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Battle for the Golden Egg
Mississippi State Bulldogs.svgUMRebels logo (script).png
Mississippi State BulldogsOle Miss Rebels

Total meetings110 total, 86 Egg Bowls
Series recordOle Miss leads, 61-43-6
(59–45-6 on the field)
Trophy series recordOle Miss leads, 55-26-5
(53-28-5 on the field)
First meetingOctober 28, 1901
Mississippi State 17, Ole Miss 0
Last meetingNovember 28, 2013
Mississippi State 17, Ole Miss 10
Next meetingNovember 29, 2014
Largest winMississippi State, 65-0 (1915)
Longest win streakMississippi State, 13 (1911–1925)
Current win streakMississippi State, 1 (2013–present)
TrophyGolden Egg
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Battle for the Golden Egg
Mississippi State Bulldogs.svgUMRebels logo (script).png
Mississippi State BulldogsOle Miss Rebels

Total meetings110 total, 86 Egg Bowls
Series recordOle Miss leads, 61-43-6
(59–45-6 on the field)
Trophy series recordOle Miss leads, 55-26-5
(53-28-5 on the field)
First meetingOctober 28, 1901
Mississippi State 17, Ole Miss 0
Last meetingNovember 28, 2013
Mississippi State 17, Ole Miss 10
Next meetingNovember 29, 2014
Largest winMississippi State, 65-0 (1915)
Longest win streakMississippi State, 13 (1911–1925)
Current win streakMississippi State, 1 (2013–present)
TrophyGolden Egg

The Battle for the Golden Egg, also known as the Egg Bowl, is an American college football rivalry game played annually between Southeastern Conference members Mississippi State University and Ole Miss (The University of Mississippi). The rivalry is the tenth longest uninterrupted series in the United States. The two teams first played each other in 1901. Since 1927 the winning squad has been awarded possession of the "Golden Egg Trophy". In cases where the game ended in a tie the previous winner retained possession of the trophy. Ole Miss currently leads the series, 61-43-6 (59–45-6 on the field).

Series history[edit]

The first game in the series was played on October 28, 1901 at Mississippi State. Mississippi State, then known as the Mississippi A&M College and nicknamed the Aggies, defeated Ole Miss, nicknamed the Red and Blue at that time,[1] by a final score of 17-0. The two squads met on the gridiron every year from 1901 until 1911 and then, after a 3 year hiatus, resumed the series in 1915; since that 1915 meeting the two teams have met on the field every season with the exception of the 1943 season when neither school fielded teams due to World War II.[2][3][4] From 1973 through 1990 the game was played at Mississippi Veterans Memorial Stadium in Jackson, which seats approximately 62,000. Besides being centrally located in the state, at the time it was the only venue in the state capable of seating the anticipated crowd; for many years Vaught-Hemingway Stadium in Oxford, seated only about 32,000 and Scott Field in Starkville, seated only about 31,000. Both have been considerably expanded and are now capable of accommodating the crowds which can realistically be expected, and both on-campus venues have been continually upgraded to the point where they are actually superior in amenities to Mississippi Veterans Memorial Stadium.

The game is a typical example of the intrastate rivalries between several public universities in the U.S. These games are usually between one bearing the state's name alone, and the land-grant university, often styled as "State University." Like most such rivalries, it is contested at the end of the regular season, in this case during the Thanksgiving weekend and has been played on Thanksgiving 21 times, including from 1998-2003 and in 2013.[5] At one point the level of rivalry was such that a victory by one of the schools in this game could salvage what had otherwise been a poor season. This was however proven not to always be the case when in 2004 Ole Miss won the game but fired its coach, David Cutcliffe, the next week, following a disappointing season.

