Erasure discography

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Erasure discography

Andy Bell and Vince Clarke - San Francisco, May 1986 (Photo by Nancy J Price)
Studio albums14
Live albums5
Compilation albums8
Video albums13
Music videos43
Tribute and cover albums2
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Erasure discography

Andy Bell and Vince Clarke - San Francisco, May 1986 (Photo by Nancy J Price)
Studio albums14
Live albums5
Compilation albums8
Video albums13
Music videos43
Tribute and cover albums2

This is the discography of British synth pop duo Erasure, consisting of keyboardist Vince Clarke and singer Andy Bell.



Studio albums

YearAlbum detailsPeak chart positionsCertifications
(sales thresholds)
1987The Circus
  • Released: 30 March 1987
  • Label: Mute (#STUMM 35)
  • Formats: CD, cassette, LP
1988The Innocents
  • Released: 18 April 1988
  • Label: Mute (#STUMM 55)
  • Formats: CD, cassette, LP
  • Released: 16 October 1989
  • Label: Mute (#STUMM 75)
  • Formats: CD, cassette, LP
  • UK: 2× Platinum[3]
  • Released: 14 October 1991
  • Label: Mute (#STUMM 95)
  • Formats: CD, cassette, LP
  • UK: Platinum[3]
1994I Say I Say I Say
  • Released: 17 May 1994
  • Label: Mute (#LCDSTUMM 115)
  • Formats: CD, cassette, LP
  • Released: 24 October 1995
  • Label: Mute (#CDSTUMM 145)
  • Formats: CD, cassette, LP
  • Released: 31 March 1997
  • Label: Mute (#CDSTUMM 155)
  • Formats: CD, cassette, LP
  • Released: 23 October 2000
  • Label: Mute (#CDSTUMM 175)
  • Formats: CD, cassette, LP
2003Other People's Songs
  • Released: 27 January 2003
  • Label: Mute (#CDSTUMM 215)
  • Formats: CD, digital download
  • Released: 25 January 2005
  • Label: Mute (#CDSTUMM 245)
  • Formats: CD, digital download
2006Union Street
  • Released: 3 April 2006
  • Label: Mute (#CDSTUMM 265)
  • Formats: CD, digital download
2007Light at the End of the World
  • Released: 21 May 2007
  • Label: Mute (#LCDSTUMM 286)
  • Formats: CD, digital download
2011Tomorrow's World
  • Released: 3 October 2011
  • Label: Mute
  • Formats: CD, digital download
"—" denotes releases that did not chart or were not released.

Compilation albums

YearAlbumPeak chart positionsCertifications
1987The Two Ring Circus26186
1992Pop! The First 20 Hits112112
2003Hits! The Very Best of Erasure1554
2009Total Pop! The First 40 Hits21
Pop2! The Second 20 Hits
"—" denotes releases that did not chart or were not released.

Live albums

2005The Erasure Show
2006Acoustic Live
2007Live at the Royal Albert Hall
On the Road to Nashville
2011Tomorrow's World Tour (Live at the Roundhouse)

Box sets

1999Singles - EBX 1
Singles - EBX 2
2001Singles - EBX 3
Singles - EBX 4

Erasure Information Service releases

1997Buried Treasure (CD album)
1998An Evening with Erasure (CD album)
2006Buried Treasure II (CD album)
EIS Live (CD album)
2008Pop! Treasure (Digital release)

Extended plays

YearAlbumPeak chart positionsCertifications
1988Crackers International21873
1992Am I Right? EP (re-mix)22
1994I Love Saturday
1997Rain: Plus
2001Moon and the Sky: Plus
2006Boy EP
2007Storm Chaser EP172
2009Pop! Remixed
Phantom Bride EP
"—" denotes releases that did not chart or were not released.


YearSongPeak chart positionsAlbum
1985"Who Needs Love Like That"55488Wonderland
"Heavenly Action"100
1986"Oh L'amour"8516153
"Sometimes"22204The Circus
1987"It Doesn't Have To Be"1216
"Victim of Love"7261
"The Circus"630
1988"Ship of Fools"69The Innocents
"Chains of Love"1118124
"A Little Respect"434142
♦ "Stop!" 1974Crackers International
"You Surround Me"1538
1990"Blue Savannah"31344
1991"Chorus" 2317378314Chorus
"Love to Hate You"419417
"Am I Right?"15
1992"Breath of Life"844
"Who Needs Love (Like That)" (remix)102731Pop! The First 20 Hits
1994"Always"452206I Say I Say I Say
"Run to the Sun"6491912414
"I Love Saturday"20693420
1995"Stay with Me"1513Erasure
"Fingers & Thumbs (Cold Summer's Day)"206910
1996"Rock Me Gently" 4
1997"In My Arms"137612552Cowboy
"Don't Say Your Love Is Killing Me"2389265
♦ "Rain"
♦ "Magic Moments"
2001♦ "Moon & the Sky"
2002♦ "Everybody's Got to Learn Sometime"Other People's Songs
2003"Solsbury Hill"102939
"Make Me Smile (Come Up and See Me)"1458
"Oh L'amour" (remix)1359Hits! The Very Best Of Erasure
"Don't Say You Love Me"1569
"Here I Go Impossible Again" / "All This Time Still Falling Out of Love" 52569
2006♦ "Boy"Union Street
2007"I Could Fall in Love with You"21697Light at the End of the World
"Sunday Girl"3376
♦ "Storm in a Teacup" / "Sucker for Love"172
2009♦ "Always" (2009 mix)Total Pop! - The First 40 Hits
♦ "Phantom Bride" (2009 remaster)The Innocents
2010"A Little Respect" (HMI Redux)digital-only charity single
2011"When I Start To (Break It All Down)"172
25Tomorrow's World
"Be with You"7
2012"Fill Us with Fire"
"—" denotes releases that did not chart or were not released.


