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Use and Origin[edit]

GDFS (Global Data Flash Storage) is a proprietary key-value store used by Sony Ericsson on certain of their mobile phones. Its use dates from approximately 2002.

Sony Ericsson handsets using GDFS include those with the DB2010, DB2012, DB2020, DB3150, DB3200, DB3210 and DB3350 hardware sets.


Data stored in the GDFS includes hardware customization data (e.g. radio channel parameters, settings for display, audio circuitry etc.), security/identification data (IMEI, lock codes, etc.) and user data - sounds, pictures, SMS, phonebook, calendar and so on. Some of GDFS units ("files"), or sometimes parts of them, are protected by checksums that are stored in other GDFS units.

The GDFS also contains the Security Zone.[1] This contains information about SIM-locks applied to the handset, and IMEI.

Faults and Repair[edit]

Due to the contents of a used handset's GDFS being individual (according to the use and preferences of the user), a damaged GDFS cannot be totally restored to its previous state unless it was backed up before damage occurred. A damaged GDFS is usually reset to factory settings using unofficial software tools such as XS++[2] or Setool.[3]