The birth of the Golden Egg[edit]

The Aggies (Bulldogs) dominated the early days of the series including a 13 game A&M winning streak from 1911-25 during which time the Aggies outscored the Red and Blue by a combined 327–33.[6] Through 1925 Ole Miss had won only five times out of twenty-three total contests. In 1926 When the Red and Blue ended their 13 game losing streak by defeating A&M 7-6 in Starkville the Ole Miss fans rushed the field with some trying to tear the goalposts down. A&M fans did not take well to the Ole Miss fans destroying their property and fights broke out. Some A&M fans defended the goal posts with wooden chairs, and several injuries were reported. According to one account:

"Irate Aggie supporters took after the ambitious Ole Miss group with cane bottom chairs, and fights broke out. The mayhem continued until most of the chairs were splintered."[7]

To prevent such events in the future, students of the two schools created the "Golden Egg", a large trophy which has been awarded to the winning team each year since 1927. The trophy is a large football-shaped brass piece mounted to a wooden base and traditionally symbolizes supremacy in college football in the state of Mississippi for the year. The footballs used in American football in the 1920s were considerably more ovoid and blunter than those in use today and similar to the balls still used in rugby; the trophy thus, to modern eyes, more resembles an egg than a football. The awarding of the "Golden Egg" was instituted in 1927 by joint agreement between the two schools' student bodies. In the event of a tie (before overtime was instituted in Division-I college football in 1996)[8] the school that won the game the previous year kept the trophy for the first half of the new year and then the trophy was sent to the other school for the second half of the new year.[9] The game was given the nickname "Egg Bowl" by Clarion-Ledger sportswriter Tom Patterson in 1979.[10]

Notable games[edit]

1929 Mississippi vs. Mississippi A&M football program. The game ended tied 7-7. Note on the cover the game was referred to as "Mississippi's Football Classic" and not the "Egg Bowl".

Game results[edit]

Ole Miss and MSU meet during a 1970s Egg Bowl

Mississippi State victories shaded in ██ maroon. Ole Miss victories are shaded ██ blue. Ties are unshaded. Forfeits shaded ██ gray.

