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TypePodcast and television network
CountryUnited States
Key people
Scott Aukerman, Jeff Ulrich
AffiliationFunny Or Die, IFC
Official website
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TypePodcast and television network
CountryUnited States
Key people
Scott Aukerman, Jeff Ulrich
AffiliationFunny Or Die, IFC
Official website

Earwolf is a comedy podcasting network founded by Scott Aukerman and Jeff Ullrich in August 2010. Initially built around the Comedy Death-Ray Radio podcast, the network has since grown to include many podcasts on diverse subjects. The Earwolf studios are based in Los Angeles, California.

In 2011, they announced a partnership with Funny Or Die.[1]

Comedy programming[edit]

Comedy Bang Bang: The Podcast[edit]

Comedy Bang Bang (previously Comedy Death-Ray Radio) is Earwolf's flagship podcast. It is hosted by Scott Aukerman and was originally an extension of his weekly live Comedy Death-Ray show.[2] The weekly podcast features guests from the world of comedy, including Paul F. Tompkins, James Adomian, Tim Heidecker, Bob Odenkirk, and others. The show is known for improvised conversations between Aukerman and his guests, some of whom perform impressions or original characters. The show celebrated its two-year anniversary during its May 2 show and changed its name to Comedy Bang Bang: The Podcast. The A.V. Club listed the show as one of the top comedy podcasts of 2010.[3]

In 2012, IFC aired a television version of the show, called Comedy Bang! Bang!. The season ran for ten episodes and is renewed for a 20 episode second season premiering in the summer of 2013.[4]

Kevin Pollak's Chat Show[edit]

Chat show hosted by Kevin Pollak.


A podcast hosted by Jon Daly where he does sketches and what he wants like making a song with Har Mar Superstar or calling Rob Huebel. Guests have included Honus Honus from Man Man, Brendon Small, Davin Wood of Heidecker And Wood, Doug Lussenhop, Adam Pally, Paul Scheer, Howard Kremer, Matt Besser, John Gemberling of Fat Guy Stuck In Internet, and Brian Huskey.

Nerd Poker: Dungeons & Dragons with Brian Posehn and Friends[edit]

Comedian Brian Posehn hosts a weekly Dungeons & Dragons session, featuring stand-up comedian Blaine Capatch, Posehn's Deadpool co-writer Gerry Duggan, actor Ken Daly, Sarah Guzzardo, and Dungeon Master Scott "Mr. Sark" Robison.

Sklarbro Country[edit]

Sklarbro Country was the first show to be added to the Earwolf roster, and has been a part of Earwolf since its launch. It is hosted by Randy and Jason Sklar and is a sports-themed comedy program notably geared towards people that may not necessarily care about or follow sports. The brothers cover sports-related stories from around the world that normally would fall through the cracks of most sports news shows. In addition to The Sklars, voice actor Chris Cox often performs as various characters including Jerry Jones, Tiger Woods, Sam Elliot, and "Racist Vin Scully." Other characters are often played by Dan Van Kirk, James Adomian and Jason Nash. The show has featured a long list of famous guests, including Glenn Howerton and Kaitlin Olson from It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia, Jeffrey Ross, Patton Oswalt, and Jon Hamm, discussing specific sports stories or general themes of sports in the news. The title is a parody of Marlboro Cigarettes advertising campaign Marlboro Country.

Who Charted? with Howard Kremer and Kulap Vilaysack[edit]

Who Charted?, launched on December 7, 2010, focus on pop culture by analyzing various film box office and record charts. Each week Host Howard Kremer and "Chart Keeper" Kulap Vilaysack host a guest from the comedy or music field to review the week's charts and discuss their feelings on them. Towards the end of the episode the guest will play one of a variety of games.

Glitter in the Garbage with Drew Droege[edit]

Hosted by Drew Droege of Planet Unicorn and launched on December 7, 2010, Glitter in the Garbage is "a celebration of all thing fancy" that takes the shape of improvised sketches and monologues with Droege and his guests playing "obscure celebrities who celebrate, fight, feast upon, and polish the filth." Notable guests have included Saturday Night Live alums Melanie Hutsell, Michaela Watkins, and Casey Wilson; comedians James Adomian, June Diane Raphael and Groundlings member Stephanie Courtney who is best known for playing Flo in the Progressive Insurance commercials.

Mike Detective[edit]

A send up of hardboiled detective stories starring Rob Huebel as the metaphor spouting title character, Grey DeLisle as Stephanie Client and featuring Neil Campbell[disambiguation needed] as the announcer. After premiering as a backdoor pilot during Comedy Deathray Radio, the first season lasted from January 4 to April 11, 2011.

Hollywood Handbook[edit]

Hollywood Handbook is a satirical comedy program hosted by comedian/writer duo Hayes Davenport (Eastbound & Down) and Sean Clements (Workaholics). The show is supposed to mimic and mock reality programs that deal with trivial celebrity gossip and making it in Hollywood. The hosts pretend to be stupid, and go on long tangential riffs about show-biz and Hollywood. Each week they have a guest for an interview, while the hosts play the characters they have created for themselves. Preceding the interview there are comedy segments in which Davenport and Clements discuss different things in their highly satirical fashion.

