Ellen's Glen House

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Ellen's Glen House

Ellen's Glen House is a Community Hospital in Edinburgh, Scotland. It is operated by NHS Lothian.[1] It is situated in Liberton, Edinburgh.

Ellen's Glen House is a two floor building with extensive accessible gardens.[2] It has 60 staffed beds.[3] The Ground Floor is a REAS unit for long term psychiatric care. The first floor is a palliative care medicine of the elderly unit.

Ellen's Glen House specialises in long term palliative and psychiatric care.

It opened in November 1999. It was the second NHS facility in Lothian that had been provided through the PFI route.[2] It was built to replace the facilities of Southfield hospital.[4]

Coordinates: 55°54′34″N 3°08′59″W / 55.90944°N 3.14972°W / 55.90944; -3.14972


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