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For a list of all Presley's singles, see Elvis Presley singles discography. For a list of Presley's international singles, see Elvis Presley international hit singles. For a list of Presley's hit albums, see Elvis Presley hit albums.

This is a list of hit singles and extended plays by Elvis Presley. The U.S. singles charts are explored in detail. While it is not the only measure, the number of hits an artist had is an important indicator of success and popular impact. The number of hits Elvis Presley had in the US became a topic of discussion in several news articles when it was announced by Billboard magazine in April 2008 that Mariah Carey and Madonna had surpassed Elvis Presley in the number of "Number 1" and "Top Ten" hits, with 18 and 37 hits respectively.[1]

Both of these claims were disputed by music historian Joel Whitburn and Elvis Presley Enterprises. Whitburn lists Elvis as having 18 number 1 hits (placing him in a tie with Mariah Carey at that time) and 38 top ten hits (one more than Madonna at that time).[2] Elvis Presley Enterprises claims Elvis had 40 top ten hits.[3] The differences depend on whether a double-sided hit single is counted as one hit single, or two hit songs.

Before the age of compact discs and digital music downloads, singles were released on vinyl 45 RPM records, with one song on each side (an A-side and a B-side or flip side). Both songs of many Elvis singles became hits and were listed on the charts. "Hound Dog / Don't Be Cruel" was a double sided hit single that topped the Billboard Sales chart for 11 weeks in 1956. At the time, "Hound Dog" was listed as the number 1 A-side for the first five weeks, and "Don't Be Cruel" was listed as the number 1 A-side for the last six weeks. Now Billboard lists it as a single double sided hit. This article lists Elvis Presley’s hits, both A-sides and B-sides, on the Billboard singles charts (Pop/Hot 100, Country, Easy Listening/Adult Contemporary, and Rhythm and Blues), as well as rival music publications, Cash Box and Record World.

Another measure of an artist’s popular impact is sales. While Elvis is recognized by many in the recording industry as the best selling artist of all time, the Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA), the U.S. recording industry’s official certifying agent for sales, stirred up controversy in November 2007 when it announced that country singer Garth Brooks had become the best selling solo artist in U.S. history.[4]

Elvis Presley Enterprises has disputed the RIAA’s claim, pointing out several omissions in the RIAA’s figures.[5] The RIAA bases its claim on album sales only, and does not include single sales in determining the highest selling solo artist, despite the fact that the RIAA also certifies single sales. While Elvis’ album sales are significant, his single sales were also significant as can be seen in the tables below. During much of Elvis’ career in the 1950s and 1960s, single sales were considered the primary market for the industry, while albums were a secondary market. It was not until the late 1960s and early 1970s that albums became the primary market for the industry.

RIAA does not certify sales of less than 500,000 units for albums and singles.[6] Elvis has had numerous albums and singles which have sold hundreds of thousands of units each but have not reached the 500,000 threshold. Taken together, these could add up to millions in total sales that are not recognized by the RIAA.

RIAA sales certifications are not automatic. The record company must pay a fee and request an audit from the RIAA in order to certify sales. During Elvis’ life, RCA submitted few of Elvis’ recordings for RIAA certification. Instead of paying for RIAA certification, RCA and other companies would simply award their own “Gold Record” to artists based on their internal sales figures. As a consequence, some of Elvis’ early sales information has been lost. RCA and BMG have researched archives and old files in an effort to reconstruct Elvis’ sales figures. This has led to Elvis receiving numerous RIAA certifications posthumously.[7]

Also included in this article is a list of Elvis’ hit extended play (EP) releases, also known as "short-form albums. EPs were smaller than a full album but contained more songs than a single; usually four songs, though some EPs had as many as eight.

USA singles and chart information[edit]

Chart positions displayed here are taken from the following sources:

Abbreviations for charts:

The numbers below represent the highest position for a song on each respective chart. 45 rpm singles were normally released with one song on each side, The "A-side" was generally considered to be the primary side, while the "B-side" or "flip-side" was considered secondary. Elvis frequently had both sides become hits and appear on the charts. The sides and their chart positions are distinguished by a " / ", A-side / B-side. Extended Plays (EP) usually had two songs per side and would sometimes make the singles chart. The numbers in parentheses are the number of weeks that a song remained at number 1.


Elvis Presley's first five singles were released by Sun Records and were regional hits in the Southern U.S.

