Elizabeth Castro

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Elizabeth Castro
OccupationAuthor, Translator
Known forCatalan independence activism
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Elizabeth Castro
OccupationAuthor, Translator
Known forCatalan independence activism

Elizabeth Castro is an American author and translator best known for her books aimed to educate the reader on particular aspects of website development, such as HTML and Perl. From 1987 to 1993 Castro lived in Barcelona and managed the translation of computer programs. In 1993 she moved back to the United States to write books about using the internet and World Wide Web.

She has also been active in the Catalan independence movement, promoting the cause in the English language sphere with her latest and most notable project being "What's up with Catalonia?" [1]



As of 2010, all of her English language books have been published through Peachpit Press, in their 'Visual Quickstart Guide' or 'Visual Quickproject Guide' formats. These books give example code and illustrations followed by explanations designed to teach related concepts.

Perl and CGI

Castro continues to release miniguide updates to her well-received EPUB guide.

Matthew Diener, editor of EPUBsecrets reviewed her fourth miniguide, praising how Castro takes the reader through the steps to make the "conversion to ePUB easier and better." He lists ways that this miniguide aids users in placement and insertion of images and media, as well as preparing ePUBS to be used for Kindle editions. Diener also is pleased that the miniguides are "DRM free. This means you can actually “crack these ePUBs” and take a look at the files that make up her books. This will allow you to see everything she does to make her ePUBs appear the way they do."[1] Joel Friedlander in The Book Designer said, "Liz Castro has cracked the code on creating beautiful, functional ebooks...Liz Castro’s EPUB Straight to the Point is a fantastic resource with clear instruction and should be in the ereader of anyone whose work involves dealing with EPUB and iBooks."[2] Adam C. Engst, Contributing Editor at MacUser, MacWEEK, and Macworld, in his e-newsletter TidBITS called Castro's site for iPhoto book themes "a wonderfully useful Web site".[3]



Castro during one of her books' premiere

From Òmnium Cultural, Dec 16, 2011: The jury of the 25th Joan B. Cendrós Prize has awarded the prize for her work about Catalonia published outside of Catalonia to the American publisher Liz Castro. Castro, a writer living in Massachusetts, has become known in the last few years for her work promoting Catalonia and talking about its linguistic, cultural, and political situation through her publishing house, Catalonia Press, as well as the internet, where she reports on Catalan news in English.[4]


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