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Roscoe Vernon Gaddis (January 28, 1896 - October 21, 1986), known professionally as Gadabout Gaddis, was a 20th-century American fisherman and television pioneer.[1]

Gaddis, an avid fisherman since his youth in Illinois,[2] was also a pilot and adventurer. He began his career in the early days of television by showing his home movies of his fishing expeditions.[3] His show Outdoors with Liberty Mutual was first broadcast in 1939 and was only the second sponsored television show (Lowell Thomas's was the first). The show was eventually carried on 73 stations. Going Places with Gadabout Gaddis in the 1950s was less successful,[4] but beginning in the early 1960s Gaddis starred in The Flying Fisherman, also sponsored by Liberty Mutual. Gaddis would fly to a different location, and fish. The shows were filmed without sound, and Gaddis would add his low-key and folksy narration in the studio.[4] Gaddis was nominated for an Emmy in 1968.[2]

Gaddis lived in Bingham, Maine, and Gadabout Gaddis Airport in that town[5] was his base of operations. The airport was built about 1950 and later bought by Gaddis.[6]




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