Encino, Los Angeles

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—  District of Los Angeles  —
Encino Commons in Encino
Encino is located in San Fernando Valley
Location within Los Angeles/San Fernando Valley
Coordinates: 34°09′33″N 118°30′01″W / 34.15917°N 118.50028°W / 34.15917; -118.50028Coordinates: 34°09′33″N 118°30′01″W / 34.15917°N 118.50028°W / 34.15917; -118.50028
CountryUnited States
CountyLos Angeles
Elevation774 ft (235.9 m)
Population (2009)
 • Total41,905
Time zonePST (UTC-8)
 • Summer (DST)PDT (UTC-7)
ZIP code91316/91436
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—  District of Los Angeles  —
Encino Commons in Encino
Encino is located in San Fernando Valley
Location within Los Angeles/San Fernando Valley
Coordinates: 34°09′33″N 118°30′01″W / 34.15917°N 118.50028°W / 34.15917; -118.50028Coordinates: 34°09′33″N 118°30′01″W / 34.15917°N 118.50028°W / 34.15917; -118.50028
CountryUnited States
CountyLos Angeles
Elevation774 ft (235.9 m)
Population (2009)
 • Total41,905
Time zonePST (UTC-8)
 • Summer (DST)PDT (UTC-7)
ZIP code91316/91436
Plaza De Oro Shopping Center, Ventura Blvd.

Encino (Spanish for evergreen or holm oak) is a hilly district of the city of Los Angeles, California, United States. Specifically, it is located in the central portion of the southern San Fernando Valley and on the north slope of the Santa Monica Mountains. It derives its name from the Rancho Los Encinos (Ranch of the Evergreens), a parcel of land given to three Mission Indians by the Mexican government following its secularization of the California missions beginning in 1834. Rancho Encino was established in 1845.[1]

The portion of the Los Angeles River that runs through the Encino area is one of only two unpaved areas necessitated by the high water table.[clarification needed] The original aquifer that fed the city of Los Angeles is the one located below Encino.



Encino is bordered by Tarzana on the west, the Sepulveda Dam Recreation Area on the north, Sherman Oaks on the east, and the Encino Reservoir of the Los Angeles Department of Water and Power on the south. The district's boundaries are roughly Mulholland Drive on the south, Lindley Avenue on the west, Victory Boulevard on the north, and the San Diego Freeway on the east.[2] Major thoroughfares include Ventura, Magnolia and Burbank Boulevards, as well as White Oak Avenue, Balboa Boulevard, Haskell Avenue and Hayvenhurst Avenue.


As of the 2000 Census, the population of Encino was 40,946, with a population density of 3,864.9 per square mile. The racial makeup of the district was 89.90% White, 1.78% African American, 4.38% Asian, 0.19% Native American, and 4.13% belonged to other races. Hispanic or Latino residents, of any race, were 4.62% of the population.

18.25% of the population was under 18, and 20.08% was over 64. The district contained 18,159 housing units in a land area of 10.59 square miles (27.44 square kilometers). Water covers 0.13 square miles (0.33 square kilometers) of the district.

In 2009, the Los Angeles Times's "Mapping L.A." project supplied these Encino neighborhood statistics: population: 41,905; median household income: $78,529.[3]


The local economy provides jobs primarily in health care (including one of two Encino-Tarzana Regional Medical Center hospitals), social services, and professional services (accounting and financial services, real estate, and legal) sectors. There are approximately 3,800 businesses employing about 27,000 people at an annual payroll of $1,400,000,000.[4]

Enoki Films USA has its headquarters in Encino.[5] At one time Gutsoon Entertainment had its headquarters in Encino.[6]

Government and infrastructure

Local government

Most of Encino lies within Los Angeles City Council District 5, the portion north of the Ventura Freeway (U.S. 101) being in District 6. Encino is also represented in the city by the Encino Neighborhood Council,[7] an advisory body under the auspices of the city Department of Neighborhood Empowerment (DONE).[8]

LAFD Fire Station # 83

Los Angeles Fire Department Station 83[9] (Encino) and Station 100[10](West Van Nuys/Lake Balboa) as well as Station 109, located on Mulholland Drive in 'Bel Air' serve the community.

Los Angeles Police Department operates the nearby West Valley Community Police Station.[11]

Federal, state, and county representation

Encino is in Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors district 3.

