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Elegua (also spelled as Eleguá, Eleggua, or Ellegua) is an Orisha in the Yorùbá religion and related New World traditions.

He is associated with "opening the ways", or crossroads. Often depicted as a child, he is playful, and both a trickster and a strategist amongst the divinities.

Practitioners often have a clay head with cowrie shells for eyes and mouth, as a representation of Elegua, which receives offerings and protects in return.

Santería practitioners often have an Elegua head behind their front door as he protects the entry way and prevents harm from entering the home.

Receiving a consecrated Elegua head is part of the Santería initiation known as Los Guerreros (the Warriors).

Elegua likes candy and coconut as offerings. In return he helps people overcome various problems.

In the Ifá tradition practiced by the Babalawo, Elegua is used to open the way for the of prophesy Orunmila.