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Voor De Vuist Weg 1971-02-26 - Ekseption.jpg
Ekseption performing on Dutch tv show Voor de vuist weg in 1971
Background information
OriginHaarlem, Netherlands
GenresProgressive rock
classical crossover
Years active1967–1989
LabelsPhilips Records
Ariola Records
Carrere Records
Associated actsSpin
Past membersPersonnel
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Voor De Vuist Weg 1971-02-26 - Ekseption.jpg
Ekseption performing on Dutch tv show Voor de vuist weg in 1971
Background information
OriginHaarlem, Netherlands
GenresProgressive rock
classical crossover
Years active1967–1989
LabelsPhilips Records
Ariola Records
Carrere Records
Associated actsSpin
Past membersPersonnel

Ekseption was a Dutch rock band active from 1967 to 1989, playing mostly-instrumental progressive rock and classical rock. The central character in the changing list of members, the only band member present on every album, was conservatory-trained trumpeter Rein van den Broek. The band knew some commercial success in the 1970s, having Dutch top ten hit singles with their adaptations of Beethoven's "Fifth" and Bach's (Celebrated) "Air." The second album, "Beggar Julia's Time Trip" (1969), won the Dutch Edison Award for album of the year, and the first five albums all went gold.


Ekseption grew out of the high-school band The Jokers, which van den Broek formed in 1958. They changed their name to The Incrowd (after the Ramsey Lewis song) before discovering that name was already taken. Finally they settled on the name Ekseption (Dutch spelling) in 1967. The group played jazz, pop and R&B covers, but in 1969, shortly after keyboardist Rick van der Linden joined, they were impressed by a gig of The Nice, and van der Linden decided to concentrate on producing classical rock, modern re-interpretations of classical works for rock band. Most of their subsequent albums contain both original songs and re-interpreted classical pieces.

It quickly became evident that van der Linden had assumed leadership of the group, and in a 1972 press release interview accompanying advance copies of the album Ekseption 5 he openly said so. After 1973's Trinity album he was asked to leave the group by his bandmates, and in the fall of that year he formed a new group Trace, during which time he was replaced by Dutch keyboardist Hans Jansen. Jansen took Ekseption in a jazzier direction, with two LPs of original compositions, but lackluster sales caused the band to break up in 1976.[1] An offshoot band, named Spin, formed later that year and released two more albums, but success also eluded them.[2] In 1978 Trace and Spin merged to become Ekseption once again.[3] Periodic reunions (with new members) appeared until van der Linden's death in 2006.


Spin (1976-1977)


Ekseption (1969)[edit]

1."The 5th" (Ludwig van Beethoven)3:23
2."Dharma For One" (I. Anderson, C. Bunker)3:28
3."Little x plus" (Ekseption)3:31
4."Sabre dance" (Aram Khachaturian)3:46
5."Air" (J.S. Bach)2:50
6."Ritual firedance" (Manuel de Falla)2:15
7."Rhapsody in blue" (George Gershwin)4:00
8."This here" (Bobby Timmons, Jon Hendricks)4:12
9."Dance macabre opus 40" (Camille Saint-Saëns)2:21
10."Canvas" (Brian Bennett)2:28

Beggar Julia's Time Trip (1970)[edit]

1."Ouverture" (R. van der Linden)3:22
2."Prologue" (R. van der Linden, L. van Dijck)2:21
3."Julia" (R. van der Linden, M. van Dijk)2:21
4."Flying power" (R. van der Linden)0:31
5."Adagio" (Tomaso Albinoni, Remo Giazotto)3:45
6."Space I" (J.S. Bach)0:44
7."Italian concerto" (J.S. Bach)4:59
8."Concerto" (Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky)3:52
9."Space II" (R. van der Linden)0:26
10."Pop giant" (R. van der Linden, M. van Dijk)3:54
11."Space III" (R. van der Linden)0:22
12."Feelings" (R. van der Linden)3:09
13."Epilogue" (R. van der Linden, L. van Dijck)0:57
14."Finale (a) Music for mind (b) Theme Julia" (R. van der Linden, M. van Dijk)3:55