The United States Postal Service operates the Encino Post Office at 5805 White Oak Avenue and the Balboa Van Nuys Post Office at 4930 Balboa Boulevard.[12][13]


Post-secondary education

Encino is the location of Phillips Graduate Institute and a Pepperdine University satellite campus.

Primary and secondary schools

Public schools

Area public primary and secondary schools are operated by the Los Angeles Unified School District. The area is within Board District 4.[14]

The public elementary schools serving Encino are:

The public middle schools serving Encino are:

The public high schools serving Encino are:

Sherman Oaks Center for Enriched Studies is a magnet school in the area.

Zane Grey Continuation High School is in the area.

In 1982 the board considered closing Rhoda Street Elementary School in Encino. In April 1983 an advisory committee of the LAUSD recommended closing eight LAUSD schools, including Rhoda Street School.[20] In August 1983 the board publicly considered closing Rhoda, which had 262 students at the time.[21] In 1984 the board voted to close the Rhoda Street School.[22]

Private schools

The private schools are:

Public libraries

Encino-Tarzana Branch Library in Tarzana

The Los Angeles Public Library operates the Encino-Tarzana Branch along Ventura Boulevard in Tarzana, serving Encino.[24]

Parks and Recreation

California State Parks operates the 5-acre (2.0 ha) Los Encinos State Historic Park in Encino.[25] The park includes the original nine-room de la Ossa Adobe, the Garnier Building, a blacksmith shop, a pond, and a natural spring.[26]

The Sepulveda Dam Recreation Area includes the Woodley Worel/Magnus Cricket Complex with the four best grass cricket pitches in the United States. Host to many famous stars and games reflecting cricket's origins in Los Angeles from 1888.[27] Also included in the basin is the Encino Golf Course and the Balboa Golf Course, having a total of 36 golf holes. The Balboa Municipal Golf Course, a short-length golf course, was lengthened by Steve Timm in 2008. The Balboa course has a banquet room, back nine play, cart rental, club rental, classes, a lighted driving range, a lounge, practice chipping greens, practice putting greens, and a restaurant.[28] The Encino Municipal Golf Course, the second course of the two Sepulveda Dam courses, is a medium-length course that was designed by William P. Bell and Sons and opened in 1957. The course has large, tree-lined fairways. The course has the same features that the Balboa course has.[29]

The Balboa Sports Complex in Encino includes a lighted baseball diamond, lighted outdoor basketball courts, a children's play area, a community room, a lighted football field, a lighted handball court, an indoor gymnasium without weights and with a capacity for 400 people, an unlighted soccer field, lighted tennis courts, and lighted volleyball courts.[30] The Sepulveda Basin Off-leash Dog Park is a dog park in Encino. The dog park has 6.5 acres (2.6 ha) of leash-free dog area, a 0.5-acre (0.20 ha) small dog area, an on-leash picnic area, 100 parking spots, and public telephones.[31] The Sepulveda Garden Center, a community garden area in Encino, has about 16 acres (6.5 ha) of land and 420 garden plots.[32]

Notable residents


Encino Sun is a local community newspaper.[46]

In popular culture

A strip mall on Ventura Boulevard serves as the front of the electronics store in The 40-Year-Old Virgin.

Notable attractions

The stump pictured is all that remains of the historic millennium-old California Live Oak

The Encino Velodrome has provided an outdoor oval bicycle racing track since 1963.

Los Encinos State Historic Park features historic buildings, a small museum, and picnic grounds. It has recently (2009) faced closure due to California's budget crisis. However, the Park remains open today and is a chance to see some actual history in Los Angeles and remains a jewel to the community.

The Sepulveda Basin Recreation Area[47] is a large area in Encino with multiple golf courses, tennis courts, soccer fields, baseball diamonds, bike paths, and a lake bordered by about 2,000 Pink Cloud Cherry Trees that blossom in the Spring and were donated anonymously.[48] Encino Park was founded around 1937 and still draws youngsters to its playgrounds, as well as older visitors who can play basketball or improve their strokes on two lighted tennis courts.

For over a millennium, the area known as Encino was the home of a massive California live oak known as the Encino Oak Tree. It is possible that Encino is named because of this particular tree. It was known for both its size and longevity. The tree died on February 7, 1998 after an El Niño Storm felled it. Today there is a monument to the great tree at the corner of Ventura Boulevard and Louise Avenue where the Encino Oak once stood.[49]

Encino is home to L.A.'s largest Earth Day festival, held annually at Woodley Park.[50]



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