1954"That's All Right" / "Blue Moon of Kentucky"G4 / 1 Memphis C&W
"Good Rockin' Tonight" / "I Don't Care if the Sun Don't Shine"G3 / Memphis C&W
1955"Milkcow Blues Boogie" / "You're a Heartbreaker"
"Baby, Let's Play House" / "I'm Left, You're Right, She's Gone"105 // 4 Memphis C&W
"I Forgot To Remember To Forget" / "Mystery Train"1 (2)4 / 111 (5)
1956"Heartbreak Hotel" / "I Was the One"1 (8)1 (3) / 191 (8)1 (7) / 231 (17)1 (12) / 81 (13)54 /31 (6) / 35M2First RCA single
"Blue Suede Shoes"/ "Tutti Frutti"2024/24/GFrom the EP Elvis Presley
"Money Honey"76GFrom the Heartbreak Hotel EP
"I Want You, I Need You, I Love You" / "My Baby Left Me"16 /33 / 311 (2)5 / 131107 /33 / 18P
"Hound Dog" / "Don't Be Cruel"1 (11)*4 / 1 (8)1 (11)2 / 1 (7)1 (5)6 / 21 (10)121 (6)1 (4) / 1 (6)M4* "Hound Dog" was no. 1 on Billboard Sales chart first 5 weeks, “Don’t Be Cruel” was no. 1 the last 6 weeks; first single to top Billboard's Pop, Country, and R & B charts
"Blue Moon" / “Just Because”55 /1954 recording
"I Don't Care if the Sun Don't Shine"741954 recording re-issued; from the Anyway You Want Me EP
"Love Me Tender" / "Anyway You Want Me"1 (5)1 (5) / 2011 (4) / 2734 /443 / 1261 (5) /M3
"Love Me" / "When My Blue Moon Turns to Gold Again" / "Paralyzed" / “Rip It Up”72 /1986 /27/5910/107 /M2From Elvis, Volume 1 EP
"Old Shep"47From Elvis Vol. 2 EP
"Poor Boy"2435PFrom Love Me Tender EP
1957"Too Much" / "Playing for Keeps"1 (3)2 / 2112 / 3456 / 8373 /61 (3) / 33P
"All Shook Up" / "That's When Your Heartaches Begin"1 (8)1 (7) /1 (9)1 (8) /5833 /11 (4)1 (2) /1 (4)1 (8) /M2
"(There'll Be) Peace in the Valley (For Me)"253932PFrom Peace in the Valley EP
"(Let Me Be Your) Teddy Bear" / "Loving You"1 (7)1 (3) / 201 (7) / 2814 /1512 /1 (3) / 21M2
"Mean Woman Blues"1111PFrom Loving You, Vol. 2 EP
"Jailhouse Rock" / "Treat Me Nice"1 (7)1 (2) / 181 (6) / 2713 /111 (5)1 (3) / 71 (3) / 566M2
"(You're So Square) Baby I Don't Care"14M2From Jailhouse Rock EP
1958"Don't" / "I Beg of You"11 / 111 / 823 / 446 / 51 / 92 / 4PLast single released before Elvis departs for U.S. Army duty
"Wear My Ring Around Your Neck" / "Doncha' Think It's Time"23 /153 /2134 /71 (3) /104 /1 /P
"Hard Headed Woman" / "Don't Ask Me Why"1 (2)1 /252 /2828 /26 / 93 /543 /29P4 / Billboard Pop / Hot 100


On August 4, 1958, Billboard consolidates its sales, airplay, and Top 100 charts into a single Popular (Pop) Singles chart (BB Pop).
The Billboard C&W and R&B charts were also consolidated into single charts (BB CW and BB RB).
In 1961, Billboard begins the Easy Listening chart (BB EL).

