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Free Parking is a Parker Brothers card game inspired by the "Free Parking" space of the Monopoly board game.

Game play[edit]

The game is played by two to four players, and game play focuses around using time on a parking meter to gain points; the first to 200 points wins. Each player has their own parking meter and a hand of cards. A player begins a turn by drawing a card, always drawing enough to reach six cards in their hand. The player then plays one of the following cards on his turn:

There are two cards that may be played at any time and do not count as cards played on one's turn:

In addition to these cards, on his turn, a player may choose to draw an orange Second Chance card (derived from Monopoly's Chance cards). These cards cause a variety of effects, including moving meters up and down, taking and giving point cards, and even trading hands, meters, or places between players. The images on the Second Chance cards, like those on the point cards, have their origins in the Monopoly game.

If a player so desires, instead of drawing and playing a card on his turn, he may opt to exchange three cards. He discards three cards from his hand and then draws three new cards from the pile, bringing his hand back to five cards - the same number as if he had drawn up to six and played a card on his turn. When taking this option, the player forgoes his opportunity to play a card, but not to take a Second Chance card; he may still elect to take one following the card exchange.

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