Eastwood, Syracuse

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Location in Syracuse

Population (2000)16,562
Median age37.7
Median household income$33,871
Owner-occupied housing33%
ZIP codes13206, 13203
James Street in Eastwood

Eastwood is a neighborhood in the east of Syracuse, New York, USA. The neighborhood was part of the last round of annexations by the City of Syracuse, in 1928. Today the neighborhood still has a strong sense of community, and its nickname is "the village within the city."

Eastwood's main retail corridor is along James Street, which still boasts a village-like atmosphere that many neighborhood residents are working to preserve. The Eastwood Neighborhood Planning Group worked to amend the Zoning Rules and Regulations of the City of Syracuse to require neighborhood approval to any changes to the building structures along James Street.

The neighborhood is also home to the Palace Theatre completed in 1924. It has recently been restored and serves as not only a movie theatre but also as a facility for the community.

The neighborhood schools include: Salem Hyde Elementary, Lincoln Middle School, Huntington K-8 and Henninger High School (with eastern edges of the village falling under the East Syracuse-Minoa Central School District from North Midler Ave and New Court Ave to North Ave, Taft Ave, Craigie Street and Carrier/GM Circles).

The Eastwood community is very open to the restoration of the neighborhood, and currently has many plans on its future.

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