YearSong Title – A-side / B-sideBB PopBB CWBB RBBB ELCBCB CWRIAAComments
1958"King Creole”20PKing Creole Vol 1 EP
"One Night" / "I Got Stung"4 / 824/10/3 / 56 /13P-
1959"(Now and Then There's) A Fool Such as I" / "I Need Your Love Tonight"2 / 416/2 / 6– /23P-
"A Big Hunk o' Love" / "My Wish Came True"1 (2) /1210/152 /2336/G-
1960"Stuck on You" / "Fame and Fortune"1 (4) /1727/6 /1 (4) /40PElvis returns from U.S. Army
"It's Now or Never" / "A Mess of Blues"1 (5) /327 /1 (4) /84P-
"Are You Lonesome Tonight?" / "I Gotta Know"1 (6) /2022/3 /1 (6) /46M2-
1961"Surrender" / "Lonely Man"1(2) /321(2) /82P1 (3) / Music Vendor (MV) Singles Chart
"Flaming Star"1430From the Flaming Star EP
"I Feel so Bad" / "Wild in the Country"5 /2615/5 /42G-
"(Marie's the Name) His Latest Flame" / "Little Sister"4 / 52 /21/ 5GElvis’ first entry on the "easy listening" chart
"Can't Help Falling in Love" / "Rock-a-Hula Baby"2 /231 (6) /4 /28PFrom the movie Blue Hawaii
1962"Good Luck Charm" / "Anything That's Part of You"1 / 31–/ 61 /51P1 (3) / MV Singles Chart
"Follow That Dream"15518PFrom the Follow That Dream EP
"She's Not You" / "Just Tell Her Jim Said Hello"5 /5513/2 /144 /65G
"King of the Whole Wide World"3031GFrom the Kid Galahad EP
"Return to Sender" / "Where Do You Come From"2 /995 /1 /P1 / MV Singles Chart
1963"One Broken Heart for Sale" / "They Remind Me Too Much of You"11/5321/10/87G-
"(You're the) Devil in Disguise" / "Please Don't Drag That String Around"3 /9 /3 /G-
"Bossa Nova Baby" / "Witchcraft"8 /3220/8 /33GElvis’ last song to make the R&B chart


“Music Vendor” magazine changes its name to “Record World” (RW) which publishes a popular singles chart until 1982, when it ceases publication.[10]
Elvis did not chart on the Country charts during this period.

YearSong Title – A-side / B-sideBB PopBB ELCBRWRIAAComments
1964"Kissin' Cousins" / "It Hurts Me"12/2910/489 /G-
"Kiss Me Quick" / “Suspicion”34/10338/29/Songs recorded in 1961
"What'd I Say" / "Viva Las Vegas"21/2913/1627/20G-
If You Think I Don’t Need You / C’mon Everybody /Today Tomorrow and Forever92From the Viva Las Vegas EP
"Such a Night" / “Never Ending”16/11113/27/recorded in 1960
"Ask Me" / "Ain't That Loving You Baby"12/1610/1310/12GB-side recorded in 1958
"Blue Christmas" / “Wooden Heart”* /107P* 1 / on Billboard Christmas Chart, the song re-enters the Christmas or Holiday singles chart many times in the years that follow
1965"Do the Clam" / "You'll Be Gone"21/12116/15/-
"Crying in the Chapel" / “I Believe In The Man In The Sky”3 /1 (7) /4 /3 /Precorded in 1960
"(Such an) Easy Question" / "It Feels so Right"11/551 (2)14/5710/56A-side recorded in 1962 /B-side 1960
"I'm Yours" / "Long Lonely Highway"11/1121 (3) /9 /969 /Grecorded in 1962
I Feel That I’ve Known You Forever /Slowly But Surely/Put the Blame on Me707187Tickle Me EP
"Puppet on a String" / "Wooden Heart"14/1103 /15/13/GB-side re-released
1966"Tell Me Why" / "Blue River"33/9520/9623/GA-side recorded 1957
"Frankie and Johnny" / "Please Don't Stop Loving Me"25/453 /19/6217/80G-
"Love Letters" / "Come What May"19/10938/19/9419/-
"Spinout" / "All That I Am"40/41–/ 932/3915/51-
"If Every Day Was Like Christmas" / "How Would You Like To Be"*99/* 2 / on Billboard Christmas Chart, the song re-enters the Christmas or Holiday singles chart several times over the years
1967"Indescribably Blue" / "Fools Fall In Love"33/10226/29/100-
"Long Legged Girl" / "That's Someone You Never Forget"63/9235/45/B-side recorded in 1961
"There's Always Me" / "Judy"56/7845/56/recorded in 1961
"Big Boss Man" / "You Don't Know Me"38/44– /3442/3536/61


Elvis begins his musical comeback in late 1968 with his NBC TV Special. In 1973 his "Aloha from Hawaii" TV special is broadcast worldwide and seen by more than 1 billion viewers. He dies in 1977. Soon after his death, another TV special, Elvis In Concert is broadcast in the U.S.
In 1969 Billboard stops listing B-side hits separately on their charts. Instead, if both sides of a single become hits, they are listed as a single entry on the chart (A-side/B-side).
In the late 1970s, Cash Box changes from a sales only chart to a combined sales and radio airplay similar to Billboard.

