Eli Fara

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Eli Fara (born 21 May 1967) is an Albanian folk music singer with a widespread following among Albanian-speakers. Fara is from Korçë and is one of the more famous 'serenata' singers. She received the honor of being named Merited Artist of Albania by the Albanian government prior to 1996.

Fara first came to prominence as a performer of the urban folk songs of her home region. In 1988, she was invited to appear at the National Folklore Festival in Gjirokastër.

Albania had no record industry to speak of prior to the fall of Communism and as late as 1993 it was still only possible to buy cassette albums by a handful of artists - one of whom was Eli Fara. She has spent much of the intervening period overseas but has remained very popular in her native country. In recent years she has recorded more modern music although she still sings some of the folk songs from Korçë that first brought her to the attention of the Albanian public.