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GenreFilm studio
Founder(s)John Marsh
HeadquartersScottsdale, Arizona, US
Key peopleJohn Marsh, CEO
ProductsGay pornography
ParentICONnewmedia, Inc.
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GenreFilm studio
Founder(s)John Marsh
HeadquartersScottsdale, Arizona, US
Key peopleJohn Marsh, CEO
ProductsGay pornography
ParentICONnewmedia, Inc.

Fratmen is an American producer of adult-oriented consumer entertainment content for the Internet. The brand is owned by ICONnewmedia, Inc. and licensed to and produced by Pavlov's Dog, LLC, a production company based in Scottsdale, Arizona[1] The founder of Fratmen, John Marsh, released the first videos on VHS tape in 1999, as well as a small pay-per-view picture gallery on[2] In December 2001, the company debuted Fratmen.TV, a monthly membership website that offers the Fratmen videos and picture galleries on line. In June, 2006, Fratmen began live webcasts on their site

Website Properties[edit]

Fratmen operates several web sites, including,, and, all of which cover a specific sub-niche in the gay-for-pay adult industry. appears to be the most popular of the Fratmen web sites and is considered one of the 60,000 most visited web sites in the United States.[3] Models generally start out with a solo appearance on and then rotate to other sites.


Fratmen.TV Logo

In 2000, Fratmen started out with its first web site, Fratmen.TV, which features mostly heterosexual models in their early twenties.[4] The site focuses on the "straight-guy niche." Currently, there are about 450 videos available along with image galleries. All videos follow the same pattern wheareas the model generally showers, undresses and then masturbates. More recent releases include model interviews. Shortly after its inception, Fratmen.TV offered live webcam shows for a short period of time where visitors got to interact with the models.[5]

It remains largely unknown how Fratmen recruits new models. However, Paul Donahoe, a NCAA wrestler who posed for Fratmen in 2009, claims that he was approached by a Fratmen representative via Facebook.[6] Donahoe further claims that he received compensation as well as a trip to Los Angeles worth US$ 3,500.[6]


Fratpad.TV Logo

In 2006, Fratmen launched its second web site, Fratpad.TV.[7] The site monetized on the success of Fratmen.TV's live shows, offering 24 hours of live shows featuring Fratmen.TV models. The site's name Fratpad alludes to the concept of this site because the live shows are broadcast from a mansion where the models live together. The Fratpad is a fantasy, presenting itself as a house where fraternity men live together and share with viewers how they live their lives. Members of the site get to interact with the models by chat and can watch them work out, play around and masturbate. Sexual actions are not at the center of this web site as it rather represents a fantasy dorm. Occasionally, however, models give each other massages.

In addition to live camera shows, the site offers an extensive archives section that contains some 110 previous cast members' live shows ever aired. What is more, Fratpad offers private shows, which may be purchased with any member of the site's current cast and need not be of sexual nature.

For a long time, members have wondered where the Fratpad is located. There is evidence that suggests that the mansion is in the state of Arizona, possibly in the vicinity of Scottsdale, where Fratmen's production company is headquartered.[8]

The current cast of Fratpad.TV includes models Maddox, Vincent, Paris, Trent, Lance, Kip, Schmit, Nico, and Bo, who is the site's most recent model to join on December 6, 2013.[9] While novice models on Fratpad.TV are called pledges, more senior ones are referred to as alums, alluding to the structure in a college fraternity. Pledges can become alums through different initiation procedures.


FratmenSucks.TV Logo

In 2011, Fratmen opened its third web site, FratmenSucks.TV, which appears to be a natural progression to Fratmen.TV and Fratpad.TV.[10] This site shows models orally simulating each other, an activity previously not regularly featured on any of the Fratmen sites. Currently, there are about 60 videos available along with image galleries.

Videos on FratmenSucks.TV all follow a similar structure whereas two or more models may be shown engaged in an innocent activity, such as a workout in a gym. Generally, this then progresses to the point where the models orally stimulate each other and, eventually, masturbate together. While some visitors appreciate this step towards more homosexual activities, others find it boring compared to what video content other studios offer.

In 2013 Fratmen discontinued production of the FratmenSucks.TV videos and have no plans to begin shooting again.[edit] Logo

In 2012, Fratmen opened its fourth web site,[11] While the site is similar to Fratpad.TV, visitors do not get to interact with models but rather get a voyeuristic view at a fantasy dorm room.

Geographically, the location from where shows are broadcast appears to be on the same compound as the mansion in which the Fratpad.TV cast lives.


Fleshjack sex toys have been featured on most of Fratmen's web sites. Brett Drysdale, director of marketing for Fleshjack, attributes the product's success to its placement in video clips on Fratmen.TV.[12] It is unknown, however, whether Fratmen received monetary incentives to feature



In 2011, it was revealed that Dustin Zito, a castmember on the 2011 season of The Real World: Las Vegas,[13] has previously been a cast member on Fratpad.TV, one of Fratmen's web sites that gives visitors an “an uncensored look at a house of attractive guys living together.”[14] Dustin appeared on Fratmen.TV under the stage name "Spencer."

Awards and nominations[edit]

2006GAYVN AwardsAVN MagazineVideo ContentBest Solo VideoNominated[15]
2008Cybersocket AwardsCybersocket Inc.WebsiteBest Amateur Video Site, Best Live XXX Show, Best Original Content, Best Voyeur SiteNominated[16]
2009Grabby AwardsGay Chicago MagazineVideo ContentBest Web Based Porn SiteNominated[17]

Fratmen's Holding Company[edit]

Fratmen and its web properties are owned by ICONnewmedia, Inc. and licensed to and produced by Pavlov's Dog, LLC. While ICONnewmedia, Inc. is headquartered[18] in Henderson, Nevada, Pavlov's Dog, LLC is registered[19] in Maricopa County in Phoenix, Arizona. Neither companies publish any sales figures.

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