FC Torpedo Moscow

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FC Torpedo Moscow Logo.svg
Full nameFootball Club Torpedo Moscow
Founded1924; 90 years ago (1924)
GroundSaturn Stadium, Ramenskoye (temporarily)
Ground Capacity14,685
ChairmanAleksandr Tukmanov
ManagerNikolai Savichev
LeagueRussian Premier League
2013–14Russian National Football League, 3rd (promoted)
Current season
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FC Torpedo Moscow Logo.svg
Full nameFootball Club Torpedo Moscow
Founded1924; 90 years ago (1924)
GroundSaturn Stadium, Ramenskoye (temporarily)
Ground Capacity14,685
ChairmanAleksandr Tukmanov
ManagerNikolai Savichev
LeagueRussian Premier League
2013–14Russian National Football League, 3rd (promoted)
Current season

FC Torpedo Moscow (Russian: ФК "Торпедо" Москва, FK Torpedo Moskva) is a football club, based in Moscow, Russia. The club was founded in 1924. On 19 March 2009, it was denied membership of the Professional Football League (the organization that conducted the competition in the Russian First Division and Russian Second Division) and did not play in the professional competitions in 2009.[1] On 3 April 2009, representatives of the new owner of FC Torpedo Moscow, ZiL, appealed that decision.[2] As the deadline for 2009 registration passed, FC Torpedo Moscow was not reinstated in the Second Division and Torpedo-ZIL remained the only professional Torpedo for 2009. Torpedo Moscow won the Moscow Region of Amateur Football League in 2009. On 22 December 2009, Torpedo passed licensing and played in the Russian Second Division in 2010 (Zone Center).[3] They beat Gubkin 1–0 at home on 30 October 2010, and became champions of Zone Center of Second Division in the 2010 season. This meant Torpedo was promoted to Russian First Division after three seasons with making two successive promotions. In the 2013-14 season Torpedo finished 3rd in the Russian First Division and qualified for the promotion play off where they were vying for promotion to the Russian Premier League. They faced Krylya Sovetov Samara in the play offs. Torpedo won the first leg with goals from Alexander Salugin and Oleg Vlasov which meant they took a 2-0 lead going into the away leg. The second leg finished 0-0 meaning Torpedo won 2-0 on aggregate and won promotion whilst Krylya were relegated to the First Division.


Name history[edit]

Club history[edit]

Torpedo Moscow Football Club (based on Proletarskaya Kuznitsa teams) was formed in 1924 by the AMO automotive plant (soon to be Stalin Automotive Plant - ZIS and later Likhachev Automotive Plant - ZIL).

They played in the Moscow League until 1936 when they became one of the founder members of the Soviet 'B' League and changed their name to Torpedo Moscow. In 1938 they were promoted to the 'A' League.

Torpedo have won the National League Championship on three occasions, and have lifted the National Cup seven times. In 1957 Torpedo Moscow, as well as other Soviet sport clubs named "Torpedo", became a part of the republican VSS Trud of the Russian SFSR. Nicknamed the Black-Whites, Torpedo hasn't been a major force in Russian football since the days of Eduard Streltsov, the brilliant striker of the 1950s and 1960s, known as "the Russian Pele". Past glories for Torpedo include 3 USSR titles (1960, 1965, and autumn 1976), 6 USSR Cups (1949, 1952, 1960, 1968, 1972, 1986), 1 Russian Cup (1993), and three appearances in the quarterfinals of European/UEFA Cup competition, and one Ciutat de Lleida Trophy in 1991. The club used to belong to the ZIL automobile plant until a fallout in the mid-1990s that resulted in Torpedo leaving their historic ground and moving across town to Luzhniki, as they became property of the Luzhniki corporation and its name was changed to Torpedo-Luzhniki between (1996–1997) before it was renamed as Torpedo Moscow.

Torpedo-Luzhniki logo (1996–1997)

After selling Torpedo Moscow in 1996, ZIL created a new team Torpedo-ZIL (1997), which made a debut in the Third Division and reached the Russian Premier League in 2000. However, ZIL sold the team to MMC Norilsk Nickel in 2003 and it was relaunched as FC Moscow. Eventually this team was dissolved after spending 2010 season in Amateur Football League when their owner and main sponsor, MMC Norilsk Nickel withdrew funding.

After selling Torpedo-ZIL (1997) in 2003, ZIL created another team Torpedo-ZIL (2003), which also started in the Third Division, yet this team was eventually disbanded in 2011 after its efforts to seek promotion to the First Division did not succeed.

