Family Eviction Prevention Supplement

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The Family Eviction Prevention Supplement was created by the New York City Human Resources Administration in May 2005 as a program to help prevent evictions of families on welfare shelter. It provides additional housing assistance to Cash Assistance (CA) eligible families with children, above and beyond the CA shelter amount.[1]

FEPS can last for up to five years (with an extension for good cause), as long as the household maintains CA and FEPS eligibility. Applicants/participants with a court proceeding concerning the nonpayment of rent can apply for FEPS through a New York State Office of Temporary and Disability Assistance (OTDA) authorized community-based organization (CBO), the Legal Aid Society or a Legal Services preparer, thereby avoiding homelessness.[1]

Replaces Jiggetts[edit]

It replaces the Jiggetts housing assistance program that arose under the Jiggetts lawsuits. Families receiving Jiggetts continued to receive that support until 2007.


Candidates must:[2]

Payment schedule[edit]

FEPS pays arrears up to $7000 and monthly rent payments for up to five years.

The maximum rent that FEPS will pay to a household is as follows:[3]

FEPS Maximum Payment Schedule
Household SizeRent



Changes to sanction rules[edit]

Under the old rules, if one member of the household was sanctioned, the entire household lost its FEPS benefits for the period of the sanction.

Under the new rules, the family will be able to get the money for the unsanctioned family members to help with rent arrears if the family is facing eviction because of the sanction.[4]

Other details[edit]


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