YearSong Title – A-side / B-sideBB PopBB CWBB ELCBCB CWRWRIAAComments
1968"Guitar Man" / "High Heel Sneakers"43/39/6936/78
"U.S. Male" / "Stay Away"28/6755/26/5028/50-
"You'll Never Walk Alone" / "We Call On Him"90/10683/-
"Let Yourself Go" / "Your Time Hasn't Come Yet, Baby"71/72–/5055/6351/74-
"A Little Less Conversation" / "Almost in Love"69/9553/69/-
"If I Can Dream" / "Edge Of Reality"12/1129 /9 /GA-side featured in Elvis’ Comeback TV Special
1969"Memories" / "Charro"35/56/7 /24/21/A-side featured in Elvis’ Comeback TV Special
"How Great Thou Art" / "His Hand In Mine"101/Grammy Award for Best Gospel Recording
"In the Ghetto" / "Any Day Now"3 /60/8 /1 /1 /PFirst of several Elvis hits produced by Chips Moman
"Clean up Your Own Back Yard" / "The Fair Is Moving On"35/74/37/25/18/G-
"Suspicious Minds" / "You'll Think Of Me"1 /4 /1 (2) /1 /PThe last Elvis single to top the Billboard Hot 100
"Don't Cry Daddy" / "Rubberneckin'"613/365P-
1970"Kentucky Rain" / "My Little Friend"16/31/3 /10/22/12/G-
"The Wonder of You" / "Mama Liked the Roses"937110314GA-side 1st live recording to make the Hot 100 Top 10
"I've Lost You" / "The Next Step Is Love"32575183014G-
"You Don't Have to Say You Love Me" / "Patch It Up"1156110397G-
"I Really Don't Want to Know" / "There Goes My Everything"2123/ 9213515G-
1971"Where Did They Go, Lord" / "Rags to Riches"3355183425-
"Life" / "Only Believe"53/34/8 /40/26/46-
"I'm Leavin'” / "Heart of Rome"36/2 /36/34/-
"It's Only Love" / "The Sound Of Your Cry"51/19/51/46-
1972"Until It's Time for You to Go" / "We Can Make The Morning"40/68/9 /31/38/59-
"An American Trilogy" / "The First Time Ever I Saw Your Face"66/31/73/59/A-side medley of "Dixieland"/"Battle Hymn Of The Republic"/"All My Trials"
"Burning Love" / "It's A Matter Of Time"2 /–/36–/ 91 /–/232 /P
"Separate Ways" / "Always on My Mind"20/163 /15/3019/G-
1973"Steamroller Blues" / "Fool"1731–/12103016A-side recorded during Aloha TV Special
"Raised on Rock" / "For Ol' Times Sake"41–/42272747-
1974"I've Got a Thing About You Baby" / "Take Good Care of Her"3942730736-
"If You Talk in Your Sleep" / "Help Me"17/–/ 6623/–/ 421
"Promised Land" / "It's Midnight"14/–/ 9–/ 822/–/ 928/
1975"My Boy" / "Thinking About You"20/14/1 /17/14/20/-
"T-R-O-U-B-L-E" / "Mr. Songman"35/11/–/4240/18/52/-
"Bringing It Back" / "Pieces Of My Life"65/–/3375/–/32
1976"Hurt" / "For the Heart"286 /4573142-
"Moody Blue" / "She Thinks I Still Care"3112391481 / Record World Country & Western (RW CW) Singles Chart
1977"Way Down" / "Pledging My Love"18/11425110P1 RW CW. Released a few weeks before Presley's death.
"My Way" / "America The Beautiful"22/2 /6 /31/137/G2 / RW CW; Released after posthumously; A-side recorded live 6/21/77; B-side recorded live 12/13/75


Record World ceases publication in April 1982.
Cash Box ceases publication in November 1996, then resumes publication on the Internet in 2006.
In 1984 Billboard changes the name of its Pop Singles chart to Hot 100 (BB Hot) and changes the Easy Listening chart to Adult Contemporary (BB AC).