Ekseption 3 (1970)[edit]

1."Peace planet" (J.S. Bach)3:32
2."B 612" (R. van der Linden, W. Luikinga)4:08
3."Morning rose" (R. van der Linden, W. Luikinga)3:04
4."Piece for symphonic and rock group in A minor (a) Part one: Passacaglia (b) Part two: Painting" (R. van der Linden, W. Luikinga)5:53
5."The lamplighter" (J.S. Bach)3:01
6."Bottle mind" (R. van der Linden)2:45
7."On sunday they will kill the world" (S. Rachmaninoff, W. Luikinga)3:26
8."Another history" (R. van der Linden, M. van Dijk)4:37
9."Rondo" (L. van Beethoven)5:25

Ekseption 00.04 (1971)[edit]

1."Ave Maria" (J.S. Bach, Charles Gounod)2:34
2."Body party" (R. van der Linden)3:32
3."Monlope" (Jimmy Smith, R. van der Linden)4:58
4."Monkey dance" (R. van der Linden)2:41
5."Choral" (R. van der Linden)4:02
6."Partita No. 2 in C minor" (J.S. Bach)5:45
7."Piccadilly sweet" (R. van der Linden)13:27

Ekseption 5 (1972)[edit]

1."Introduction" (L. van Beethoven)0:35
2."Siciliano (Siciliano from Sonata for flute and harpsichord in E, BWV 1031)" (J.S. Bach)3:20
3."Vivace (Allegro from Concerto for violin and strings in A min, BWV 1041)" (J.S. Bach)5:16
4."For example / For sure" (Keith Emerson, R. van der Linden (credited solely to Emerson on later CD editions))9:03
5."Virginal" (R. van der Linden)4:30
6."A la turka (Alla Turca from Piano Sonata no.11 in A, K.331)" (Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart)2:26
7."Midbar session" (R. van der Linden)10:03
8."Pie" (R. van der Linden)1:30
9."My son" (R. van der Linden)5:12
10."Finale" (L. van Beethoven)3:40

Trinity (1973)[edit]

1."Toccata" (J.S. Bach)5:16
2."The peruvian flute" (Traditional)8:04
3."Dreams" (Tony Vos)1:32
4."Smile" (R. van der Linden)2:53
5."Lonely chase" (R. van der Linden)3:10
6."Romance" (L. van Beethoven)3:30
7."Improvisation" (R. van der Linden)9:01
8."Meddle" (R. van der Linden)1:07
9."Flight of the bumble bee" (Nikolai Rimsky-Korsakov)3:22
10."Finale III" (R. van der Linden)2:50

Bingo (1974)[edit]

1."From Ekseption" (H. Jansen, J. Vennik)9:05
2."Nightwalk" (J. Vennik)3:45
3."Smokey sunset" (H. Jansen)5:11
4."De fietser" (J. Vennik)1:51
5."Sabre dance" (Aram Khachaturian)2:56
6."Brother rabbit" (R. van den Broek)3:26
7."Sunny revival" (H. Jansen, J. Vennik)3:50
8."The death of Ase" (Edvard Grieg)2:20
9."Bingo-bingo" (H. Jansen, J. Vennik)6:40

Mindmirror (1975)[edit]

1."Pick Up the Pieces" (R. Ball, H. Stuart, A. Gorie, M. Duncan, R. McIntosh)6:05
2."Bourree" (J.S. Bach)3:14
3."Tramontane" (Piet Souer)4:17
4."Electric swamp" (H. Hollestelle)4:04
5."Ramses" (Ramses Shaffy)1:00
6."Mindmirror" (J. Vennik, H. Jansen)17:28

Back to the Classics (1976)[edit]

Note: This is the only Ekseption album which does not list personnel. Instead the liner notes say, "The pieces were recorded by musicians who were with EKSEPTION between 1969 and 1975, joined by Holland's best session musicians to replace those members who had to be excluded because of contractual obligations". Since at this time all of the principals were busy with Trace or Spin, it seems likely that this album was put together without the band's permission, or at the very least as a contractual obligation album, by Philips executives intending to trade on the name and style of the old Ekseption.

