GAZ Tigr

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GAZ Tigr
GAZ 2975 Tigr.JPG
GAZ-2975 "Tigr" at the rehearsal of Moscow Victory Parade.
TypeInfantry Mobility Vehicle
Place of origin Russia
Service history
In service2013–present
Wars2014 Crimean crisis
Production history
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GAZ Tigr
GAZ 2975 Tigr.JPG
GAZ-2975 "Tigr" at the rehearsal of Moscow Victory Parade.
TypeInfantry Mobility Vehicle
Place of origin Russia
Service history
In service2013–present
Wars2014 Crimean crisis
Production history

The GAZ Tigr (Russian: Тигр and English: Tiger), manufactured by GAZ, is a Russian 4x4, multipurpose, all-terrain infantry mobility vehicle designed for optimal performance in environments such as Urals, Siberia, Far East and desert conditions. The Tigr is capable of operating at ambient temperatures ranging from −14–50 °C (7–122 °F). Moreover, the vehicle has demonstrated the ability to overcoming the most difficult sand dunes at approach and departure angles of 52 degrees and moving across water obstacles of up to 1.2 m (3 ft 11 in) deep.

The GAZ-2330 is being marketed for police and military customers within the Russian Federation, with the Ministries of Defense and Interior being their primary users. China is one of the first export customers, with a batch of 100 special police cars, the SPM-2E Tiger, delivered in 2008. Countries in the Middle East and Brazil have expressed interest in purchasing the Tiger for police and military applications.

The Tigr comes in two primary variants: the original "civil" GAZ-2330 and the military variant GAZ-2975

The GAZ Vodnik and VPK-3927 Volk are heavily modified Tigr derivatives.


The vehicle compartment provides seating for up to 10, and is powered by a Cummins B205 20 turbodiesel engine developing 205-hp of power. In December 2009, the Military Industrial Company (MIC) introduced a new version powered by a 420-hp diesel engine.

GAZ Group has developed five versions based on the Tigr chassis:


GAZ-2975 unfinished interior on the assembly line

It was first shown as the IDEX exhibition in 2001.[1] Pilot production started in 2004 with 96 vehicles initially made in 2005 before the Russian Army officially adopted the GAZ-2975 into service.[2] The vehicle was then officially manufactured in 2007.[2]

During the Interpolitex-2010 exhibition, MIC presented the upgraded version of GAZ Tigr - the VPK-233114 Tigr-M with a new YaMZ-534 diesel engine, additional armour and an NBC protection system.

In February 2013 it was announced that the new GAZ Tigr-M will enter in service with the Russian army during the first half of the 2013. Mass production and the export version have already been launched.[3]

Tigr armoured cars are reported to be among the AFVs being deployed by Russia in the current (late February 2014) Crimean crisis, part of the fallout from the ongoing Ukrainian revolution. Interestingly, they seem to belong to the Russian Naval Infantry, but that combat arm has not been previously identified as a Tigr user, suggesting that the examples spotted (in a column near Sevastopol on the night of February 28th, 2014) are vehicles transferred or on loan from their primary military user, the Russian Army.

The design[edit]

The vehicle is intended to transport people and various goods by road and off-road. It has a chassis frame construction, carrying the bulk of aggregates and body. The metal body of the car has a five-door one-volume cargo compartment, designed to carry four people and up to 1,500 kg of cargo (three-door armored-volume, designed to carry 6-9 people and 1,200 kg of cargo - for the army and police version of the machine). The cargo compartment, separated from the passenger partition, has seats for an additional 2-4 people.

Standard features include: power steering, independent torsion suspension of all wheels with hydraulic shock absorbers and stabilizer bars, transfer case with a lockable center differential, limited slip differentials interwheel slip, wheel motors, automatic tire inflation with an electronically controlled, pre-heater, electric winch.

The GAZ-233001 "Tiger" can additionally be fitted with air conditioning, sound system, electric windows, auxiliary heating, independent heating, and an Antilock Braking System.

A lock axle differential turns the button on the panel, and a number of step-down transmission levers are included. Cross-axle differentials - cam, self-locking. This system is borrowed from many APCs, like wheel suspension on the double wishbone. In addition to this, there is a centralized swap wheels system.

