Flint Engine South

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Flint Engine South is a General Motors automobile engine factory in Flint, Michigan. The 733,000-square-foot (68,100 m2) plant opened in 2000 and is named to complement the Flint North engine plant. It is the site of production of the modern GM Atlas engine and GM High Feature engines.

On September 25, 2008, GM announced a $370 million investment to build another engine plant at the Flint South complex. The new plant was slated to produce the small four-cylinder GM Family 0 engine(Termed FamZero) for the upcoming Chevrolet Cruze and Volt models, beginning in 2010.[1]

Coordinates: 42°55′55.14″N 83°38′39.10″W / 42.9319833°N 83.6441944°W / 42.9319833; -83.6441944