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Enercell is a battery brand sold exclusively by RadioShack at retail stores and online. For decades, Enercell batteries were manufactured by Eveready, and then by Energizer when Energizer Holdings bought out Eveready. In 2004, Rayovac successfully underbid Energizer as RadioShack's battery supplier. As an added bonus, Rayovac also began packaging the Enercell-branded batteries (something RadioShack had previously done themselves), which led to considerably higher profit margins for batteries at RadioShack. Rayovac had formerly manufactured a rechargeable alkaline battery for RadioShack (also branded Enercell) for a short period of time; however, poor sales prompted a switch in branding back to Duracell Renewal before the product was finally discontinued at RadioShack in 2001.

Previously, other specialty batteries (such as cordless telephone batteries and button-cell batteries) available at RadioShack were branded Enercell; however, these were purchased simultaneously from multiple manufacturers at a piece rate. Although the same purchase process is still in effect, specialty batteries at RadioShack are now simply branded "RadioShack". All new batteries arriving at RadioShack stores are now using the Enercell name in a black and green package.

Also, RadioShack for several years sold batteries branded "Enercell Plus" that were marketed as "Premium Alkaline" batteries.[1] These were always manufactured by Energizer, until they were discontinued in January 2007. The same product has been relaunched as "Digital Plus" and is called a "high power alkaline". It is also now manufactured by Duracell.

RadioShack expanded the Enercell name to many power accessories including alkaline and rechargeable batteries, power adapters, power inverters, travel adapters and voltage converters, as well as surge protectors, power strips and power cords. However, the Enercell brand is slowly being phased out, replaced by the new 2014 white-and-red RadioShack brand packaging, or other manufacturers, such as Voltage Valet.


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