How Did This Get Made?[edit]

How Did This Get Made? hosted by Paul Scheer, June Diane Raphael and Jason Mantzoukas, is the only bi-weekly show on the Earwolf network. Each show, which has a new guest, features the deconstruction and mockery of terrible films. Not only are jokes made, but attempts to unscramble plots are often begun before being abandoned. During the show's off week a ".5" episode is uploaded featuring Scheer announcing the next week's movie as well as challenges for the fans.

Wolf Den[edit]

Premiering in February 2011 and hosted by Jeff Ullrich, The Wolf Den is a behind-the-scenes look at podcasting as a business. Ullrich discusses the business, informally, with prominent podcasters including Marc Maron, Matt Gourley, and Doug Benson.


On March 14, 2011 Earwolf premiered Eardrop. Calling it an "Audio Twitter", Eardrop features a collection of comedians calling and leaving messages to an Earwolf answering machine, and those message then being played with sound effects between.

Cyber Thug Radio[edit]

Cyber Thug Radio was a part of Earwolf for two weeks before being discontinued. It was hosted by Jerry Minor (as "Cyber Thug") with co-host "Miles Archer". Together they talked about hip-hop, athletics, and other urban topics. It launched in November 2010 and was formally announced canceled on December 28, 2010. The Earwolf store released a special third episode in March 2012.

Professor Blastoff[edit]

The Professor Blastoff podcast premiered in May 2011. Hosted by Tig Notaro, Kyle Dunnigan, and David Huntsberger. Professor Blastoff focuses on science, philosophy, and humanities.

Earwolf Challenge[edit]

Billed as "America’s first reality podcast", the Earwolf Challenge premiered July 11, 2011 and follows ten podcasts through a reality television-style elimination competition to win a year-long contract with Earwolf. The show is hosted by Matt Besser. It was won by The Totally Laime podcast, hosted by the Los Angeles based husband and wife duo of Elizabeth Laime and Andy Rosen. After attracting few listeners, Earwolf Challenge is not returning for a second season.

The Fogelnest Files[edit]

Jake Fogelnest brings on a guest to discuss YouTube videos.

The Apple Sisters[edit]

A mostly scripted podcast featuring The Apple Sisters. The show features original songs and stars three singing sisters who set their act in 1943.

improv4humans with Matt Besser[edit]

An improvised podcast lead by Matt Besser, a founding member of the Upright Citizens Brigade. Besser and various improviser use one-word suggestions from twitter, listener calls, and videos from Youtube as basis for improvised scenes.

Ronna & Beverly[edit]

A podcast hosted by two characters - two Jewish women in their 50s. They often give unwanted advice to their guests.

Totally Laime[edit]

Elizabeth Laime and "Psychic" Andy Rosen interview comedians every week. First episode aired in February 2010. Features The Oprah Game and Laime or Totally Rapid-fire.

Analyze Phish[edit]

On Analyze Phish, Harris Wittles attempts to convince Scott Aukerman to like the band Phish. First episode aired on August 2011. On January 17, 2013 Scott announced he did not like Phish, and the show changed hosts and subjects. The "phish" title now refers to a literal fish. And the two new hosts (including Paul F. Tompkins) and Howard Kremer discuss the movie Jaws, with someone that has never seen the movie.


Topics is a satirical podcast hosted by Michael Ian Black and Michael Showalter. The two Michaels play fictionalized versions of themselves, having overly pretentious conversations about serious subjects, such as "Does God Exist?" and "Gender".

Lifestyle programming[edit]

By The Way, In Conversation With Jeff Garlin[edit]

A live podcast recorded at Largo in LA, featuring a casual conversation between a guest and Garlin. Guests have included JJ Abrams, Henry Rollins, Lena Dunham, Will Ferrell, Zack Galifianakis and Larry David.

Love, Dad[edit]

A parenting podcast hosted by Earwolf founder Jeff Ullrich and comedian/actor David Koechner.

Seth Godin's Startup School[edit]

A business podcast hosted by author and marketing guru Seth Godin.

The Wolf Den[edit]

A business and media podcast hosted by Jeff Ullrich, focusing on Earwolf and other podcasts.

Yo, Is This Racist?[edit]

A spin-off of the popular tumblr blog of the same name, hosted by Andrew Ti.

Music programming[edit]

Nocturnal Emotions[edit]

An interview podcast hosted by musician Har Mar Superstar.


An interview podcast hosted by musician Grant-Lee Phillips.

Shots Fired![edit]

A hip-hop podcast hosted by journalist Jeff Weiss and rapper Nocando.

Other projects[edit]

Low Hangin Fruit stand-up album[edit]

Frequent Earwolf guest James Adomian released his stand-up comedy debut in 2012 through Earwolf. Low Hangin Fruit received positive reviews and was Earwolf's first album release.


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