Video albums

1987Live at the Seaside1987 The Circus TourVHS
1989Innocents Live1988 The Innocents TourVHS
1990Wild! Live1989 Wild! TourVHS
1992ABBA-esqueMusic videos from ABBA-esque EPVHS
Pop! The First 20 HitsCompilation of music videos from 1985–1992VHS
1993The Tank, the Swan & the Balloon1992 Phantasmagorical TourVHS
1996Erasure 1995-1996Compilation of music videos from 1995–1996VHS
1998Tiny Tour1996 Tiny TourVHS
2003Sanctuary - The EIS Christmas Concert 20022002 Fan Club Christmas GigDVD
Hits! the VideosCompilation of music videos from 1985–2003DVD
2004The Tank, the Swan & the Balloon1992 Phantasmagorical TourDVD (re-release)
2005The Erasure Show - Live in Cologne2005 The Erasure Show TourDVD
2007On the Road to Nashville2006 Acoustic TourDVD + CD
2008Live at the Royal Albert Hall2007 Light at the End of the World TourDVD

Music videos

1985"Who Needs Love (Like That)"John Scarlett-Davies
"Heavenly Action"
1986"Oh L'Amour"Peter Hamilton/Alistair Rae
"Sometimes"Gerard de Thame
1987"It Doesn't Have to Be"
"Victim of Love"Peter Scammell
"The Circus"Jerry Chater
1988"Ship of Fools"Phillip Vile
"Chains of Love"Peter Christopherson
"A Little Respect
1989"Drama!"The Giblets
"You Surround Me"James Le Bon
1990"Blue Savannah"Kevin Godley
"Star"John Maybury
1991"Chorus"David Mallet
"Love to Hate You"
"Am I Right?"Angela Conway
1992"Breath of Life
"Lay All Your Love on Me"Jan Kounen
"Take a Chance on Me"Philippe Gautier
"Voulez-Vous"Jan Kounen
"Run to the Sun"Nico Beyer
"I Love Saturday"Caz Gorham & Frances Dickenson
1995"Stay with Me"Mario Cavalli
"Fingers & Thumbs (Cold Summer's Day)"Max Abbiss-Biro
1996"Rock Me Gently"
"Sono Luminus" (Acoustic live)
1997"In My Arms"Dick Carruthers
"In My Arms" (North American version)unknown
"Don't Say Your Love Is Killing Me"Richard Heslop
2000"Freedom"Vince Clarke
2003"Solsbury Hill"
"Solsbury Hill" (Alternative version)unknown
"Make Me Smile (Come Up and See Me)"Jonas Odell
"Oh L'Amour" (Remix)Toma & Luc
2005"Breathe"Christian Bevilacqua
"Don't Say You Love Me"Fizzy Eye
"All This Time Still Falling Out of Love"Uwe Flade
2007"I Could Fall in Love with You"Justin Eisner
"I Could Fall in Love with You" (Alternative version)Estelle Rogers
"Sunday Girl"unknown

Other appearances

Below is a list of songs recorded by Erasure which were not available on an album.

Song titleYearAdditional information
"Amateur Hour"1998Collaboration with Sparks on their 1998 album Plagiarism.
"Baby Love"2000Cover version of The Supremes hit, included on the UK compilation album Motown Mania.
"Early Bird"2007Collaboration with Cyndi Lauper, included on True Colors Tour 2007 commemorative album.
"Looking Glass Sea"1990Appeared on the soundtrack to the film Dick Tracy.
"Magic Moments"1997Cover version of 1957 Burt Bacharach/Hal David song, first appeared on the soundtrack to the film Lord of Illusions. Released in the U.S. as a promo-only single and on the U.S. version of Cowboy.
"Rage"1991Collaboration with Lene Lovich which appeared on the PETA benefit album Tame Yourself.
"Too Darn Hot"1990Cover version of the 1948 Cole Porter song from Kiss Me, Kate, included on the 1990 Porter tribute album Red Hot + Blue.