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Gary Renard is the author of the books The Disappearance of the Universe (2004) and Your Immortal Reality (2006), two works whose stated purpose is to reawaken interest in and clarify the core purpose of the 1976 classic spiritual text, A Course In Miracles (ACIM).

In The Disappearance of the Universe, Renard recounts, in dialogue and commentary, a series of 17 claimed appearances by two ascended masters over the course of nine years, from 1992 until just after the World Trade Center disaster of 2001. The two alleged ascended masters call themselves Pursah and Arten (not their real names), and claim to have once been two disciples of Jesus: Thomas and Thaddeus. Renard says the encounters with Arten and Pursah were his first introduction to A Course in Miracles. The material in the two books is consistent with the teachings of A Course in Miracles as taught by ACIM authority Kenneth Wapnick. However, Renard's writings and activities have stirred some controversy within some more conservative parts of the ACIM community. Renard's first two books were due to be followed by at least two more in 2011 and possibly 2012, though the third, Love Has Forgotten No One, had not yet appeared in mid-2012, though with prospects of publication in September.


Life after 1992

After these reported encounters, Gary Renard significantly redirected his focus from being a musician and an investor into being primarily a spokesperson and teacher for his understanding of the teachings of ACIM, as well as the promotion of his books.

In 2006, Gary Renard published a sequel to DU called Your Immortal Reality: How to Break the Cycle of Birth and Death with Hay House Publishing. In 2007 Renard divorced his first wife, Karen Renard. In 2009 he remarried to musician and therapist, Cindy Lora-Renard, who is the Arten/Thaddeus individual in his books. He moved from Maine, the site of the first visits, to southern California.[1] Due to the significant changes in his personal life, the publication of his third book, "Love Has Forgotten No One" has been delayed since April 2008, but was tentatively scheduled for distribution by Hay House in early 2011 (then later for fall of 2012).[2] In his Episode 39 podcast, Renard also notes that he is already embarking upon the editing of a fourth book, title to be disclosed. Renard currently travels and teaches in numerous locations, as described on his website.

Renard has appeared in the films, 3 Magic Words (documentary) 2010, A Course in Miracles: The Movie (documentary) 2010, Leap! the Movie (2008), The Serious Business of Happiness (documentary) 2007, Living Luminaries (2006).



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