Under SC Luzhniki ownership (1996–2009), Torpedo Moscow relegated to the First Division in 2006 and after two seasons it further relegated to the Second Division. In early 2009, Luzhniki sold the team back to ZiL.[4] It was speculated that ZIL would merge Torpedo Moscow and Torpedo-ZIL (2003). However, this did not happen and rather Torpedo Moscow spent 2009 in the Amateur Football League and they achieved 2 consecutive promotions to gain a spot in the First Division from 2011. In their first season back in the First Division, Torpedo Moscow finished in 8th spot during the first half of the tournament at the end of 2011 taking them through to a Top 8 Promotion play-off during the second half.

In the season of 2012-13, "Torpedo" barely avoided relegation to the second division. At the end of the championship was again replaced head coach - instead Ignatiev came 42-year-old Vladimir Kazakov, in due time played in "Torpedo". Were acquired several players with experience of playing at the highest level. However, in the first 6 matches, black-white were able earn only 2 points, Kazakov took the blame and resigned.

September 5, 2013, a team led by A.G. Borodyuk. Under his leadership, Torpedo beginning to progress and at the end of season 2013/14 took third place in the championship of the FNL, securing a part in the play-offs for the right to play in the Premier League. The first play-off match with the 14th team Premier League - Samara "Wings of the Soviets" - was held May 18, 2014 at the stadium in suburban Ramenskoye and ends 2:0 for black and white. May 22, 2014 "Torpedo" was played in a draw in the return game and on aggregate returned to the Premier League after 8 years.

2014/2015 season has begun for the Torpedo Moscow very poorly. In the 1st round the club was defeated 1:4 by CSKA Moscow, on 2nd - a terrible defeat by Zenit Saint Petersburg 1:8. On the one hand, we can partly justify these failures will of the calendar, in which Torpedo played in the first matches at once with the two leaders, on the other - is clearly visible low class of team and individual players, as well as the work of head coach (Nikolai Savichev), who has no experience with the Premier League clubs.

Torpedo kits[edit]


Domestic competitions[edit]

1960, 1965, 1976 Autumn
1949, 1952, 1960, 1968, 1972, 1986, 1993



League history[edit]

Soviet Union Soviet Union[edit]