1."Sonata in F" (Antonio Vivaldi)5:20
2."Ave Maria" (Franz Schubert)4:53
3."Eine kleine Nachtmusik (Serenade nr. 13 in G K.525)" (Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart)4:13
4."Clarinet concerto in A" (W.A. Mozart)4:25
5."Violin concerto in E minor, Op.64" (Felix Mendelssohn)5:00
6."Have mercy on me (Erbarme Dich)" (J.S.Bach)6:57
7."Flute sonata nr.5 in F" (George Frideric Händel)4:53
8."Theme from Abdelazer" (Henry Purcell)3:58
9."The Moldau (Ma Vlast)" (Bedřich Smetana)6:51

Spin (as Spin, 1976)[edit]

4."Sea and Seasons"   
5."Little bitch"   
6."Sunday afternoon's dream"   
7."Flat tyre"   
8."Beautiful Queenie"   

Whirlwind (as Spin, 1977)[edit]

2."Baby's delight"   
5."Super B"   
6."Yellow kites"   
7."You're a clown"   
8."T-Ford two"   

Ekseption '78 (1978)[edit]

1."Again" (J.S. Bach)2:22
2."Your home" (R. van der Linden)4:47
3."Wild flower" (R. van der Linden, R. van den Broek)3:17
4."Signal" (R. van der Linden, R. van den Broek)4:10
5."Pearl" (G. F. Händel)2:22
6."Thoughts" (R. van den Broek)3:53
7."Summertime" (G. Gershwin)2:20
8."Nocturne" (J.S. Bach)3:35
9."Impromptu" (F. Schubert)2:48
10."The cat" (Lalo Schiffrin)3:19
11."Jesu joy" (J.S. Bach)3:02
12."Faith" (R. van der Linden)3:21

Dance Macabre (1981)[edit]

1."The Fifth Symphony" (L. van Beethoven)3:02
2."Italian Concerto" (J.S. Bach)2:50
3."Air" (J.S. Bach)4:07
4."Rhapsody In Blue" (G. Gershwin)4:06
5."Peace Planet" (J.S. Bach)3:26
6."Sabre Dance" (A. Khatchaturian)4:06
7."Concerto" (P.I Tchaikowsky)4:06
8."Danse De Feu" (M. De Falla)2:46
9."Adagio" (A. Albinoni, R. Giazotto)3:40
10."Dance Macabre" (C. Saint-Saëns)2:20
11."Haydn" (J. Haydn)2:51
12."Conchorus" (R. van der Linden)4:45

Ekseption '89 (1989)[edit]

1."Spooky" (Ludwig van Beethoven)3:35
2."Ekseptional" (J.S. Bach)3:30
3."Pure" (J.S. Bach)3:35
4."Air" (J.S. Bach)4:07
5."Flying fingers" (R. Korsakov)3:59
6."Happiness" (F. Schubert)2:44
7."The artists" (J.S. Bach)3:02
8."Haydn" (Joseph Haydn)3:05
9."Just for you" (G.F. Händel)2:28
10."Drawbars" (J.S. Bach)2:52
11."Jola" (G.F. Händel)5:04
12."The Fifth" (L. van Beethoven)3:17
13."Marlene" (F. Schubert)3:23
14."Peace planet" (J.S. Bach)3:29
15."Harmony" (J.S. Bach)2:39
16."A believe (Jesu, joy of man's desiring)" (J.S. Bach)3:07
17."My pianoman" (J.S. Bach)2:38

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