DateSiteWinning teamLosing teamSeries
October 28, 1901StarkvilleMississippi State17Mississippi0MSU 1-0
October 25, 1902StarkvilleMississippi21Mississippi State0Tied 1-1
November 14, 1903OxfordMississippi6Mississippi State6Tied 1-1-1
October 22, 1904ColumbusMississippi17Mississippi State5MISS 2-1-1
November 30, 1905JacksonMississippi State11Mississippi0Tied 2-2-1
November 29, 1906JacksonMississippi29Mississippi State5MISS 3-2-1
November 28, 1907JacksonMississippi State15Mississippi0Tied 3-3-1
November 26, 1908JacksonMississippi State44Mississippi6MSU 4-3-1
November 25, 1909JacksonMississippi9Mississippi State5Tied 4-4-1
November 24, 1910JacksonMississippi30Mississippi State0MISS 5-4-1
November 30, 1911JacksonMississippi State6Mississippi0Tied 5-5-1
November 6, 1915TupeloMississippi State65Mississippi0MSU 6-5-1
November 3, 1916TupeloMississippi State36Mississippi0MSU 7-5-1
November 3, 1917TupeloMississippi State41Mississippi14MSU 8-5-1
November 28, 1918StarkvilleMississippi State34Mississippi0MSU 9-5-1
December 7, 1918OxfordMississippi State13Mississippi0MSU 10-5-1
November 8, 1919ClarksdaleMississippi State33Mississippi0MSU 11-5-1
November 6, 1920GreenwoodMississippi State20Mississippi0MSU 12-5-1
October 29, 1921GreenwoodMississippi State21Mississippi0MSU 13-5-1
October 21, 1922JacksonMississippi State19Mississippi13MSU 14-5-1
October 20, 1923JacksonMississippi State13Mississippi6MSU 15-5-1
October 18, 1924JacksonMississippi State20Mississippi0MSU 16-5-1
October 24, 1925JacksonMississippi State6Mississippi0MSU 17-5-1
November 25, 1926StarkvilleMississippi7Mississippi State6MSU 17-6-1
November 24, 1927OxfordMississippi20Mississippi State12MSU 17-7-1
November 29, 1928StarkvilleMississippi20Mississippi State19MSU 17-8-1
November 28, 1929OxfordMississippi7Mississippi State7MSU 17-8-2
November 27, 1930StarkvilleMississippi20Mississippi State0MSU 17-9-2
November 26, 1931OxfordMississippi25Mississippi State14MSU 17-10-2
November 24, 1932StarkvilleMississippi13Mississippi State0MSU 17-11-2
December 2, 1933OxfordMississippi31Mississippi State0MSU 17-12-2
December 1, 1934StarkvilleMississippi7Mississippi State3MSU 17-13-2
November 30, 1935OxfordMississippi14Mississippi State6MSU 17-14-2
November 21, 1936StarkvilleMississippi State26Mississippi6MSU 18-14-2
November 25, 1937OxfordMississippi State9Mississippi7MSU 19-14-2
November 26, 1938StarkvilleMississippi19Mississippi State6MSU 19-15-2
November 25, 1939OxfordMississippi State18Mississippi6MSU 20-15-2
November 23, 1940StarkvilleMississippi State19Mississippi0MSU 21-15-2
November 29, 1941OxfordMississippi State6Mississippi0MSU 22-15-2
November 28, 1942StarkvilleMississippi State34Mississippi12MSU 23-15-2
November 25, 1944OxfordMississippi13Mississippi State8MSU 23-16-2
November 24, 1945StarkvilleMississippi7Mississippi State6MSU 23-17-2
November 23, 1946OxfordMississippi State20Mississippi0MSU 24-17-2
November 29, 1947StarkvilleMississippi33Mississippi State14MSU 24-18-2
November 27, 1948OxfordMississippi34Mississippi State7MSU 24-19-2
November 26, 1949StarkvilleMississippi26Mississippi State0MSU 24-20-2
December 2, 1950OxfordMississippi27Mississippi State20MSU 24-21-2
December 1, 1951StarkvilleMississippi49Mississippi State7MSU 24-22-2
November 29, 1952OxfordMississippi20Mississippi State14MSU 24-23-2
November 28, 1953StarkvilleMississippi7Mississippi State7MSU 24-23-3
November 27, 1954OxfordMississippi14Mississippi State0Tied 24-24-3
November 26, 1955StarkvilleMississippi26Mississippi State0MISS 25-24-3
December 1, 1956OxfordMississippi13Mississippi State7MISS 26-24-3
November 30, 1957StarkvilleMississippi State7Mississippi7MISS 26-24-4
November 29, 1958OxfordMississippi21Mississippi State0MISS 27-24-4
November 28, 1959StarkvilleMississippi42Mississippi State0MISS 28-24-4
November 26, 1960OxfordMississippi35Mississippi State9MISS 29-24-4
December 2, 1961StarkvilleMississippi37Mississippi State7MISS 30-24-4