SeasonDiv.Pos.Pl.WDLGSGAPCupEuropeTop scorer
Head coachNotes
19362nd2631210713Spring tourn.
4740311715Autumn tourn.
1937612444161824R16Promoted due to
league expansion
19381st9259115513829R16Soviet Union Sinyakov – 15
Soviet Union P. Petrov – 15
Soviet Union Bukhteev
19399268711515123R64Soviet Union Zharkov – 13Soviet Union Bukhteev
Soviet Union Kvashnin
194011246612365018Soviet Union Zharkov – 9Soviet Union Kvashnin
1941Did not participate
No league and cup competitions in 1942–1943
1944No competitionSF
19451st3221237412127R16Soviet Union Panfilov – 14
19464221156442927SFSoviet Union A. Ponomaryov – 18Soviet Union V. Maslov
1947524969362924RUSoviet Union Zharkov – 9Soviet Union V. Maslov
19485261538584333QFSoviet Union A. Ponomaryov – 19Soviet Union V. Maslov
Soviet Union Nikitin
194943416108644242WSoviet Union A. Ponomaryov – 19Soviet Union Nikitin
Soviet Union Kvashnin
19501036131013576036R32Soviet Union V. Ponomaryov – 12Soviet Union Kvashnin
195112288812374824R32Soviet Union Nechaev – 8Soviet Union Moshkarkin
Soviet Union Rzhevtsev
19521013364111512WSoviet Union Nechaev – 3
Soviet Union Gabichvadze – 3
Soviet Union V. Maslov
19533201136242425QFSoviet Union Vatskevich – 9Soviet Union V. Maslov
Soviet Union N. Morozov
19549248610343422R16Soviet Union Vatskevich – 9Soviet Union N. Morozov
19554221084393228R16Soviet Union Streltsov – 15Soviet Union N. Morozov
1956522877403723Soviet Union V. K. Ivanov – 13Soviet Union Beskov
19572221165462328SFSoviet Union V. K. Ivanov – 14Soviet Union V. Maslov
1958722787514222RUSoviet Union V. K. Ivanov – 14Soviet Union V. Maslov
19595221138272325Soviet Union Falin – 7Soviet Union V. Maslov
19601302055562545WSoviet Union Gusarov – 12Soviet Union V. Maslov
19612301938683541RUSoviet Union Gusarov – 22Soviet Union V. Maslov
19627321589643248QFSoviet Union Gusarov – 15Soviet Union Zharkov
19631038121610464140R16Soviet Union V. K. Ivanov – 17Soviet Union Zolotov
Soviet Union N. Morozov
19642331986532346R32Soviet Union V. K. Ivanov – 14Soviet Union Zolotov
19651322273552151R32Soviet Union Streltsov – 12Soviet Union Maryenko
1966636151011553940RUSoviet Union Streltsov – 12Soviet Union Maryenko
1967123612915384733QFECR324 players – 6Soviet Union N. Morozov
Soviet Union V. K. Ivanov
19683381846603250WCWCQFSoviet Union Streltsov – 21Soviet Union V. K. Ivanov
196953213109362736QFSoviet Union Pais – 8Soviet Union V. K. Ivanov
1970632121010363834QFCWCR32Soviet Union G. Shalimov – 6Soviet Union V. K. Ivanov
19717304206272728SFSoviet Union Pais – 6Soviet Union V. Maslov
197293011910313331WSoviet Union Y. Smirnov – 12Soviet Union V. Maslov
1973133091+713283719R32Soviet Union Y. Smirnov – 8Soviet Union V. Maslov
Soviet Union V. K. Ivanov
197443013710352833R16CWCR32Soviet Union Nikonov – 12Soviet Union V. K. Ivanov
19754301389423334R32Soviet Union Khrabrostin – 7Soviet Union V. K. Ivanov
19761215546152014R16UCR16Soviet Union Degterev – 5
Soviet Union Sergey V. Grishin – 5
Soviet Union V. K. IvanovSpring tourn.
11592420920Soviet Union Khrabrostin – 5
Soviet Union V. Sakharov – 5
Soviet Union V. K. IvanovAutumn tourn.
197733012135302337RUSoviet Union 4 players – 4Soviet Union V. K. Ivanov
197883011118362930SFECR32Soviet Union Khrabrostin – 7Soviet Union V. K. Ivanov
197916348917324624Qual.UCR32Soviet Union N. Vasilyev – 14Soviet Union Salkov
19801134101113283230QFSoviet Union Redkous – 7Soviet Union Salkov
198153414146412938Qual.Soviet Union Petrakov – 10Soviet Union V. K. Ivanov
1982834111211363332RUSoviet Union Redkous – 12Soviet Union V. K. Ivanov
198363414119403438R16CWCR32Soviet Union Petrakov – 11Soviet Union V. K. Ivanov
198463415109433640QFSoviet Union Redkous – 14Soviet Union V. K. Ivanov
1985534131011424036R16Soviet Union Kobzev – 9Soviet Union V. K. Ivanov
198693010119312830WSoviet Union Y. Savichev – 12Soviet Union V. K. Ivanov
198743012126352534QFCWCQFSoviet Union Y. Savichev – 10Soviet Union V. K. Ivanov
19883301785392342RUSoviet Union Grechnev – 9
Soviet Union A. Rudakov – 9
Soviet Union V. K. Ivanov
198953011136402635RUUCR64Soviet Union Grechnev – 11
Soviet Union Y. Savichev – 11
Soviet Union V. K. Ivanov
19904241347282430QFCWCR16Soviet Union Y. Savichev – 8Soviet Union V. K. Ivanov
199133013107362036RUUCQFSoviet Union Tishkov – 8Soviet Union V. K. Ivanov
Soviet Union Skomorokhov
1992No competitionR32UCR32

Russia Russia[edit]

