Ever After High

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Ever After High
TypeFashion doll, web series, book series
Slogan"'Choose your destiny!"
Official website
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Ever After High
TypeFashion doll, web series, book series
Slogan"'Choose your destiny!"
Official website

Ever After High is a doll franchise released by Mattel in July 2013. It is a companion line to the popular Monster High dolls. However, in this line the characters are based upon characters from fairy tales and fantasy stories. As with Monster High, the line varies in different countries.


The Ever After High storyline is based on the lives of the teen children of famous fairytale characters who are destined to follow in their parents’ footsteps in order keep their stories alive through the generations. If they do not, these stories will cease to exist and the characters will disappear.

The main characters are Raven Queen (daughter of the Evil Queen), who is unhappy with her destiny, and Apple White (daughter of Snow White), who is destined to "live happily ever after." Raven would prefer to create a new destiny for herself, while Apple White believes that if Raven changes her own story. this will put her own "happily ever after" in jeopardy. The school gets divided into "Royals and Rebels". The Royals are supporters of Apple who also know they will have a "happily ever after" and are content (even enthusiastic) with their fates. The Rebels are supporters of Raven who prefer the idea of creating their own destinies. Many disagreements and fights result between the groups.


Ever After High dolls are comparable to the Monster High dolls but have many differences. Ever After High dolls have rounder, more "babyish" and thicker limbs. Apple White and the other girls' body molds are also a bit more realistic than the typical Monster High female dolls. For example, Madeline Hatter has a body mold that is a somewhat thicker version of the Howleen Wolf and Twyla Monster High doll body molds. They are also articulated similarly to Monster High dolls, but only their hands are removable.

Apple White[edit]

Apple White is the daughter of Snow White. She is a Royal, and considered to be the faction's leader. She looks a lot like her mother, except she has golden blond hair instead of black. Apple is cheerful, friendly and a natural leader, but has a tendency to be self-centered. Whenever she bats her eyes or sings a song, she can convince woodland animals or boys to come to her rescue. Her best friends forever after are Briar Beauty, Blondie Lockes, Ashlynn Ella. Her destined 'true love' is Daring Charming, son of King Charming, although they only see each other as friends for now. Ever since a childhood incident where she fell down a well, Apple has been afraid of the unpredictable future, which is why she will do anything to get the Happily Ever After she has been promised. In the books, Apple has a pet snow fox named Gala. It is also shown that Apple has prescription glasses, though she never wears them. She is voiced by Jonquil Goode.

Raven Queen[edit]

Raven Queen is the daughter of the Evil Queen, and apparently also the daughter of the Good King. She is a Rebel, and considered to be the faction's leader. Despite being destined for villainy, Raven is a good person, and is not at all interested in inheriting her mother's role. She has the ability to cast black magic, but doesn't like to use it because she can only use it to do evil things. Her best friend forever after is Madeline Hatter, and she gets along well with her fellow Rebels. On Legacy Day, Raven refused to sign the Storybook of Legends, starting the Royal-Rebel conflict, and putting Apple's story at risk. Nonetheless, Raven still cares about Apple's feelings, and tries to reach a compromise with the princess. In the books, she has a pet dragon named Nevermore, and, due to her mother being the Evil Queen, creatures such as goblins and trolls will do as she asks them, if she acts commanding enough. In True Hearts Day part 3, Raven gets a love letter from Dexter and tells Maddie that she likes Dexter. She is voiced by Erin Fitzgerald.

Briar Beauty[edit]

Briar Beauty is the daughter of Sleeping Beauty, and Apple's best friend forever after. She is a Royal. Briar is a stylish and bold teen, but due to residual effects of the infamous sleeping curse, she has a tendency to fall asleep at inopportune moments. Briar has been shown to have a one-track mind, trying to squeeze in as much fun as possible before she is cursed to sleep for a hundred years, whether by shopping, throwing parties, or doing possibly dangerous stunts, such as willingly jumping out a window. In her E-book, it's revealed that she has eight younger brothers who seem to be just as adventurous as she is. Like Duchess, being "a Royal with doubt", she decided to go along with the idea of celebrating the True Hearts Day holiday. In the books, she has a pet unicorn named Divacorn. Briar is voiced by Kate Higgins.

Madeline Hatter[edit]

Madeline Hatter, known as "Maddie" to her friends, is the daughter of the Mad Hatter and Raven's best friend forever after. Maddie is looking forward to her destiny, but as a believer in free choice, she sides with the Rebels. She is optimistic and eccentric. Maddie and her family had to flee their home in Wonderland when the Evil Queen took over. Fortunately, she does not let this effect her friendship with Raven. She has a pet dormouse named Earl Grey. With magical Wonderlandian madness, Maddie can interact with the Narrators, is fluent in Riddlish, has a hat she can take anything out of and put anything into, and do many impossible things. She is voiced by Cindy Robinson.