YearSong Title – A-side / B-sideBB HotBB CWBB ACCBCB CWRWRIAAComments
1978"Unchained Melody" / “Softly, As I Leave You–/10967 /-
"Teddy Bear" / “Puppet On A String”10578Both songs are re-issues
1979"Are You Sincere" / " Solitaire"1011
"There's A Honky Tonk Angel" / “I Got A Feelin' In My Body”65
1981"Guitar Man" / “Faded Love”28/1 /16/31/1 /26/1 / RW CW; remix by Elvis’ long time producer, Felton Jarvis
"Lovin' Arms" / “You Asked Me To”84Felton Jarvis remix
"There Goes My Everything" / “You'll Never Walk Alone”73/re-issues
1982"The Elvis Medley" / “Always On My Mind”71/31/31/71/31/Medley of "Jailhouse Rock"/"Teddy Bear"/Hound Dog"/"Don't Be Cruel"/"Burning Love"/"Suspicious Minds"
1983"I Was The One" / “Wear My Ring Around Your Neck”92re-releases
1985"Always On My Mind" / “My Boy”A-side a slight remix
1998"Blue Christmas"55re-release


Elvis experiences a resurgence in popularity after the release of “Elv1s 30 Number 1 Hits” CD and the "A Little Less Conversation" remix in 2002, the 25th anniversary of his death.

YearSong TitleBB HotBB CWBB ACUS SalesRIAAComments
2001"America the Beautiful" / “If I Can Dream”6released following the 9/11 terrorist attacks, proceeds donated to American Red Cross
"Blue Christmas"9 Billboard Hot Adult Contemporary recurrents; 12 Billboard Hot Singles recurrents
2002"A Little Less Conversation"5026*1 (3)G (Digital)Junkie XL remix; * Billboard Adult Top 40; 39 Billboard Top 40 Tracks
2003"Rubberneckin'"941 (2)Paul Oakenfold remix; 13 Billboard Hot Digital Tracks
2004"That's All Right" / "Blue Moon of Kentucky"1G**Re-issue
"Who Am I"14 Hot 100 Christian Singles
2006"Heartbreak Hotel" / "I Was the One"1M2**Re-issue
2007"In the Ghetto"116remix duet with Lisa Marie Presley; 70 Hot Digital Songs
2008"Baby Let's Play House"remix by Spankox
"I'll Be Home for Christmas"5414remix duet with Carrie Underwood
"Blue Christmas"3622remix duet with Martina McBride
2009"Blue Christmas"9 Hot Holiday Songs
2012"Blue Christmas"9 Hot Holiday Songs

Extended Plays and chart information[edit]

Below is a list of Elvis Presley’s hit Extended Play (EP) or Short Form Albums. Included is their highest chart position on the US Billboard and UK EP charts as well as their RIAA sales certifications. Early in Elvis’ career, EPs were listed on the Billboard Album Chart. Billboard published a separate EP chart in the 1950s. The UK had a separate EP chart for most of the 1960s. Sometimes songs included on an EP would become hits and make the singles chart. As the popularity of albums increased during the 1960s, the popularity of EPs waned.

YearExtended Play titleUS BB EPUKUS RIAAComments
1956Elvis Presley10G20 on US Billboard Album Chart
Elvis Presley (Double EP)9G
Heartbreak Hotel5G
The Real Elvis5P
Anyway You Want Me
Elvis Volume 11M2
Love Me Tender9P22 on US Billboard Album Chart
Elvis Volume 2
1957Strictly Elvis1 ** Charted in 1960 in the UK
Peace In The Valley312 *P* Charted in 1961 in the UK.
Just For You216 on US Billboard Album Chart
Loving You Volume 11G
Loving You Volume 24P18 on US Billboard Album Chart
Good Rockin' TonightContained songs recorded for Sun Records in 1954 and 1955
Jailhouse Rock114 *M2* Charted in 1961 in the UK
Elvis Sings Christmas Songs116 *P* Charted in 1960 in the UK
1958King Creole, Volume 11P20 on US Cash Box Singles Chart
King Creole, Volume 21P
Elvis Sails1Recording of an interview prior to Elvis’ departure for U.S. Army duty
Christmas With Elvis
1959A Touch of Gold, Volume 18
A Touch of Gold, Volume 210
In A Tender Mood
1960A Touch of Gold, Volume 3
Such A Night4
1961Elvis by Request: Flaming Star14 on US Billboard Singles Chart
1962Follow That Dream1 (20)P15 on US Billboard Singles Chart
Kid Galahad1 (17)G30 on US Billboard Singles Chart
1964Viva Las Vegas392 on US Billboard Singles Chart; UK title: "Love in Las Vegas"
Elvis For You Volume 111
Elvis For You Volume 218
1965Tickle Me370 on US Billboard Singles Chart
Tickle Me Volume 28
1967Easy Come, Easy Go1 (3)
1973Aloha from Hawaii (Via Satellite)
1982EP Collection, Volume 1
EP Collection, Volume 2
1992Don't Be Cruel

Global chart list[edit]


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