*

*** Small quantities minted for sets only

Face Value€0.01€0.02€0.05€0.10€0.20€0.50€1.00€2.00€2.00 CC
2004 A280.0127.0112.0**82.321.931.6*
2004 D294.0133.4117.611.249.8*89.319.8*
2004 F336.0152.4134.451.4*73.588.2**
2004 G196.088.978.415.5*37.441.7**
2004 J294.0133.4117.6****22.5*
2004 Total1,400.0635.1560.078.149.8193.2241.173.9*

*** Small quantities minted for sets only

Face Value€0.01€0.02€0.05€0.10€0.20€0.50€1.00€2.00€2.00 CC
2005 A120.073.044.0*8.0****
2005 D126.076.746.2*8.4****
2005 F144.087.652.8*9.6****
2005 G84.051.130.8*5.6****
2005 J126.076.746.2*8.4*59.8**
2005 Total600.0365.1220.0*40.0*59.8**

*** Small quantities minted for sets only

Face Value€0.01€0.02€0.05€0.10€0.20€0.50€1.00€2.00€2.00 CC
2006 A*108.027.0*39.0***6.0
2006 D*113.428.4*41.0***6.3
2006 F*129.632.4*46.8***7.2
2006 G*75.618.9*27.3****
2006 J*148.428.4*41.0***6.3
2006 Total*575.0135.1*195.1***30.0

*** Small quantities minted for sets only

Face Value€0.01€0.02€0.05€0.10€0.20€0.50€1.00€2.00€2.00 CC
2007 A119.4100.052.4*21.6***2.04
2007 D125.4105.055.0*22.7***26.34
2007 F143.3120.062.9*25.9***19.85
2007 G83.670.036.7*15.1***9.2
2007 J125.4105.055.0*22.9***2.57
2007 Total597.1500.0262.0*108.2***60.0

* No coins were minted that year for that denomination
*** Small quantities minted for sets only

Face Value€0.01€0.02€0.05€0.10€0.20€0.50€1.00€2.00
2008 A101.280.029.2***15.8******11.4
2008 D106.384.030.7***16.6******11.8
2008 F121.496.035.0***19.0******13.7
2008 G70.856.020.4***11.1******8.0
2008 J106.384.030.7***16.3******12.0
2008 Total506.0400.0146.0***78.8******56.9

*** Small quantities minted for sets only

Face Value€0.01€0.02€0.05€0.10€0.20€0.50€1.00€2.00
2009 A100.059.039.6***21.6*******
2009 D105.062.041.6***22.7*******
2009 F120.070.847.5***25.9*******
2009 G70.041.327.7***15.1*******
2009 J105.062.041.6***22.7*******
2009 Total500.0295.1198.0***108.0*******

* No coins were minted that year for that denomination
*** Small quantities minted for sets only

Face Value€0.01€0.02€0.05€0.10€0.20€0.50€1.00€2.00
2010 A94.472.839.8***24.4******19.6
2010 D99.176.441.8***25.6******20.6
2010 F113.387.447.8***29.3******23.5
2010 G66.151.027.9***17.1******13.7
2010 J99.176.441.8***25.6******20.6
2010 Total472.0364.0199.1***122.0******98.0

*** Small quantities minted for sets only

Face Value€0.01€0.02€0.05€0.10€0.20€0.50€1.00€2.00
2011 A118.4100.459.2***33.0******20.2
2011 D124.3105.462.2***34.7******21.2
2011 F142.1120.571.0***39.6******24.2
2011 G82.970.341.4***23.1******14.1
2011 J124.3105.462.2***34.7******21.2
2011 Total592.0502.0296.0***165.1******100.9

*** Small quantities minted for sets only

Future changes to national sides[edit]

The European Commission issued a recommendation on 19 December 2008, a common guideline for the national sides and the issuance of euro coins intended for circulation. One section of this recommendation stipulates that:

Article 2. Identification of the issuing Member State:
"The national sides of all denominations of the euro coins intended for circulation should bear an indication of the issuing Member State by means of the Member State’s name or an abbreviation of it."

A new design on the German euro coins is expected in the near future to comply with these new guidelines, although nothing officially has been announced.[2]

€2 commemorative coins[edit]

German Bundesländer series[edit]

Germany started the commemorative coin series Die 16 Bundesländer der Bundesrepublik Deutschland (The 16 States of the Federal Republic of Germany) in 2006, which will continue until 2021. The year in which the coin for a specific state is issued coincides with that state's Presidency of the Bundesrat.[3] The coins issued are:

20061 Schleswig-HolsteinHolstentor in Lübeck
20072 Mecklenburg-VorpommernSchwerin Castle
20083 HamburgSt. Michael's Church
20094 SaarlandLudwigskirche in Saarbrücken
20105 BremenCity Hall and Roland
20116 North Rhine-WestphaliaCologne Cathedral
20127 BavariaNeuschwanstein Castle near Füssen
20138 Baden-WürttembergMaulbronn Abbey
20149 Lower SaxonySt. Michael's Church in Hildesheim
201510 HesseSt. Paul's Church in Frankfurt am Main
201611 SaxonyZwinger Palace in Dresden
201712 Rhineland-PalatinatePorta Nigra in Trier
201813 BerlinCharlottenburg Palace
201914 Saxony-AnhaltCathedral of Magdeburg
202015 ThuringiaWartburg Castle in Eisenach
202116 BrandenburgSanssouci Palace in Potsdam

The other seven coins will be issued in the following years; note that some designs are not yet finalised and still subject to change. Originally, the designs for the following states were different:[3]

The series is similar to the United States' 50 State Quarters series, which saw fifty coins issued for its fifty constituent states, five per year between 1999 and 2008. A separate program saw six coins issued in 2009 for the District of Columbia and five territories of the United States.

Collector coins[edit]

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