C.A Cupid[edit]

C.A Cupid is the adopted daughter of Eros and Psyche, and a transfer student from Monster High. She believes the whole conflict between the Royals and the Rebels (which is what she is) is just plain foolish. Cupid has the power to ignite infatuation between people, and because of this, other students can count on her for advice in matters of love. She is sweet, excitable and helpful. She has a crush on Dexter Charming, but is willing to help him get together with Raven in spite of her feelings. Unlike her original Monster High version, her color scheme is light pink and bronze-gold. Like Raven, she's voiced by Erin Fitzgerald.

Ashlynn Ella[edit]

Ashlynn Ella is the daughter of Cinderella and a Rebel. Just like her mother, she is polite, hardworking and sensible. She runs the Glass Slipper shoe store. Ashlynn isn't interested in fashion, so long as there are good looking shoes to go with it. Ashlynn has a great fondness for shoes and has a big collection of them. She has the ability to speak to plants and animals, which is why she is an environmentalist and vegan. Ashlynn is dating Hunter Huntsman, a fellow nature-lover, but their love is kept a secret because Hunter is a Rebel and not part of Ashlynn's destiny. In the True Hearts Day special, Cedar Wood advises Ashlynn and Hunter to be honest about their relationship, but when Ashlynn faces peer pressure and worries about their destinies, she breaks up with Hunter. After hearing Cupid talk about true love at the true hearts day dance, she realized how much she loved Hunter, and they get back together. Also, she claimed that if being a Royal meant they couldn't be together, she would become a Rebel, although it's unclear if she is officially a Rebel now. She is voiced by Laura Bailey.

Hunter Huntsman[edit]

Hunter is the son of The Huntsman (from both Little Red Riding Hood and Snow White) and a Rebel. He is very adventurous, but gets annoyed easily, especially by a squirrel named Pesky. Hunter something of a misfit in his family; his parents are strong, heroic and hold saving the lives of humans above the lives of other creatures, while Hunter is a vegetarian and an animal-lover, which he feels he must hide from his family. His true love is Ashlynn Ella and is secretly dating her, despite not being a part of her story, which is strictly forbidden. Hunter is voiced by Grant George.

Blondie Lockes[edit]

Blondie Lockes is the daughter of Goldilocks and a friend to Apple White and Briar Beauty. She is a Royal and Cupid's roommate. She runs her own Mirror-cast show which deals with the school's news. Blondie is bubbly and social with a love for gossip, but is also quite picky, as she prefers to do and want things to be "just right"; for instance, she often butts into Apple and Daring's friendship to insist that they become a couple. She also has the magical ability to unlock any lock, which gives her little regard for people's privacy. She is voiced by Julie Maddalena.

Cedar Wood[edit]

Cedar Wood is the daughter of Pinocchio, a Rebel and Cerise's roommate. Cedar is a living, life-sized puppet made of dark wood. Cedar is shy, talkative, and very artistic. She is very honest, due to being cursed to tell the truth until after graduating, even if it means blurting out the truth against her will. Like Apple, she is also voiced by Jonquil Goode.

Cerise Hood[edit]

Cerise Hood is the daughter of Red Riding Hood and The Big Bad Wolf. As a result of who her father is, she has wolf ears (which she covers with her red hood), wolf-like instincts, and a strong craving for meat. Her red cloak helps her travel through the shadows unseen, and with the advanced senses from her father, she can run faster than her pet dire wolf, Carmine. Cerise acts aloof because she is scared of people finding out the truth about her parents, but the Rebel rising gives her hope that she can be herself. Raven and Kitty are the only people who know her secret, although Kitty almost revealed it to the whole school. Cerise is said to be attracted to "the leader of the pack," implying that she has feelings for Daring Charming. She is voiced by Rena S. Mandel.

Dexter Charming[edit]

Dexter Charming, full name Dexterous Charming, is a son of King Charming and brother of Daring Charming. He is a Royal. Unlike Daring, he seems to be somewhat shy, nervous, and more down-to-earth. Most people think he's boring, or, in the case of Apple, not as good as Daring because he is shy and not as popular. He has a huge crush on Raven, while Cupid has a crush on him which he is unaware of. His father is the main "prince charming", but, according to the Storybook of Legends novel, there are many Prince Charmings. He is voiced by Evan Smith.

