Erika Celeste

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Erika Celeste

Erika Celeste is a journalist who has worked in radio, print, and television since 1992. Among other things she has collected 2 Emmys, a Telly, and several AP Awards.

She has worked for every major news network affiliate including ABC, NBC, CBS, CNN and PBS. She has also freelanced for many national and international organizations including Voice of America, Public Radio International and National Public Radio. Celeste worked as executive editor of COMAR, Inc. a West Virginia publishing company, directly editing West Virginia Executive magazine. In addition she has written several documentaries including Red Salt and Reynolds, Just Like Anyone, and the forthcoming Secrets of the Valley (fall 2010) narrated by Morgan Spurlock of Super Size Me fame.

She is a member of the National Writers Association and The International Women's Writing Guild.

She is the founder and owner of New Moon Media Group began out of a love for journalism and entertainment. Despite working in the field as a 'day job' Celeste enjoyed the adventure of traveling to new places, meeting new people, and learning new things, that she often found herself working as a hobby at night and on the weekends.

Along the way Celeste made contacts with many interesting people from movie producers and directors, to writers and editors, graphic artists and printers. Today she works with many of them through New Moon Media Group.

Early years[edit]

Celeste spent most of her childhood in Minnesota. She is the oldest of eight children. Her father Wayne Brass is a retired UCC pastor, her mother Renee Brass, is a retired BSN. Later she attended Western Michigan University, then transferred to University of Indianapolis, and graduated from Indiana State University with a focus in Theater and Communications and Anthropology. She married Michael Hobbs, a high school sweetheart and they had two children Cameren Justice (1992) and Kaleb Hunter (1996) before divorcing (1999). She is now married to Michael Marturello the editor of the Herald Republican.


Several of Celeste's stories can be found through a simple Google search of her name and various media outlets. Such stories as ayahuasca, alpacas, and adventure racing have met with much attention on Voice of America's website. Many of her stories have been translated into numerous languages including: Burmese, Croatian, Chinese, German, Korean, Spanish, and Taiwanese. Other stories she has recently written on refugee issues and a disabled driver were featured on NPR.

Additionally, Celeste is the co-owner of The Original Rolling Stone LLC along with Rockabilly Hall of Famer Andy Anderson. The two co-authored a book entitled Memoirs of the Original Rolling Stone. She has also co-authored books with many motivational speakers including Singaporean Dr. Mel Gill called Rebirth of Ganesha, "The Survival Wedding Guide" with Suzanne Franco, "Follow Your Heart" with Phil Devitte, "The Story of a Forgotten Warrior and PTSD" with Carol Blake and she has ghostwritten several other human interest stories and biographies.