Housing armored versions of "Tiger" welded from heat-treated armor plates with thickness of 5 mm (7 mm for the SPM-2), after which it undergoes a release for stress relief. Armored vehicle heavier than usual, with a steel body, 700 kg. Armored body to be so strong that you could well do without a separate frame as in armored personnel carriers. But in order to unify the armored body made removable. So on the same chassis can set different body - closed passenger, armored, with a cargo platform. "Tiger" can carry a half ton of cargo.

Engine Cummins B205, six-cylinder in-line, turbocharged 205 kW l.s./150, produced by the American corporation CUMMINS INC.

The cost of civil "Tiger" will be from 100 to 120 thousand dollars, depending on the version.



A prototype of a sports utility vehicle with a three-door station wagon, not armored, before certification [3].


Multi-purpose SUV, made in two-, three-door non-armored version.


Multipurpose unarmored SUV with a five-door wagon-volume bodies with rear hinged doors.


Multipurpose unarmored SUV with four-body four-door pickup truck and swinging doors of the loading platform.


Unarmored multipurpose double-door SUV with a body pickup and swinging doors of the loading platform.


Multipurpose unarmored three-door SUV with a body sedan with rear hinged doors, made with both odnobemnym and divided interior.


GAZ-3121 (Tigr-2) at AUTOFORUM-2007 in Nizhny Novgorod

Unarmored civilian version of the "Tiger", a second car with a similar index. Released a small series from 2008 The owners of these cars were Nikita Mikhalkov, Shantsev [4], Vladimir Zhirinovsky, Andrei Mikhalkov-Konchalovsky (sold in Novosibirsk, the tuning center). Broader car sales at retail planned to start in 2009, the same year announced mass production at the Arzamas Machine Building Plant. The car is available in two trim levels - "luxury" and regular. [3] [5]

Experienced civilian SUV class SUV, presented for the first time in September 2006 at the Moscow Motor Show in the exhibition "Russian cars." For information about the launch of the new Tiger-2 announced the managing director of Arzamas Engineering Plant Basil Shupranov.

Base SUV was left without any changes, which is a standard Army "Tiger" brings even central tire inflation system. Civilian version packaged with Steyr turbodiesel with 190 hp or six-cylinder Cummins B205 with 205 hp and is designed for speeds of up to 140-160 km / h Some details for the interior SUV were borrowed from the "Gazelle" and "Volga" and on the external design is a similarity with the style Hummer-2.

With a weight of 3500 kg Tiger-2 is equal to 1200 kg, fuel consumption per 100 kilometers is equal to 15 liters. Length SUV - 5700 mm, width and height - 2300 mm, ground clearance - 400 mm, wheelbase - 3300 mm, where the front and rear track - 1840 mm. Compared with the new military modification Tiger-2 has become easier to 2800 kg. Price Tiger-2 was planned at the level of 120 thousand dollars, or about 3.6 million rubles. [6]


In 2007 the decision was made on the preparation and use of cars "Tiger" as a parade of cars.

In the ceremonial "Tiger" is used two-door open body of the "convertible", which provides an ergonomically comfortable and lightweight in-out parade of the host. The car came with a removable rigid roof.

To finish the three-compartment (two seats front + one seat in the back) were used natural materials and luxury leather interior trim interior, corresponding to the level of modern cars of VIP-class. For the convenience of driving a car while standing in the cabin is equipped with handle-rail with adjustable height. In the trunk in the rear of the car was placed on the parade removable spare tire and special communications equipment such as "rehearsal". Smooth progress during the celebrations at the front "Tiger" is provided an automatic transmission Allison Transmission 1000 Series (used on Hummers H1). The motor was used Cummins B 205 horsepower Vehicle weight has been reduced from 7,200 to 4,750 kg. [7]

In November 2008, a sample of the new front "Tiger" was presented to the Minister of Defense Anatoly Serdyukov on display technology, produced by LLC "military-industrial complex." As a result, three vehicles were taken to the budget of the Ministry of Defense and transferred to the Leningrad Military District for their participation in the parade during the calculation of the Victory Day parade May 9, 2009 at the Palace Square in St. Petersburg on the occasion of the 64th anniversary of the Victory in the Great Patriotic War.

GAZ-23034 SPM-1[edit]

Special police car GAZ-233034 SPM-1 is intended for use as a vehicle and operating-company car Russian Interior Ministry in counter-terrorism operations, the tasks of territorial defense, assisting FPS Russia, including the transportation of personnel at the march, to protect the crew from fire weapons and explosive devices damaging factors.