Daring Charming[edit]

Daring is the first son of King Charming and the elder brother of Dexter Charming. He is destined to be the handsome prince who saves Apple. He is good-looking, popular, and brave, but stuck-up and a flirt. He often flashes girls his dazzling smile which can cause temporary blindness. It is revealed in the book series that he and Dexter have a sister named Darling Charming. He is also voiced by Evan Smith.

Hopper Croakington II[edit]

Hopper is the son of the the Frog Prince. He is a Royal. He is a shy individual and often turns back into a frog when tongue-tied. In his frog form, Hopper can fully express his poetic side. Hopper has a crush on Briar Beauty; at one point, he tried to ask Briar to a dance with the help of C.A Cupid, only for the plan to backfire. His color scheme is scarlet and green. He is voiced by Cam Clarke.

Lizzie Hearts[edit]

Lizzie Hearts is the daughter of the Queen of Hearts from Wonderland. She is a Royal. She is happy with her destiny and doesn't want to change it, despite being destined to be a villain. She has the same signature line as her mother, which is "Off with her head!", as well as a singular British accent. She also has a heart-shaped mark on her left eye that is applied on with makeup. She also carries a deck of cards with her. Her best friends are Kitty Cheshire and Madeline Hatter, since they're all from Wonderland. Her color scheme is red and black. She is voiced by Wendee Lee.

Kitty Cheshire[edit]

Kitty Cheshire is the daughter of the Cheshire Cat. She is a Rebel. Kitty has the same power as her dad which is disappearing into thin air, leaving just her smile behind. She is quite mischievous, and her practical jokes can often go too far. She rooms with Madeline Hatter. Her color scheme is lavender and navy. Kitty also hangs out with Lizzie Hearts, as appeared in some parts of the franchise. She is voiced by Bekka Prewitt.


Tiny is the son of the Giant from Jack and The Beanstalk and currently the largest student attending Ever After High. He appears to be kind, helpful and a little shy. His signature color is olive green. He is voiced by Malcolm Danare.

Duchess Swan[edit]

The daughter of Odette the Swan Princess from Swan Lake. Duchess has a talent for ballet, and can change into a black swan at will. Duchess stands in-between being a Royal and a Rebel, as she is not satisfied with the tragic ending she is destined for, but believes in destiny, and often tries to steal a Happily Ever After from the Royals. Duchess is mean-spirited and considers herself Apple's rival, as Apple has everything Duchess wants; the promise of a Happily Ever After, and Daring Charming, who Duchess has a big crush on. Duchess has few friends, but Sparrow Hood, her usual lackey, is amiable towards her. She is voiced by Stephanie Sheh.

Holly O'Hair[edit]

Holly is one of the two daughters of Rapunzel and a new student at Ever After High. Her sister is Poppy O'Hair, who runs a hair salon. She has really long auburn hair. Her color scheme is pale violet. She hasn't appeared on a webisode yet.

Poppy O'Hair[edit]

Poppy is one of the two daughters of Rapunzel and a new student in Ever After High, along with her sister. Unique and creative, she runs a hair salon. Despite her mother's trademark, she has chin length wavy purple hair. Unlike her sister, she is cutting edge and very hip. She made her first appearance in "True Hearts Day Part 2".

Sparrow Hood[edit]

Sparrow is the son of Robin Hood and Maid Marian. He is the lead guitarist of his own band, and sings riffs whenever he gets the chance. Like his father, he is a practiced conman and pickpocket, and sees himself as a ladies' man. Sparrow is obnoxious, full of himself and can be a jerk, especially to future villains, like Raven. Sparrow is mostly indifferent to the Royal/Rebel conflict, but still likes to cause trouble with his partner-in-crime, Duchess Swan, who he is implied to have feelings for. Although, in the final True Hearts Day webisode, Sparrow breaks off his ties to Duchess because he believes that his association with her was damaging his reputation. He is voiced by Todd Haberkorn.

Headmaster Milton Grimm[edit]

Milton Grimm is the founder of Ever After High. He does not want anyone to question their destiny, as he says that their stories will disappear. However, in 'The Tale of Legacy Day', it turns out he was lying about the whole thing, but only to protect them all from an (unknown as yet) evil. Headmaster Grimm's brother, Giles Grimm resides in the The Vault of Lost Tales (based on the Book of Lost Tales), located under the school. He is voiced by Jamieson Price.