SeasonDiv.Pos.Pl.WDLGSGAPCupEuropeTop scorer
Head coachNotes
19921st113012612323030Russia G. Grishin – 10Russia Skomorokhov
Russia Y. Mironov
199373415811354038WUCR32Russia Borisov – 7Russia Y. Mironov
1994113071211283726R32CWCR32Russia Afanasyev – 8Russia Y. Mironov
Russia Petrenko
Russia V. K. Ivanov
19955301677403055QFRussia D. Prokopenko – 6
Russia Agashkov – 6
Russia V. K. Ivanov
19961234101113425141R32Russia Kamoltsev – 9Russia V. K. Ivanov
Lithuania Jankauskas – 10Russia Tarkhanov
1998113091011383437R16Russia V. Bulatov – 9Russia Tarkhanov
Russia V. K. Ivanov
199943013116383350R32Russia Kamoltsev – 12Russia V. Shevchenko
20003301677422955R32Russia Vyazmikin – 8Russia V. Shevchenko
20014301578534252QFUCR128Russia Vyazmikin – 17Russia V. Shevchenko
20024301488473250R32UCR128Russia Semshov – 11Russia V. Shevchenko
Russia Petrenko
200383011109423843R32Russia Shirko – 7Russia Petrenko
20045301668533754R32UCR32Russia Panov – 15Russia Petrenko
20057301299373345QFRussia Semshov – 12Russia Petrenko
2006153031314224022QFRussia Budylin – 4Russia Petrenko
Russia Gostenin
20072nd64221615755969R16Belarus Romashchenko – 15Russia R. Sabitov
2008184214721476949R32Russia Popov – 9Russia DayevRelegated to 4th level due
to financial irregul.
2009LFL (4th),
13230021281990R64Russia Chereshnev – 23Russia PavlovPromoted
1301767592657R32Russia Burmistrov – 10Russia ChugainovPromoted
2011–122nd852171718635368R32Russia Khozin – 9
Russia Dorozhkin – 9
Russia Chugainov
Russia Belov
2012–13143261511293833R32Russia Bezlikhotnov – 7Russia Belov
Russia Ignatyev
2013–143361989452265Fourth RoundRussia Aleksandr BorodyukPromoted

European campaigns[edit]

For more details on this topic, see FC Torpedo Moscow in Europe.

Current squad[edit]

As of 1 September 2014

Note: Flags indicate national team as defined under FIFA eligibility rules. Players may hold more than one non-FIFA nationality.

3PolandDFAdam Kokoszka
5RussiaDFIvan Knyazev
6LithuaniaDFTomas Mikuckis
7RussiaMFSemen Fomin
8AustraliaDFIvan Franjic
9RussiaDFKirill Kombarov (on loan from Spartak Moscow)
10RussiaFWSergei Davydov (on loan from Rubin)
11RussiaMFReziuan Mirzov
13CroatiaGKGoran Blažević
14BelarusMFAnton Putsila
15RussiaDFYegor Tarakanov
16SloveniaMFDalibor Stevanovic
17RussiaDFMikhail Bagayev
18RussiaMFAleksei Pugin
20RussiaMFVadim Steklov
21RussiaMFDenis Voynov
22RussiaGKAndrei Lunev
23RussiaMFDiniyar Bilyaletdinov (on loan from Spartak Moscow)
25RussiaDFIvan Novoseltsev
27PortugalFWHugo Vieira
30BelarusGKYuri Zhevnov
33RussiaDFVladimir Rykov
34RussiaDFAleksandr Katsalapov
40RussiaMFYuri Kuleshov
55LithuaniaGKSaulius Klevinskas
77RussiaFWAleksandr Salugin
88RussiaFWIgor Shevchenko
98RussiaGKAleksandr Budakov

Out on loan[edit]

Note: Flags indicate national team as defined under FIFA eligibility rules. Players may hold more than one non-FIFA nationality.

44RussiaMFLev Kornilov (at Saturn)

Notable players[edit]

Had international caps for their respective countries. Players whose name is listed in bold represented their countries while playing for Torpedo.

For full list, see Category:FC Torpedo Moscow players

Player records[edit]

Most appearances for Torpedo Moscow[edit]

As of the match played 20 April 2007 and according to official site. Players in bold are still currently playing for Torpedo Moscow.

1Soviet Union Viktor Shustikov1958–72427
2Soviet Union Sergei Prigoda1976–88325
3Soviet Union Aleksandr Polukarov1980–91319
4Soviet Union Vladimir Yurin1970–80304
5Soviet Union Valentin Ivanov1953–66286
6Soviet Union Sergei Petrenko1974–85276
7Soviet Union Leonid Pakhomov1967–76261
8Soviet Union Vasiliy Zhupikov1977–85255
9Soviet Union Viktor Kruglov1975–81, 1984–86231
10Soviet Union Vladimir Buturlakin1970, 1972–80226

Most goals scored for Torpedo Moscow[edit]

1Soviet Union Valentin Ivanov1953–66124
2Soviet Union Eduard Streltsov1954–58, 1965–70100
3Soviet Union Aleksandr Ponomaryov1945–5083
4Soviet Union Gennadiy Gusarov1957–6267
5Soviet Union Georgiy Zharkov1939–40, 1945–5163
6Soviet Union Pyotr Petrov1938–40, 1945–4954
7Russia Igor Semshov1998–200554
8Soviet Union Yuri Savichev1985–9047
9Soviet Union Nikolai Vasilyev1976–8545
10Soviet Union Oleg Sergeev1958–6643


