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Frank Lennon (January 26, 1927 - August 22, 2006)[1] was a Canadian photographer and photojournalist. He was best known for taking the photograph of Paul Henderson celebrating Canada's win over the Soviet Union at the 1972 Summit Series.

Lennon was born in Toronto, Ontario. He joined the staff of the Toronto Star in 1944, where he worked as a messenger boy. His involvement with paper precedes that, as his father and uncle both worked for the paper. He worked in several departments, eventually working as a wire photo receiver. The job gave him an interest in photography, and he set out to learn the craft. He worked freelance for many years, and was one of the first photographers hired by the Star after they decided to have an in-house photographic staff. Lennon worked for the Star for 47 years, retiring in 1990.

Lennon's iconic photograph of Paul Henderson won him many awards, including the Canadian Press Picture of the Year, and a National Newspaper Award. The photograph was a financial bonanza for him as well, since the Star inadvertently let him have the copyright for the picture. The photograph has appeared in countless books, and was used as the design for a Royal Canadian Mint coin and a postage stamp.