FBI Ten Most Wanted Fugitives by year, 1953

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In 1953, the United States FBI, under Director J. Edgar Hoover, continued for a fourth year to maintain a public list of the people it regarded as the Ten Most Wanted Fugitives.

1953 was a very productive year for the FBI, as the Bureau listed and then also soon caught many fugitives. At the rate of two fugitives per month, 1953 long held the early record (surpassed in 1968) for the most top ten fugitives listed in a single year, numbering 24 in total.

1953 fugitives[edit]

The "Ten Most Wanted Fugitives" listed by the FBI in 1953 include (in FBI list appearance sequence order):

Charles Patrick Shue[edit]

January 15, 1953 #41
One month on the list
Charles Patrick Shue - U.S. prisoner arrested February 13, 1953 in Los Angeles, California as a result of the FBI being notified after an individual recognized Shue's picture in a newspaper

Lawson David Shirk Butler[edit]

January 22, 1953 #42
Three months on the list
Lawson David Shirk Butler - U.S. prisoner arrested April 21, 1953 in Los Angeles, California

Joseph James Brletic[edit]

February 8, 1953 #43
Two days on the list
Joseph James Brletic - U.S. prisoner arrested February 10, 1953 in Lancaster, California by the Los Angeles Sheriff's office after being recognized from a photograph in the Los Angeles Herald-Express newspaper

David Dallas Taylor[edit]

March 3, 1953 #44
Three months on the list
David Dallas Taylor - U.S. prisoner arrested May 26, 1953 in Chicago, Illinois

Perlie Miller[edit]

March 4, 1953 #45
One day on the list
Perlie Miller - U.S. prisoner arrested March 5, 1953 while working at a local diner, when a customer recognized him from a published "Top Ten" photograph, in Somersworth, New Hampshire

Fred William Bowerman[edit]

March 5, 1953 #46
Two months on the list
Fred William Bowerman - deceased, was mortally wounded April 24, 1953 by police officers while attempting to flee the scene of a bank robbery in St. Louis, Missouri

Robert Benton Mathus[edit]

March 16, 1953 #47
Three days on the list
Robert Benton Mathus - U.S. prisoner arrested March 19, 1953 in Duson, Louisiana by the FBI and local police after being recognized by a citizen from a wanted flyer

Floyd Allen Hill[edit]

March 30, 1953 #48
Three weeks on the list
Floyd Allen Hill - U.S. prisoner arrested April 18, 1953 in Dallas, Texas

Joseph Levy[edit]

May 1, 1953 #49
Caught before publication
Joseph Levy (fugitive) - U.S. prisoner apprehended April 30, 1953 in Louisville, Kentucky by FBI Agents who recognized him from the "Top Ten" material sent to the field office one day prior to the public announcement of the list.

Arnold Hinson[edit]

May 4, 1953 #50
Six months on the list
Arnold Hinson - U.S. prisoner apprehended November 7, 1953 by Special Agents in the downtown area of Memphis, Tennessee

Gordon Lee Cooper[edit]

May 11, 1953 #51
One month on the list
Gordon Lee Cooper - U.S. prisoner arrested June 11, 1953 in St. Louis, Missouri on a citizen tip when he was recognized from newspaper publicity

Fleet Robert Current[edit]

May 18, 1953 #52
Two months on the list
Fleet Robert Current - U.S. prisoner arrested July 12, 1953 on an Omaha, Nebraska street corner

Donald Charles Fitterer[edit]

June 8, 1953 #53
Two weeks on the list
Donald Charles Fitterer - U.S. prisoner arrested June 21, 1953 in Oakland, California by FBI and California State Patrol when a citizen had reported him to FBI Headquarters after recognizing him from a True Detective radio broadcast

John Raleigh Cooke[edit]

June 22, 1953 #54
Four months on the list
John Raleigh Cooke - U.S. prisoner arrested October 20, 1953 in Detroit, Michigan as he descended for lunch from a roof on a construction project where he was working as a welder. Upon arrest, Cooke stated it was a relief to be caught as he knew from newspaper articles he was on the FBI's list of Ten Most Wanted Fugitives and distance would not aid him in his flight.

Jack Gordon White[edit]

July 6, 1953 #55
Two months on the list
Jack Gordon White - U.S. prisoner apprehended August 27, 1953 during a traffic stop made without incident in downtown Seattle, Washington, when a police officer recognized him from an Identification Order, and then FBI and police determined the make of the vehicle he was driving, and were able to locate him

Alex Richard Bryant[edit]

July 14, 1953 #56
Seven months on the list
Alex Richard Bryant - U.S. prisoner arrested January 26, 1954 in Los Angeles, California

George William Krendich[edit]

July 22, 1953 #57
Three months on the list
George William Krendich - SUICIDE found October 11, 1953 in an abandoned Jeep in a lonely wooded area of Dunn County, North Dakota; from asphyxiation of carbon monoxide fumes piped from the exhaust into the closed Jeep

Lloyd Reed Russell[edit]

September 8, 1953 #58
One year on the list
Lloyd Reed Russell - KILLED in a gun battle with local police officers August 3, 1954 in Spokane, Washington

Edwin Sanford Garrison[edit]

October 26, 1953 #59
One week on the list, was also Fugitive #112 in 1959
Edwin Sanford Garrison - later also became Fugitive #112 in 1959; U.S. prisoner arrested November 3, 1953 in Detroit, Michigan without incident following citizen recognition of Garrison from a newspaper photograph

Franklin James Wilson[edit]

November 2, 1953 #60
Three months on the list
Franklin James Wilson - U.S. prisoner arrested January 18, 1954 in Chicago, Illinois, after which in an interview Wilson decried the notoriety surrounding his addition to the list and blamed the extensive publicity for his early capture

Charles E. Johnson[edit]

November 12, 1953 #61
One year on the list
Charles E. Johnson (FBI Most Wanted fugitive) - U.S. prisoner apprehended December 28, 1954 in Central Islip, Long Island, New York after a citizen recognized him from a magazine article in the November 14, 1953 issue of the Saturday Evening Post

Thomas Jackson Massingale[edit]

November 18, 1953 #62
Eight days on the list
Thomas Jackson Massingale - U.S. prisoner apprehended November 26, 1953 in Las Vegas, New Mexico after a citizen recognized him from a photograph in the November 24, 1953 issue of the Saturday Evening Post

Peter Edward Kenzik[edit]

December 7, 1953 #63
One year on the list
Peter Edward Kenzik - U.S. prisoner arrested January 26, 1955 in San Diego, California for drunkenness, with a gun found in his possession, and identified by a routine fingerprint check

Thomas Everett Dickerson[edit]

December 10, 1953 #64
Two weeks on the list
Thomas Everett Dickerson - U.S. prisoner arrested December 21, 1953 in Verdunville, West Virginia by FBI and the West Virginia State Patrol

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