GAZ-233034 SPM-1 is an armored car, a third class of ballistic protection to IEC 50963-96 side and aft projections. In the frontal projection machine is protected by a class 5 Standard. In the roof of the car two rectangular hatch without bindings under heavy small arms. Firing of personal weapons crew and troops on early models through closing loopholes in the form of large valves in the body and doors. In the later versions - through the opening armored glass in the doors and on the sides of the car. In the cabin air space for the driver, older cars and 7 people landing. On the roof of the car can be set remotely controlled setting shooting special means to disperse demonstrations, "Gun carriage." Provides space for the radio station and the radio-controlled explosive devices blocker.

Aircraft assault vehicle[edit]

Abaim-Abanat special police assault vehicle based on GAZ-233034 SPM-1 vehicle

Special Aircraft Truck truck "Abaimov-Abanat" is built on the basis of GAZ-233034 SPM-1. Designed to provide opportunities to overcome obstacles and battle group in the penetration of the building on the second and third floors. Has a hook ladder (ladder) managed from the driver's special remote control. Also has three assault shield, mounted on the end of the assault ladders

GAZ-29651 "The Punisher"[edit]

A simplified version of the GAZ-2975. The result of OCD, "The Punisher," was to create a family of cars with capacity from 1 to 2.5 tons, expected to become an armored car "Wolf" [11]

GAZ-233036 SPM-2 "Tiger-Alpha-BB"[edit]

GAZ-233036 SPM-2 "Tiger-Alpha-BB" - an armored car, a 5th grade ballistic on GOST 50963-96. In the roof of the car there are two hatches in armored glass embedded closing loopholes for firing personal weapons of the crew and landing, the cabin is equipped with space for the driver, older cars and 7 people landing. Provides space for the radio station and the radio-controlled explosive devices blocker.

Powertrain R-145BMA "Tiger"[edit]

The machine is designed for communication commander (head of special events) in the parking lot, and while it is moving with higher command (the leadership of the federal bodies of executive power), subject to the forces and units, with associated parts, governments and local bodies of executive power. The machine is made uniform body with SPM-2, and also has a 5th grade ballistic protection in accordance with GOST R 50963-96 around.


Kornet-EM at MAKS-2011

At MAKS-2011, the Tula Instrument Design Bureau (KBP), was demonstrated upgraded antitank missile system "Kornet-EM", in the form of an automatic launcher with impact systems and 4 containers ATGM "Kornet-EM." Two such units were mounted on a modified chassis of the SPM-2 GAZ-233036 Tiger - in such a complex was shown at the opening of the exposition. The machine is equipped with two retractable launchers for 8 missiles and gunner equipment operator (remote control with screens to display images from the sighting systems), as well as additional ammunition for 8 missiles. Currently, this self-propelled antitank system is being tested on the ground in Kapustin-Yar. Presumably, "Cornet-D" - to describe a range of possible Russian Armed Forces, and the "Kornet-EM" - export name.

GAZ "Tiger" "project 420"[edit]

In early 2010, Russian President Dmitry Medvedev at the site in Solnechnogorsk by reference to the Russian armored personally went to the Tiger armored vehicle with 420-horsepower Cummins ISB volume of 5.9 liters, originally designed for a pickup Dodge Ram, and an automatic transmission GM 545RFE, also mounted on the pick-up Dodge. Externally, the car was different additional air intake on the bonnet and the enlarged brake drums. Acceleration time to 100 km / h was reduced from 35 to 23 seconds compared to the standard version, and the top speed increased from 140 to 160 km / h [15]

VPK-233114 Tiger-M[edit]

VPK-233114 Tiger-M

During the exhibition, "Interpolitex-2010" military-industrial company unveiled an upgraded car Tiger-M. The car set a new diesel engine JAMZ 5347-10, new armored hood, filter installation, increased the number of seats to 9 turntable with bicuspid hatch replaced with one swing hatch square.

Currently, Tiger-M mass-produced and supplied to the supply of the Russian Army.


Special Purpose Vehicle (ITS) based on the SPM-2 GAZ-233036 "Tiger", is designed for the safe transportation of commanders of the military in combat situations [18] . Has a four-body "pick-up" with increased armor protection to Class 6A according to GOST. Presumably - increased mine protection to Level 2A STANAG (6 kg of explosives under the wheel and 3kg of explosives under the body). Mine protection of the crew (for four people in wheelchairs) also contribute to the special shock-absorbing seats and footrests which are not attached to the floor. As of November 2012. supporting the protection of the tests have been conducted.

