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Freshmen is an American pornographic magazine published monthly by Specialty Publications, a division of LPI Media, and founded in 1991. The magazine is geared toward gay men, and features nude photos of men, 18–25 years old. Freshmen has featured young college-aged males since its inception in 1992. Since 2000, the focus has been on top-line male porn models from Bel Ami, Falcon, and other adult-video production companies. Other items, such as calendars, are also published using the same label.

The magazine contains nude male photography, erotic fiction, video reviews, and other adult features. The magazine specializes in young but not twinkish men, primarily age 18 to 25 but some to age 30. Specialty Publications also publishes Men magazine, which is in the same format but portrays men aged 25 to 40.

In late 2009, Freshmen switched from a monthly frequency to special editions only.

Freshman of the Year

The magazine holds an annual contest in which subscribers can vote for their favorite "freshman" of the year. Many fledgling porn stars have been featured here, and some, such as Roman Heart (2006), Sebastian Bonnet (2004), Marcus Allen (2003)[1], and Billy Brandt (2002) have gone on to greater success.


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