1932–34Sergei Bukhteev (1896–1948)Russian champion 1922 (SKZ, player)
died in GULAG
1936–37Nikolai Niktin (1895–1960)organized Moscow youth football school
replaced in July
1937–39Sergei Bukhteev (1896–1948)replaced in May
1939–40Konstantin Kvashin (1899–1986)
1945Viktor Maslov (1910–77)player of RDPK (1930), AMO, ZiS (1931–35), Torpedo (1936–40)
for Torpedo 66 games, 1 goal
replaced in August
1945–46Fedor Selin (1899–1960)Bronze (Soviet Top League)
1946–48Viktor Maslov (1910–77)Lost in finals to Spartak 1–2replaced in July
1948–49Nikolai Nikitin (1895–1960)replaced in May
1949–50Konstantin Kvashin (1899–1986)First Soviet Cup (FC Dynamo Moscow 2–1)replaced at the end 1950
1951Vladimir Moshkarin (1914–94)Torpedo (1945–50) 89 games, 2 goals
replaced in July
1951Andrei Rzhevtsev (1910–98)replaced at the end of 1951
1952–53Viktor Maslov (1910–77)Second Soviet Cup (Spartak Moscow 1–0)replaced in August
1953–55Nikolai Morozov (1916–81)Bronze (Soviet Top League)Torpedo (1938–49) 153 games, 5 goals
replaced in October
1956Konstantin Beskov (1920–2006)coached six Moscow teams at the Top level
1957–61Viktor Maslov (1910–77)First title (1960),
third Soviet Cup (Dinamo Tbilisi 4–3 aet),
silver twice (Soviet Top League),
Soviet Cup finalist twice
1962Georgiy Zharkov (1915–81)Torpedo (1939–51) 191 games, 63 goals
1963Yuriy Zolotov (1929–98)Torpedo (1950–56) 60 games, 13 goals
part of club's staff (1959–94 with breaks)
replaced in April
1963Nikolai Morozov (1916–81)
1964–66Viktor Maryenko (1929–2007)Second title (1965),
Silver (Soviet Top League),
Soviet Cup finalist (Dynamo Kyiv 0–2)
Torpedo (1954–59) 88 games, 1 goal
coach of youth school 1981, 1988–92
1967Nikolai Morozov (1916–81)replaced in July
1967–70Valentin Ivanov (1934–)Fourth Soviet Cup (Paxtakor Toshkent 1–0),
silver (Soviet Top League)
Torpedo (1952–66) 287 games, 124 goals
1971–73Viktor Maslov (1910–77)Fifth Soviet Cup (Spartak Moscow 0–0, 1–1, pk 5–1)replaced in August
1973–78Valentin Ivanov (1934–)Third and last title (fall'76),
bronze (Soviet Top League),
Soviet Cup finalist (FC Dynamo Moscow 0–1)
1979–80Vladimir Salkov (1937–)replaced in July
1980–91Valentin Ivanov (1934–)Sixth Soviet Cup (Shakhtar Donetsk 1–0),
bronze (Soviet Top League),
Soviet Cup finalist four other times
replaced in September
1991–92Yevgeniy Skomorokhov (1945–2002)Bronze (Soviet Top League)replaced in August
1992–94Yury Mironov (1948–)First Russian Cup (CSKA Moscow 1–1, pk 5–3)Torpedo (1970–71, 1975–78) 85 games
replaced in July
1994Sergei Petrenko (1955–)Torpedo (1972–85) 276 games, 23 goals
coached Torpedo-ZiL (later)
replaced in August
1994–96Valentin Ivanov (1934–)
1997–98Aleksandr Tarkhanov (1954–)replaced in May
1998Valentin Ivanov (1934–)
1999–2002Vitaliy Shevchenko (1951–)Bronze (Russian Premier League)replaced in July
2002–06Sergei Petrenko (1955–)replaced in September
2006Aleksandr Gostenin (1955–)Torpedo (1981–86) 145 games
replaced in November
2007Georgiy Yartsev (1948–)replaced in June
2007Viacheslav Dayev (1972–)Torpedo (1999–2001) 87 games, 8 goals
replaced in July
2007–08Ravil Sabitov (1968–)replaced in May
2008Viacheslav Dayev (1972–)

Reserve squad[edit]

Torpedo's reserve squad played professionally as FC Torpedo-d Moscow (Russian Second League in 1992–93, Russian Third League in 1994–95), FC Torpedo-Luzhniki-d Moscow (Russian Third League in 1996–97) and FC Torpedo-2 Moscow (Russian Second Division in 1998–2000).

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