Giles Grimm[edit]

Giles Grimm is the brother of Headmaster Grimm, and they are both based off the Brothers Grimm, or "the Grimm Brothers", as they are. He resides in the Vault of Lost Tales, located underneath the school for reasons unknown. The rest of the magical world believes that he went missing years ago and was never found. It is implied that he has a curse which makes him only able to speak in Riddlish. It's also implied that he had been locked in the Vault of Lost Tales years ago by someone else. The only ones who know about his existence (so far) are Madeline Hatter and Raven Queen. He makes a cameo in movie "13 Wishes", in which he encourages a finder of Gigi Grant's lantern to wish for Gigi to have a friend: Whisp, and created at end as "Narrator". And he was mentioned as the book "one of the Brothers Grimm learned of this, and created a magic mirror to see their true selves", as in stopping them from wishing for all power to Whisp. He is voiced by Cameron Clarke.


The narrators talk through the web series of Ever After High and narrrate the happening to the viewer. One is female (Valerie Arem), who supports the Royals, and the other is male (Joe Sanfelipo), who supports the Rebels. The two regularly bicker over the video when it comes to the two sides. Maddie is the only character to be able to hear and talk to them, which for most parts, stops the bickering. in the book series, there is only one narrator, who inadvertently gives away information to Maddie on accident a lot.

The Three Little Pigs[edit]

The sons of The Three Little pigs who run around Ever After High.

Lily-Bo Peep[edit]

Daughter of Little Bo Peep, she owns sheep, wears a bonnet, and wears faux-wool clothes. Her main colors are pink and blue. She is voiced by Laura Bailey.

Melody Piper[edit]

Melody Piper is the daughter of the Pied Piper from The Pied Piper of Hamelin. Melody is a DJ with considerable talent, if the fact that she's Briar Beauty's favorite is anything to go by. Melody has light blond hair streaked with purple, brown eyes and olive skin. It appears that she is a friend of Briar Beauty. Also, Madeline Hatter appears to be a fan of hers. Otherwise, we do not know of her friends as of yet.


Ever After High has released a website, and a series of webisodes on YouTube.[1] The first two describe the stories of the lead characters Raven and Apple, and were released on 30 May 2013. A TV special aired in the Fall of 2013.

List of Ever After High Webisodes[edit]

Chapter 1

Short introduction to Ever After High, a high school for the next generation of fairy tales.

The first day of school, from Apple's point of view.

The first day of school, from Raven's point of view.

Headmaster Grimm's "Evil" Queen intervention for Raven doesn't go as planned.

Raven accidentally hexes Apple's magic mirror, and tries to help her find a new one.

On Raven's advise, Maddie runs against Apple for Royal Student Council President.

Briar helps her friends study for one of Professor Rumpelstiltskin's infamous tests.

C.A. Cupid has transferred to Ever After High to help students with love problems. Cupid also finds herself a crush, Dexter Charming.

Ashlynn needs help to set up a display of new shoes. Meanwhile, Hunter tries to catch Pesky the squirrel.

Raven learns Cerise's family secret, and helps her ruin Kitty's plan to show the whole school.

Cedar Wood finds out about Ashlynn and Hunter's dating secret.

Briar is throwing a party and Dexter needs help asking Raven to be his date.

Legacy Day is here and Raven must make a choice: follow her destiny, or refuse it.

After Legacy Day, there is a feud between the Royals and Rebels.

To make Apple feel better, Raven tries to find somebody to replace her as the Evil Queen.

Chapter 2

Headmaster Grimm employs Blondie to prove some school legends true.

Cupid finds out about an old holiday, True Hearts Day, and enlists Briar's help to celebrate it while keeping it a secret from Headmaster Grimm, who has forbidden it. Meanwhile, Duchess threatens to go public with Ashlynn and Hunter's romance, and Dexter writes Raven a love poem, with unexpected results.

Ashlynn and Hunter reveal that they are dating, which is met with various opinions. Meanwhile, Headmaster Grimm gets a feeling that there is party planning going on.

The True Hearts Day dance arrives, and Duchess is determined to ruin it. At the dance, Raven realizes that Dexter wrote the love poem, but, due to a misunderstanding, thinks she has missed her chance to be with him, and Ashlynn is having second thoughts about her break up with Hunter.

Book series[edit]

An Ever After High book has been released in October 2013, written by Shannon Hale. A sequel has been announced to be released in March 2014.[2] They will be published by Little, Brown and Company based upon their success with the Monster High series of books.

In-store marketing[edit]

In the USA the dolls are currently available at most stores, along with various merchandise including T-shirts, journals and jewelry based on the line. In the UK, Debenhams, ASDA, Argos and Tesco currently sells the dolls.


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