Empowered booking supposedly provide protection against fire from a distance of 5-10 m domestic rifle 7.62 mm armor-piercing incendiary bullet B-32 cartridges or 7,62 × 51 mm NATO with armor-piercing bullets M948, having a tungsten core. October 10, 2011 in the media reported that the prototype is made Arzamas plant for testing. In fact, a prototype vehicle "Tiger-6A" was first shown at the show armored vehicles Bronnitsi June 10, 2011

Chapter Armored Directorate of the Defense Ministry, Major General Alexander Shevchenko in November 2012 stated that "Tiger" with a level of reservation to the test were provided. Information was announced that Tiger-6A does not exist. [19]

Classification a light armored vehicle Crew, pers. 2 Troopers, pers. 4-11 History First (s) production 2005 -present Year (s) of operation 2005 - present.

The number of issued, units 350 [20]


Booking Armament The caliber and brand of gun 30 mm AGS-30 Type of gun automatic mounted grenade launchers The length of the barrel, caliber 28 Ammunition Guns 30 Sights PAG-17 Other weapons personal weapons Crew Mobility Type of engine [показать] GAS-562 [показать] Cummins B-180 [показать] Cummins B-215 Axels 4 × 4 Gradeability degrees. 45 degrees.

GAZ-233014 CTC "Tiger"[edit]

GAZ-233014 CTC "Tiger" in rehearsal parade 2008

STS GAZ-233014 "Tiger" - a special vehicle or military version of the car. Armored Vehicle has third class ballistic protection in accordance with GOST R 50963-96 side and aft projections. In the frontal projection machine is protected by a class 5 Standard. In the roof of the car, there is one big revolving door with folding folding lid and two brackets for mounting weapons. Firing of personal weapons crew and troops through opening armored glass in the doors and on the sides of the car. In the cabin air space for the driver, older cars and 4 people landing. Provides space for stacking of ammunition, rocket-propelled grenades type RPG-26, the radio station and the radio-controlled explosive devices blocker.


Tigr based developments[edit]


VPK -3927 Volk with armored personnel carrier module

In 2010, an international forum TVM-2010 in Zhukovsky publicly presented three prototypes of modular all-wheel drive armored ruggedized family of MIC-3927 "The Wolf", also developed by OOO "Military Engineering Center" Design department of the Military Industrial Commission (MIC ), a member of the holding company "Russian Machines" - the main shareholder of OJSC "GAZ".

Cars "Wolf" as performed in a 4 × 4 (MIC-3927) and 6 × 6 (MIC-39273). An important difference from its predecessor is the lack of an all-welded hull and modular family, enabling you to create unified transport platform of the new generation.

Machine (in the version of "The Wolf-M") has increased bulletproof (Class 6A to GOST 50963-96), and mine protection (STANAG Level 2a/2b).


Lebanese airborne Nimr 4x4

After the refusal of the Arab BJG continue to work on the project with the Russian company FCT [2] for each party remained with the technical documentation, in addition to Abu Dhabi were three prototypes armored held after exposure to the IDEX-2001 tested in desert conditions.

Soon, Jordan Al Dulayle ordered the General Staff of the United Arab EmiratesUAE, companies and BJG KADDB a joint venture Advanced Industries of Arabia (AIA, 80% of the shares in BJG), on which the plant since June 2005 for 18 months were collected 500 armored vehicles Nimr in four different versions, including a wheeled 6 × 6 with capacity of 5 tons. Compared with the prototype new machines Staffing MTU 6R 106 engine capacity of 325 hp, transmission Allison LCT 1000 and different geometry hulls. First machine Nimr base case were shown in 2005 at the IDEX 2005 exhibition, where BJG announced it has signed an agreement with India's Vectra Group on the establishment of a joint India-made cars Nimr.

In 2007, the exhibition IDEX-2007, the company has demonstrated AIA developed the initiative in the family car Nimr II [30], which is a further development of the basic version of the machine Nimr. Among the improvements declares: circular ballistic protection brought to the level of 3 B6 standard STANAG 4569; basic anti-mine protection from landmine weighing up to 6 kg, increased from 320 to 350 hp engine power increased to 2.5 tons capacity. In addition to the wheels, the engine and transmission, all components of the platform Nimr, including driveline, chassis and armor were designed and manufactured by BJG.



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