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Electrocompaniet is a Norwegian manufacturer of hi-fi high-end audio products. Their philosophy of the perfect sound has been controversial over their 30 years of history. They base their ideal sound not on technical measurements and theory but rather on getting a sound most true to the live listening experience.


In 1975 company from Tau started getting attention for their new "The 2 Channel Audio Power Amplifier" (aka "The Otala Amplifier"). This 25 watt amplifier was based on the research of Finnish Dr. Matti Otala of "Tampere University of Technology". Before 1974 Electrocompaniet was a localized Norwegian loudspeaker importer and PA system manufacturer. Also see an account of the history of the 25W amplifier at Electrocompanet here

Notable products[edit]


The NEMO "Monaural Class A Reference Amplifier" by Electrocompaniet is used in listening and reference studios across the world. It is often coupled with the Bowers & Wilkins Nautilus reference loudspeakers.

Electrocompaniet clearly made this amplifier to be a match with the Nautilus loudspeakers. At the time of realisation for Nautilus there were few reference power amplifiers capable of delivering the power that they required. Electrocompaniet named their new monoblock amplifier after Nemo, the fictional captain of the submarine Nautilus.

NEMO was at some point (and still might be) at use in Abbey Road Studios.[citation needed] The NEMO has collected rave reviews from among others Stereophile USA and Haute Fidelite France.[citation needed]

At 2 x 600 W in 8 ohms it is among the most powerful high-end amplifiers in existence. It is a pure class A amplifier.