December 1, 1962OxfordMississippi13Mississippi State6MISS 31-24-4
November 30, 1963StarkvilleMississippi State10Mississippi10MISS 31-24-5
December 5, 1964OxfordMississippi State20Mississippi17MISS 31-25-5
November 27, 1965StarkvilleMississippi21Mississippi State0MISS 32-25-5
November 26, 1966OxfordMississippi24Mississippi State0MISS 33-25-5
December 2, 1967StarkvilleMississippi10Mississippi State3MISS 34-25-5
November 30, 1968OxfordMississippi17Mississippi State17MISS 34-25-6
November 27, 1969StarkvilleMississippi48Mississippi State22MISS 35-25-6
November 26, 1970OxfordMississippi State19Mississippi14MISS 35-26-6
November 25, 1971StarkvilleMississippi48Mississippi State0MISS 36-26-6
November 25, 1972OxfordMississippi51Mississippi State14MISS 37-26-6
November 24, 1973JacksonMississippi38Mississippi State10MISS 38-26-6
November 23, 1974JacksonMississippi State31Mississippi13MISS 38-27-6
November 22, 1975JacksonMississippi13Mississippi State7MISS 39-27-6
November 20, 1976JacksonMississippi11Mississippi State28*MISS 40-27-6
November 19, 1977JacksonMississippi14Mississippi State18*MISS 41-27-6
November 25, 1978JacksonMississippi27Mississippi State7MISS 42-27-6
November 24, 1979JacksonMississippi14Mississippi State9MISS 43-27-6
November 22, 1980JacksonMississippi State19Mississippi14MISS 43-28-6
November 21, 1981JacksonMississippi21Mississippi State17MISS 44-28-6
November 20, 1982JacksonMississippi State27Mississippi10MISS 44-29-6
November 19, 1983JacksonMississippi24Mississippi State23MISS 45-29-6
November 24, 1984JacksonMississippi24Mississippi State3MISS 46-29-6
November 23, 1985JacksonMississippi45Mississippi State27MISS 47-29-6
November 22, 1986JacksonMississippi24Mississippi State3MISS 48-29-6
November 21, 1987JacksonMississippi State30Mississippi20MISS 48-30-6
November 26, 1988JacksonMississippi33Mississippi State6MISS 49-30-6
November 25, 1989JacksonMississippi21Mississippi State11MISS 50-30-6
November 24, 1990JacksonMississippi21Mississippi State9MISS 51-30-6
November 23, 1991StarkvilleMississippi State24Mississippi9MISS 51-31-6
November 28, 1992OxfordMississippi17Mississippi State10MISS 52-31-6
November 27, 1993StarkvilleMississippi State20Mississippi13MISS 52-32-6
November 26, 1994OxfordMississippi State21Mississippi17MISS 52-33-6
November 25, 1995StarkvilleMississippi13Mississippi State10MISS 53-33-6
November 30, 1996OxfordMississippi State17Mississippi0MISS 53-34-6
November 29, 1997StarkvilleMississippi15Mississippi State14MISS 54-34-6
November 26, 1998OxfordMississippi State28Mississippi6MISS 54-35-6
November 25, 1999StarkvilleMississippi State23Mississippi20MISS 54-36-6
November 23, 2000OxfordMississippi45#23 Mississippi State30MISS 55-36-6
November 22, 2001StarkvilleMississippi State36Mississippi28MISS 55-37-6
November 28, 2002OxfordMississippi24Mississippi State12MISS 56-37-6
November 27, 2003Starkville#17 Mississippi31Mississippi State0MISS 57-37-6
November 27, 2004OxfordMississippi20Mississippi State3MISS 58-37-6
November 26, 2005StarkvilleMississippi State35Mississippi14MISS 58-38-6
November 25, 2006OxfordMississippi20Mississippi State17MISS 59-38-6
November 23, 2007StarkvilleMississippi State17Mississippi14MISS 59-39-6
November 28, 2008Oxford#25 Mississippi45Mississippi State0MISS 60-39-6
November 28, 2009StarkvilleMississippi State41#25 Mississippi27MISS 60-40-6
November 27, 2010Oxford#25 Mississippi State31Mississippi23MISS 60-41-6
November 26, 2011StarkvilleMississippi State31Mississippi3MISS 60-42-6
November 24, 2012OxfordMississippi41Mississippi State24MISS 61-42-6
November 28, 2013StarkvilleMississippi State17Mississippi10MISS 61-43-6

*Mississippi State won the Egg Bowl on the field in 1976 and 1977, but were later forced to forfeit the games by the NCAA due to an NCAA rules violation in which offensive lineman Larry Gillard received a 33 percent discount at an Okolona, Mississippi clothing store.[23][24]



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