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Fauladi Singh was a popular science fiction comic character in India in the decades of seventies and eighties,[1] known as the protector of mankind.[2] The comic was ahead of its times, at least, considering the cartoon/comic scene in India in the early eighties.

Plot summary[edit]

On a small island in the Indian Ocean was located the laboratory of Dr John, an exceptional scientist, who empowered Fauladi Singh alias Faulad with supernatural powers and gave him a costume that protected him on Earth and in Outer Space.

His friend, Lambu, who had turned miniature (barely nine inches) after drinking a potion made by Dr John, assists him in his space operations. Dr John, Faulad and Lambu along with Dorf rocket (that works on its own), master computers Bharat and Antarikshak, safeguard earth from aliens and attacks from other galaxies and neighbouring hostile planets.


The Fauladi Singh series was initially written by Rajiv in Diamond Comics[3] but it achieves its greatest success when Ashu started writing it[4] and the illustrations were made by Jugal Kishor. The Diamond Comics group's other popular comics included Chacha Bhatija, Lambu Motu, Tauji, Chacha Chaudhary, Rajan Iqbal and Ankur.


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